Quar…. How did I not know about these before?

  • https://wargamesatlantic.com/blogs/news/wargames-atlantic-and-zombiesmith-hard-plastic-quar

    This is the first I have heard of Quar….or Zombiesmith… but they look very cool. Great project! Must resist….

    Edit: Ack! Looking at the Zombiesmith website… much harder to resist… too cute…so much Dieselpunk potential… and a much bigger IP than I realized…




    I just found a thread about Quar from 2008 on The Lead Adventure Forum. Fascinating to see something so niche being brought to a plastic kit like this.




  • @Grumpy Gnome How did you not know about them? I have known about them for years but just didn't have a good excuse to buy them. Its like the minis you buy if you want to add lower tech Aliens to 40k or none human oppents to blotaction. They even have a really cool tank model.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I had never heard of them either... but its not really my genre. Still they are kind of cool, so I may get a box. Maybe I can use them for aliens in Starwars RPG or Starfinder... Or maybe a steampunk ant eater race in pathfinder... 

  • @William Redford Steampunk Ant eaters are good, I could see them in a pulp and VSF game as well. might get them for that one disel punk fantasy RPG I own as proxy ratmen.

  • I am not normally into anthropomorphic races but these Quar for some reason really have caught my attention. There is something just compellingly quirky about them. 

    Mrs. GG is not really convinced but I am struggling to resist getting some of the metal figures for now and wait for the plastics to be released. 

    I can see using them against my Mantic Mars Attacks Martians using Chain of Command (Toofatlardies).

  • @Grumpy Gnome The more I look at these the more I waiver between mole people and Ant-eaters. The are growing on me. 

    Maybe satisfy that itch but buying one of the heavy weapon teams and some characters in metal. Like plan out the command and support for your eventual plastic purchase.

    I do like the jack rabbit and (no idea what the headless 4 limb mounts are) "other" cavalry. Though They do look more napoleanic in head gear than the images here do... of course I have no idea what they are supposed to be or what the actual fluff is. 

  • @William Redford From my quick research today I would say that generally the more Napoleonic looking uniforms are from the nations that are still conservatively Royalist while the more modern, utilitarian looking uniforms are for the revolutionary Crusaders.  The fluff is quite interesting. You can learn quite a bit looking at the free PDFs of the rules.


    edit: And cool to see the Quar get their own section on the forum. I am really going to struggle to resist these. I have so many ideas...

  • @Grumpy Gnome Yeah... the wierdness of them has me hooked. Defintely thinking of some uses to justify getting them. 

  • I've been aware of the Quar for a fair while but never bought any (tho tempted)

    but in plastic and easily available from WGA i shall be having some

  • @Grumpy Gnome @William Redford Never heard of them ,like your selves so i ordered the $30 /FREE Book of 108 pages colour through out. It`s called "This Quars War", and guys it`s great, can`t wait to get it read ,think I`m all for these little "Ant Eaters". Please don`t miss the book.

  • I am going to buy these. I do not know the setting but they look so good.

  • The more I look into this the more I like what I see. The metal sculpts are cool but the possibilities of a plastic kit just takes it to another level. The ease of kitbashing with plastic... flamethrowers, engineers... Grognard heavy support weapons perhaps? 

    I do wonder if there will be a second sprue with command and special weapon options. The Crusader anti-material rifle sniper is pretty cool.


    And some more interesting information from the previous Quar projects people have done...




    Using Quar to play Chain of Command by Toofatlardies was what I was thinking!

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    I never heard of them either.  

    Probably not for me...  But they are fun.  

    Maybe a way to introduce kids to wargaming?


  • I like the aesthetic of the war machines.  Wouldn't hate it if those became available.

  • The quirky, fun aspect appeals to this Gnome. I think they would look good with our Hagglerhorn Hollow buildings. 

    And while they are not Victorian Science Fiction models per se, they may work well with the VSF vehicles by Things From the Basement...


  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Cool link.  Neat stuff.  Thanks.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Damn, both the airships look really cool. Cant really justify the $70 on either right now, and have no where to store them... and dont quite know what I would use them for... but want them never the less. I like the look of the Aphid more, but the Locust is really cool and I would need it when "diplomacy is no longer an option"...

    Though I think I would try and mount an Empire Cannon in the front, a rocket battery on top, and volleys guns on either side and make it a Fantasy steampunk flyer crewed by conquistadors and frostgrave crewman... Or maybe WA Halflings... That would only be $76.50+ $32 +$32 +$32 + whatever an Empire cannon costs on Ebay since I couldnt fing it on the GW site anymore... So $172.50 before the ebay search and crew... totally worth it though, right? Right!!!?

  • @William Redford 

    No one can argue with that logic.

    Deploy credit card.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    One of the Air Ships crewed by aardvarks would be cool.

    I kind of want to / am kind of scared to see what "Aardvark Air Ship" is on Urban Dictionary.  

  • @JTam well...aardvark is there... and "russian airship" so maybe you could combine them... and I want those 2 minutes I spent looking that up back... 🤕

  • For those curious... some more Quar stuff...

    A blog with 15mm Quar tractors, buildings and battle reports... (looks like I had heard about Quar a while back and only thought it was something to do with steampunk/dieselpunk tanks... I had not picked up on the quirky, cute Aardvarks)


    Some better Quar video game gameplay video with good footage of the architecture and tractors...


    a video with the designer of the Quar talking about the state of the project 14 years ago...



    .... and I believe this quote is from the Zombiesmith Facebook page….

    “Hey all! So hopefully by now, you’ve seen the news that we have partnered with Wargames Atlantic to bring hard plastic Quar in 2023!

    The first hard plastic release will be a box set that will include a squad of Coftyrans and a squad of Crusaders (plus a couple of extra models), skirmish rules to use them with and some other bits and bobs for play. This will be a new version of Rhyfler’s Pocketbook that has been updated with a new shooting mechanic that makes a gun game more dynamic by rewarding movement and positioning so not everyone turtles up. (Ooo… I need to design the Quar equivalent of a shelled amphibian…)

    Wargames Atlantic will be selling models/sprue/frames separate from the main box set if all goes to plan as well. Hudson and I have also discussed future hard plastic sets, so if these do well they will be followed with more.

    Along with the releasing of hard plastics from Wargames Atlantic, I’ll be releasing new Crusaders and Coftyrans to go with them. The first month will be is-Caertens and Caertens (Officers) followed by light machine gunners and sharpshooters in the following months. And yes, the tractors are back in 28mm too. I’ll sprinkle in some arm sets and other bits to customize the plastic kits as well. I have 5-6 months of 28mm releases ready and Anthony is busily painting them for the site as I type. The first of these will drop alongside the plastics. Date TBD!

    The infantry models released by Zombiesmith will be combinations of metal, siocast hard resin and some printed parts here and there. The tractors will be high-quality resin 3d prints (not FDM) and they look great. I’ll share some pics in the coming weeks. Although if you are in the Quar Facebook group and scroll down you’ll see some pictures of them back when I was prototyping them in 28mm.

    These new Quar are around the same height as the first generation of Quar. The new ones are a little thicker than the old as I’ve gone a little more whimsical with them. The metal ones aren’t going away and some of the new stuff I’m working on will work with both generations of Quar. I’ll most likely need to boost the cost of the metal ones in the coming months, as you all know metal went nuts for a while and is back down, some, but I’m not relying on that to continue.”



  • @Brian Van De WalkerDon`t  supose you could post a picture of that "Tank " could you and what fraction it belongs to please?

  • @William Redford Yes my dear friend Toatly right ,(I be your devil consious). God they are bloody cute Eileen loves them paticullary the Caverrsey.

  • @Geoff Maybury Sadly I saw it in an ebay lot a long time ago (that I didn't win🤣 so I am as Quarless as the rest of you in the "I have the stuff" department🤣), but I think artwork of it is on the cover of one of the books, I am pretty  it was a 28mm version of the primed tank on this page which I got from here:

  • Sweet stuff.

    I could definitely see using them as is as aliens. You could probably head swap them into Dwarves or Halflings. Or other aliens.

  • @Mark Dewis gun toting beastmen is probably best bet for other than intended fantasy gaming outside of homebrew races and SF. I think it might be more conversion than its worth to change the bodies into halfling and dwarves just looking at the head placement, though the extra gun arms might be useful for upgrading halflings.


  • Hi all! I didn't know Hudson had added a Quar section. I'm glad everyone (for the most part!) is intrigued by the Quar. Been a passion of mine since I was a kid!

  • First time I've ever heard of the Quar as well. After finding that the rules were on a free discount I immediately snatched them. There's just something about these space ant eaters that interest me. Probably because it inspires me to work on my own setting which is basically Ponies from Neptune.

  • Great to see you on here@Joshua Qualtieri ! I have to admit I am quite taken by your world building, even if I am as usual... late to the party. Especially the fantastically quirky and “grimsical” Quar. I sent you a PM over on Lead Adventure but it is really just a bit of “fanboy gushing” to be honest. 

    Some of us are not on Facebook or Discord so news posted here is really quite helpful. I have seen interest in plastic Quar now both on Lead Adventure and Dakka Dakka. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome Hey! I tried to reply on LAF but I'm not sure it went through. Its not in my sent messages. Let me know!

  • So... I had never run across these guys before, but they strongly remind me of some childrens' book characters, and it's not the Wombles or Moomins. But I can't put my finger on which ones. They may have lived in gourd like houses.

  • @Mark Dewis Perhaps the Clangers?

    @Joshua Qualtieri Message received, reply imminent. Thanks again! Mrs. GG is coming to accept that a Quar project is on the horizon now. They will look great with our Hagglethorn Hollow buildings. Some things will have to head to eBay to fund the project though.


    EDIT: Another great blog gallery of painted Quar...


  • @Grumpy Gnome Could be Clangers. We didn't get them on TV, but I do recall a book. 

  • I wish I could figure out why I find the Quar so compelling. They seem oddly familiar and yet exotically new at the same time. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome Its the "Ant eater long snout" the are so coolishly cute.

  • Plus all those little additional animals that they hang around with.

  • Just to be clear those images above are of new 15mm models coming in January!

  • I hope you decide to do similar sculpts in 28mm.

    There is a quirky charm that fits perfectly with the Jim Henson vibe Mrs. GG and I like, ie JFA’s Hagglethorn Hollow. 

    And it isn’t that they are just anthropomorphic aardvarks... there is a certain alien aspect of their own that appeals thanks to their varied coloration and spots. 

    I do foresee them battling WGA Lizardmen and Giant spiders in jungle ruins as well as staving off a Mantic Martian invasion.... and maybe some Kroot tribesfolk somewhere... and Myconids... I need to find a way to fit in some Myconids...

  • @Joshua Qualtieri Please try to make them 28mm as well they`re really inviting.

  • @William Redford 

    Maybe use one of these at the front of the airship in lieu of a Great Cannon?

    Nice price for one sprue.  Female crewman too.

    Maybe use the profile of the old Dogs of War "Galloper Gun"?  The Great Cannon seems too beaucoup for an airship anyway.

  • I had intended to use Quar to play Chain of Command by Toofatlardies but having been reading This Quar’s War 1.0 the last couple of days I think I may just switch to that game instead. Perhaps I will take a few elements from Chain of Command, such as the patrol phase pre-game “minigame”, but there are some great gameplay mechanics in This Quar’s War that reflect the unique nature of the Quar. 

    And the expansions add so many more scenarios. And free at that! Great stuff! 👍

  • As soon as I saw these I thought 'Woodies!'


    Not that far from where I live there is a reconstructed 17th Century village called Little Woodham, and one aspect of the volunteers' own little 17th Century culture is that when their kids hear a rustling sound in the woods, they tell them that the noise was made by a creature called a Woodie. The potter in the village makes little figures of them that the village sells for a bit of extra money to support it, and they look pretty much exactly like these Quar, with diminutive bodies and pointed snouts (though the Woodies' snouts are a bit more beak-like), clad in ECW-era garb.

    I've noticed Zombiesmith have several different factions of these little guys with different uniforms and equipment - I certainly hope WA make plastic boxes for them all. The fact that at least two of the factions are getting plastic sprues in a boxed game is certainly encouraging. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing a sprue of Gwynt Quar in 18th Century British uniforms so that I could grab some Warlord Pike and Shotte figures and kitbash the two together to make some 17th Century Woodies. I also like the Brythonic-sounding Quar language - I wonder how kitbashable these would be with Ancient Celtic kits to make units of warrior Quar? Not all the factions yet have miniatures so that sounds to me like I'd be free to explore both of these ideas with impunity.

    These are certainly more interesting than the pointless Catachan rip-offs that are the Spacenam. Not only are the Quar a fun and 'grimsical' creation in their own right, but it would be great if WA introduce an open points architecture into their Death Fields rules that they'll eventually write so that players have an excuse to introduce these guys (and any other sci-fi models they can think of) as a team in that game.

    The only issue I have with the sculpts is that their eyes are currently not sculpted onto the heads as far as I can see. True they do have tiny piggy eyes, but they should still be sculpted on somehow to show that they do have eyes in the first place.

  • I think the Quar are often sculpted with hats obscuring their eyes... which is both good and bad. The good, it makes painting easier. The bad, they lose a bit of personality. It does seem a consistent and intentional design decision. 

    I did warn Mrs. GG that I was thinking of ways to Quar to games like Ghost Archipelago, Rangers of Shadow Deep and Core Space. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    When they have eyes they remind me of the Skeksis.