Vampires Turning In-Game

  • Hey all, a dark and rainy Sunday so I'm having my usual trawl of this lovely forum!

    I know that the topic of vampires comes up from time to time and was one of the "poll" options a while back, but as I'm revisiting some of my "Weird West" projects over the winter I was wondering if anyone else uses a "changing mechanic" in their games, one where a humanesque vampire makes the transitition to full-on maniacal blood-drainer?

    Whilst most of my vampire retainers and newly-changed act as a regular figure, albeit with some stronger, faster stats for the "nu-vamps", the old Vampire Lords can change from one state to another.

    During the change (a three turn process) they are vulnerable to even game-things out... catch them during Turn 2 and they are somewhat defenceless, but before (Turn 1)  they are strong, and once turned (Turn 3) they are absolute terrors to bring down and can inflict HUGE damage :)

    Also wondering if this might be a solution for a WGA set that would help in multiple time-settings/genres?

    Summed up nicely by this pic I found from Worasak's Design online...


  • @Bill Thomas Hi "Bill" how you doing stranger nice to have you back. Watched a series on "Netflix"few months backthat featured this, Modern day, a Vampire Human war had taken place, and a rough truce existed between them, as the old twisted mature vamps, were now feral and killing both. 

    Some minis for these would be great.

  • @Geoff Maybury I lurk 🤣 Joking aside, running a business keeps my hobby time to a minimum right now, but I always try to find a couple of hours on a Sunday to paint and check in here to see what ya'll good ole boys have been up to and are chatting about 😍

    My vamps tend to be for just my "weird west" games (Draculas America, DMH, and my own), but some modern figures would be cool too for sure... just on Book Two of a very entertaining series called "The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Very Unusual Romance" 😁

    Not too sure about how much of it is "romance" (but there genuinely is some!) but in terms of a modern-day vampire story with a lot of laughs and a pretty decent storyline it's actually worth a go!

  • Not for vampires, but for lycanthropes. And it isn't a timed transition, it is just three shape options - humanoid (or giant), hybrid (what you usually see in minis), and straight animal. One of the difficult bits of finding the right minis for that is matching the humanoid's gear to the gear scraps found on the hybrid, especially the weapons.

  • @Blutze I could not agree more I played for ages Warewolf  RPG the figures had 4/5? changes. Id settle for 3 if they did a real nice wolf /human say as in "The Underworld" films. Their are so many missed oppertunities wargame modeling is still almost 70`s for producing look alikes.

  • @Bill Thomas Three turns sounds impossible to survive.

  • @Estoc not impossible, just difficult... and even vampires need a weak spot. They're only vulnerable on Turn 2 as they change fully; in Turn 1 of the change they are powerful, and in Turn 3 they are almost (almost!) unstoppbale killing machines, so as long as they are in hard cover (second floor, inside room of building for instance) during Turn 2 and protected by lesser vamps or drudges then that's possibly the only opportunity the hunters have to find them totally weak... if kind of offsets how powerful they are once they turn... gonna play this through a few times and will report back :)

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