New Blood Bowl Amazons Size Comparison

  • When Blood Bowl resized the pitch in 2016, there was also a general increase in the scale of a Human sized figure. Likely because of the Age of Sigmar resizing, though Blood Bowl is only loosely connected to the other ranges - and to some degree larger playing pieces did make a bit of sense. It's not as if it affects the actual game. I got an Elven Union team last month and they were a good head taller than normal 28mm guys. 

    So... I was expecting the new Amazons to be of limited conversion use. Maybe larger Superheroines, small Ogresses and such.

    However! It turns out the new Amazon figures are normal 28mm scale. So if you're looking for thicc ladies with this look, you're now in luck!


    (Various 28mm figures for scale. Stargrave male Crew, Stargrave female Crew, BB Amazon, WGA Bulldog, WGA male Cannon Fodder)

  • Quality post.

  • Always useful to have size comparison photos.

  • Cutting the hands from a Stargrave/Frostgrave sprue,and gluing/pinning them on a new BB Amazon you could make a new type of Amazon, either a sci-fi a la Flash Gordon  or a fantasy one

  • I'd also pitch them as general unarmoured Fantasy types, with appropriate arm or hand swaps. Most of the Mayan style iconography is on the helmets and arm armour. Dip into Frostgrave Wizard II heads and any 28mm kit with bare weapon arms and there you go.

    For that matter, ADDING armour to this sort of figure is a lot easier than removing it. It's only a moderate difficulty job to sculpt on some chain sleeves, or chain skirt over the cloth wrap.

    Just over US$4 a figure is not pricey either. I expect single sprues will be available from the usual resellers soon. But I'm very tempted to pick up a second box, even though  one box gives all the positional players and enough Linewomen. (I guess you might sometimes need a few more Linewomen as Journeywomen if you've had a bad run of casualties, though).  

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