What To Stream? - Netflix and Amazon Shows For The Miniatures Gamer

  • Post your Netflix and Amazon Prime gems here:

    (Hulu, Tubi, YouTube and whatever else welcome as well.)

  • Just added to Netflix:


    An entertaining if not AMAZING film.  Vlad Tepes makes a dark bargain to save his lands and people from the Ottoman Turks.  Favorite line - Newly made Romanian Vampire while munching on an Turkish Soldier "Before I was afraid there were too many... Now there aren't enough! Num num num!".  (Something to that effect... From memory.)

  • Currently watching the classic comedy Allo!  Allo!

    Hey I’m watching 'Allo 'Allo!. Check it out now on Prime Video! https://watch.amazon.com/detail?gti=amzn1.dv.gti.daba0543-26ae-64ed-9fa8-64e115f7b73f&ref_=atv_dp_share_seas&r=web

    Great stuff.  The laugh track threw me off at first but you get used to it.  

    Synopsis: French cafe owner Renee attempts to survive the war while being the meat in German Occupation / French Resistance sandwich.  Hilarity ensues.  


  • Well, I dont know if these are gamer shows... but I am currently watching "Let the Right One in" on Showtime... and Chucky season 2 on ScyFy.

    Let the Right One In. Is about a child vampire. The Dutch movie by the same name, has the the child as a boy who was mutiliated by a child molestor and then turned... And has been living as a girl for the past... (they dont really give a time frame, but I would guess 100+ years) Its a good movie with some really vicious scenese.

    The american version, Let me In, is basically the same plot but there is no mention that the little girl is really a little boy. I actually liked this version too. But If I had to choose, I would probably choose the Dutch version.

    The series is similar in characters, but the time frame and overall plot re very different. So Far I am enjoying it I think there are only 2 episodes currentle. 

    Chucky... well its a story about a magic ritual possessed doll with the soul of a serial killer. So if you are looking for well written story, you are in the wrong place. Still, Season 1 was entertaining. Season 2 not as much so...


    Oh... and worth mentioning. I stopped watching Andor, House of Dragon and Rings of Power... I may revisit Andor once all the episodes drop, but i think I am done with House and Rings.

  • For my 2 cents worth, check out Arcane and Cybperpunk - Edgerunners on Netflix. They are both well crafted visually and have excellent characters and storytelling. Plus they offer some good ideas for skirmish level engagements, which is why I am always looking for Steampunk and Cyberpunk minis!

  • @Paul Mitting Arcane was awesome. I spent a bit of time trying to find minis fir the characters on Etsy. Didn't really find any that struck my fancy. 

  • Malifaux make some interesting Steampunk style minis but the scale is too large for my tastes and way too expensive! Same as Wild West Exodus stuff, which has an appealing aesthetic but doesn't fit my other 28mm scaled minis. I would love WGA to produce a range of Steampunk characters in multi-part form, maybe separate sprues for male and female, with some interchangeable parts like mechanical arms and exotic weapons. If I ever win big lottery money, I'll pay them to make the damned things!

  • I agreed on Arcane, Cyberpunk Edgerunners is very gritty, also if well done, it could be set on Necromunda, Altered Carbon is similar (beware, it's VERY R rated), Andor is very well done and (finally!) a realistic depiction of SW galaxy, the last 3 episodes of Kenobi were very deludent, for the comedy there's ST: Lower Decks, a mix of dark comedy and easter eggs about the various series. Rings wasn't so bad, had some good moments, I hope only that they won't screw the history, the creation of Mount Mordor was interesting.

  • Favorite of Netflix is "Shadow and Bone" actually I like this so much I could see us addopting it as our fantasy game (Very sludge), as J-Ta,m said to me he liked a comment of how guns and repeating Machine Guns were replacing Wizards .This one as it all people, gritty war, great clothing, steampunk, and magic.

  • Lately I have been watching Anime comedies on Crunchy Roll so nothing very Wargame inspiring­čść. That said, off the top of my head I would recommend Fairy Gone: Sword & Sorcery fantasy with High Politics and boltaction rifle action in it, though it does have its issues (overly complex plot with lots of talking and real stop/start thing in the action departmant due to that). 


    @Paul Mitting Yes, I would and I would like these Steampunk minis to have proportions more like the Afgahns and Boxers thank you.

  • "The Bastard Son of the Devil himself" Netflix Quite a different take on modern witchcraft (  based on a book Half Bad Books  by Sally Green). EInvolves the difference between "The Fea" and The Blood" witches,and the comming of age for a witch ( when they get their power). 

    The story of a young male "Blood" soon to come of age, whoes farther violently killed all members of a "Fea" Peace Treaty and stole their magic.

    The resulting actions made the Fea" form Hunters to destroy "Bloods" They both fear and need the lad. Very modern weaponary and special bullets as in under world. Violent at times. Well worth watching though.

    Devils son in the middle.

  • "The Tribes of Europa." Netflix. A really good series Post Apocalyepse, were a destoyed "Europe"is ruled by various Tribes some primative others with Vehicles and tech. Good watch, with plenty of gaming  material. Second season on its way.

  • Tribes of Europa was surprisingly good.... just as Blood Red Sky was considering the premise is an underwhelming “vampires on a plane”.... sadly without Samuel L. Jackson.... but that said actually the only underwhelming thing was the ending. Writers really seem to struggle with decent endings. 

  • Well our next binge is the very delightfull IZombie, the story of a young doctor to bem who had every thing going for her. Untill tragidy struck at a "Boat Party" and drug rager Zombies, spoil her life and the night. Our reluctant hero gives up her hospital posistion, to work in the mauge (Zombie munching brains) breaks of her engagment and retreats to almost a recluse. Nice crime solving stories by said miss and a detective are the main plot. The brains she eats give her an insight to the dead persons life she pretends to be sicick and helps put justice to right. Each programs main story ends, but a continous story of some deapth runs through the series. This is well worth your`e time folks, Humour plus dark. 

  • Warriors of Future...

    An interesting, if flawed, Chinese film.


    Some great concepts. Some dodgy CGI. Too frantic combat choreography, especially the alien “bugs”. Directors need to learn that more is not always better. Sensory overload can dampen the flavor.

    The characters are the usual tropes but the acting was better than I was expecting. The characters could have done with a bit more development.

    Some irritating plot holes countered by excellent costume and set design. The power armor and various robots were particularly good except where the CGI got out of hand.

    There is an interesting little bit in the middle of the credits….

  • Best thing I saw this year was probably Umbrella Academy, especially season 2.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Seen it, agree with your`e comments, but wine and popcorn, as always made it a watch. Love Eileen and Geoff.

    @Mark Dewis Oh yes my friend not baaaad !

  • "Jung E" on Netflix.


    Combat robots, AI, orbital stations.  

  • "Battle: Los Angeles" on Netflix.



    And friends

    Battle aliens in Los Angeles.

    Ever see the USMC air assault into an alien offensive in flying bananas?  

    Now you have.

    A very decent, high production value movie.  


  • @JTam  I have not seen Jung E yet but it is on my to watch list. 

    I quite liked Battle: Los Angeles. Not perfect by a long shot but entertaining, good visuals, a better representation of the military than many sci-fi movies and I really identified with the “old” Staff Sergeant. 

    Lord of Hats over on Dakka Dakka had this to say about the film... and it irked me.

    2022/11/28 15:41:21

    “I to this day celebrate Battle LA for what it truly is; a comedy.

    I also recognize that much of what I find to be absolute absurd and mockery worthy of the film and it's characters are also the things other people liked about it.

    Even then though, I agree the ending is bad.

    They had a great movie that beautifully mocked the casual movie-going audience's love affair with dumb brick murder junkies who fantasize about defending the country but are actually wholly incompetent and just want to imagine in a way to die that gives their "I could have been a war hero cause I'm a real man (TM)" meaningless lives meaning and how does it end?

    The dumbasses who need to conduct an autopsy to figure center of mass is a good place to shoot win in the end. 0/10. This whole genre is basically nothing but the uncritical murder junkies fantasizing about how glorious their deaths could be and the movie doesn't kill everyone.

    Hilarious movie. Terrible ending. /sort-of-sarcasm I never took this movie seriously it's so bad it's good to me XD”


  • If I was a coward I would be offended by brave men too.


  • @JTam 

    Sharp reply brother. Very cutting. ­čśĆ

    I had originally written a snarky reply on the Dakka Dakka thread and then decided to redact it. It just did not seem worth getting into a row over it. But it did also make me wonder if I was being objective in my opinion of the movie. Nice to hear another Infantryman liked it.

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