Italian Breda 30 loader?

  • Has anyone built a loader for the Breda 30 from the Italian Infantry box?

    I don't see an ammo box or clips for the Breda 30, and I can't figure out how to distinguish the loader from the other riflemen.


    Normally it used ammo clips, no a magazine as the Bren (very superior) or the BAR, so probabilly you could use normal infantrymen to support it, perhaps adding some arm with boxes from the Panzer Leher set.

  • @Marc Nelson Jr. 

    Jeff on the excellent Commando Supremo site does an incredible job of sharing knowledge on the method the loader used to carry the additional ammo in clips for the Breda 30 here:


    Consequently, there's a few ways one could try and suggest the loader.  

    1.  Scratch build a clip held in one hand ready to go.

    2.  Modify/scratch build an ammo backpack that the loader is wearing, or carrying one handed, or has open next to him.

    3.  If there were prone bodies, a prone figure with rifle next to a kneeling or prone machine gun gunner sends the message across.


  • One could also post your suggestions for additional Italian parts here:

    An Italian Infantry add on kit with prone body, kneeling body, prone Breda 30 arms, loader arms for the Breda 30s, Breda 30 ammo backpacks, and parts to make assistant gunner for the heavy machinegun would be legit.

  • @Alessio De Carolis Ah, I see the arm you're talking about. Thank you for the suggestion!

  • @JTam That's a great website - thanks for the info!

    I see the Warlords plastic box has an arm with the Breda 30 clip and an arm with the ammo box. There's also a backpack with two spare barrels. So that'll cover me for six loaders!

  • @Marc Nelson Jr. 

  • Hey, I got some dudes painted - 500 points for Bolt Action so far. You can see the Warlord loader pointing at the camera:

  • @Marc Nelson Jr. 

    Picture saved.  Great looking force.

  • @JTam Thank you - and thanks for the reference help!

  • Beautiful paint job, WWII italian uniform has always had a strange impression on me, it was half modern & half old design, for money constraints Italy had choose to modernize only the upper part (!) of the body, hence the modern helmet and the new design of the jacket, but the trousers and puttees were yet the older design from WWI.

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