• Ok. So the Ogres are coming in December. Time once again for some unit planning and to look for some alternative models to use with them. 


    I have some plans on using (maybe) some Mantic Ogres. I have 18 of their "missed leg day" ogres.  I do hope to get some of the new ogres. Especially the female ones. @Lord Marcus has a good webstore. https://mcdougalldesigns3d.com/collections/sprues-a-la-carte that offers sprues and boxes of minis at a discount. And he may have the new Mantic ogres. I messaged him and he said he will do a scale shot of the Mantic Ogres vs the WA ones once he has them in hand. The mantic ones have females... so I am hoping they do scale so I can have some female ogres in my army. 

    Aslo, his shop caries the Peculiar companions Ogres. These look like a good fit too. 

    And King Games (who have a kickstarter going currently) at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/the-streets-of-dunkeldorf/description

    Have this ogre female model that looks like it would match the Landsknecht ogres too. 

    Anyone have any other ogres that may match or could possibly fit in with a Landsknecht ogre army?

  • Wargames Foundry/ Warmonger miniatures has a line of "Ogre/Great Orcs" that looks good. https://www.warmongerminiatures.com/collections/great-orc-characters?page=2

    But I dont knwo how big they are in hand, or whether they would scle well with WA ogres. This guy in particular is awesome. ]

  • Epic miniatures has some female ogres. And there are a coupel sellers on Etsy that sell them. Here is one (ETSY LINK for Epic minis ogres)

    I have had hit or miss experiences with 3D printed minis I have bought. Not expressly from this seller. But in general. Mostly size issues with stuff either being too big or too small. Biut these do look nice... and B and C would be easy weapon swaps with weapons from the Landsknecht ogre sprue. 

  • Hmmm.. I found an awesome mini for my ogre leader... its also 3d Print... Etsy... but it looks really sharp. Edit: I ordered this one. Hopefully he is only either :

    A: only a little taller than the plastic ogres.

    B: only a little smaller than the plastic ogres. 

    C: Ideally A, but same size would be great too of course. 

    And perhaps this female as an Ogrewitch or maybe just the company cook... 

  • Mostly all discussed here:


    But I'm tracking these:

    Shield Wolf:

  • And if female Ogres really are your fetish....  The old metal Games Workshop has to be floating around on Ebay from time to time.

    EDIT: I remember the combat rolling pin, but I also remember a pin on beard....

    EVEN MORE EDIT: Was there two versions?

  • @JTam I have seen a couple wizkids female ogres. And Atlantis miniatures has some females but none really match the landsknect vibe. 

  • This IS an excellent suggestion for a digital release:

  • @William Redford 

    I don't think the Mantic Ogres really match the Landsknecht vibe either though.  More of a Cabbage Patch / Garbage Pail Kids vibe really.

  • mantic ogres are more classic fantasy barbarians. Asymetrical scraps of metal plate over leather harnesses, exposed arms to show off muscles, etc.

  • @JTam true enough, but since they have the option of black powder guns... they at least would look to be part of the same time setting. Cabbage patch? :) 

  • @William Redford It could be a reference to the way "Cabbage Patch dolls were made and sold or the fact rabbits raid the cabbages that much "they are all over the place" a saying we "Brits " are found of as a lot of our thing are "Hode poge".

  • @Geoff Maybury yeah, I figured the dolls. Especially since@JTam  also mentioned Garbage Pail kids. Just thought that was funny in a harsh way. I really don't like most of mantic's figures. There are some exceptions. The succubus girls. Their lesser demons. The old restic leg day ogres. But pretty much everything else is not to my liking. I had hopes for their halflings, who look good... but are too tall to be halflings (at least compared to anything I own). 
    female multi part ogres with gun options sounds good on paper. I don't mind their "garbage pail kids turnip heads" well don't mind them that much. It will really come down to size with them.

  • @William Redford @Geoff Maybury 

    That Cabbage Patch/Garbage Pail thing was mostly in reference to the heads:

    But I also meant their armor looks like the Garbage Pail Kids version of World of Warcraft armor.  Which kind of makes sense as they are Ogres and all.  It just doesn't doesn't match the Landsknecht look.

    @William Redford 

    You said in the other thread that the pictured Mantic Ogre is a female?  Is it a different body?  Or just the head?


  • @JTam the bodies too. On the thread on Dakka, there are 2 sprues. One male. One female. The female sprue has 3 bodies with a more obvious female upper half. I don't think they have "boob plate" but just a more pronounced chest. I will see if I can dig up a pic from the Dakka thread. 

  • Didn't have time to really look for the pics. But this one was the easiest to see on my search. It's kind of boob plate. Just a little more subtle. 

  • Let's not totally overlook GW. This chap comes standard with the Blood Bowl box set and a few might be going around cheap (as a seperate purchase h'es very overpriced, though):

    Blood Bowl: Ogre | Games Workshop Webstore

    The Ogre team sprue has possibilities as well:

    May be hard to find as a single sprue, but the two frame team box gives your four plastic Ogres and 12 little guys for £26. The regular Ogre box is 6 Ogres for £32.50:

    For GW, they are actually pretty good value. £5 or so per Ogre seems decent.

  • @Mark Dewis I have some of the ogor gluttons as well as some mournfangs in a traditional GW ogor army. I also bought some mournfangs I plan on converting to have WA Ogres on... I actually really like the GW ogors but the price.... I like a lot less. 

    The bloodbowl ogre looks good. I will try and find him. I did get Brutog Corpse-Eater, the ogre from the GW game Cursed City. He probably wont fit too well with WA ogres though. 

  • @William Redford 

    Yes, not very Landsknecht-y, but that's a bad a*s mini:

    Might work in a Kislivite Army/Mordheim gang though.

  • Shield Wolf has some new Ogres coming out of the last Kickstarter that look the part:

  • @JTam Titan Forge has a similar line. There was a kickstarter, but I dont think they have released everything retail as there are only a couple of the units on their store page


    Its a shame if not everything will go to retail. They had some really nice south american flavored amazons, and i can only find the heroe and mounted units on their website.

  • Here is a link to the Amazon infantry picture.

    Amazon infantry

  • @William Redford 

    That's a nice take on "South American" Amazons.  

  • I saw the Titan Forge stall at Spiel in Essen the last couple of years.

    They have a bunch of cool stuff that they have not made available for retail. In particular I was fascinated by a fantasy African army that looked amazing. Of course my wallet appreciates avoiding an additional expense... especially with my current Quar obsession. 


  • My ogre captain arrived. Great cast and I like his size. Here he is next to some other ogres I have. 

  • That is a wonderful mini, William!

  • @William Redford That Bill is a "Captain of splender"  he desirves his place at the front of his men. Great miniature know why you took to him.

  • My Ogres shipped... Should be here Friday. Getting 45 (5 boxes).

  • Got my ogres. Put one together on break... :) They are a little smaller than I would have liked but still nice. 

  • Ogre cavalry... 


  • @William Redford You should post those on the facebook group and probably the ogre kingdoms groups. thats an awesome conversion.

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