Landsknecht Ogres

  • We finally have a pic, lets discuss!

  • From the origibal news info we got back in the day...

    "First, we need to lock down a size and proportion for these boys as they are our first "monster" size. Having looked around yesterday we settled on the excellent Westfalia versions. I have really loved their design aesthetic and their half-men were an inspiration to me when starting Wargames Atlantic. If you haven't seen their work click on this image to go to their site: 

    So these fellows will come in around 45mm or so. This will be a full frame set aiming for three unique bodies on the frame with four frames in the box for 12 total figures.

    The bodies will be armored cuirass with square-toed shoes/boots to emulate the classic Landsknecht look. Slashed style sleeve arms will hold a variety of historical/fantasy weapons including Zweihänders(very big two-handed swords), halberds, a matchlock style hand cannon, large, ornate dueling-style pistols. Spear or double-duty standard pole. We will experiment with some options. Maybe a dagger or mace too. Will need at least one larger shield and some buckler style for the swordsmen. Perhaps some segmented plate armor pieces for the legs. The iconic floppy hats and helmets will be included and Morion helmets as an extra option. 

    Since this is a Wargames Atlantic set, we can't leave it there though! Alternate arms with heavy autoguns and plasma weapons with shoulder pads on the arms, futuristic helmets and bare heads, and a  variety of packs comm units holsters etc to equip the bodies will also be included to sci-fi up these fellows. 

    Officially this set will be part of our Death Fields AND the Classic Fantasy ranges. Within DF the backstory will be that these are a group of abducted Landsknecht - The Vain - who after some time on the circuit succumbed to flattery and allowed themselves to be genetically modified to be bigger and stronger. Their alien owner of course didn’t explain that they would also become grotesque. They now operate as guns for hire and are lent out to the highest bidders as a supplement to regular teams on the Death Fields circuit.

    For fantasy they are also mercenaries fighting for and against the High Queen - a band of brothers united in their love of fashion and fighting.

    We hope you like these ideas for this set. We hope also that we can fit all the ideas we keep coming up with onto the frame! Let us know what you think below!


    Artwork credit: Landsknechts in the Sack of Rome, 1527 by Angus McBride (1988)"

  • So, just reading the original and comparing to the pic, looks like the boots were decided against.

    Though, I like the barefeet.

  • Looking forward to them, 

    and can't wait to see what the deathfields bits are like

  • @William Redford Yeah, I like the bare feet too. I'm super psyched for these guys! I am very pleased with what I've seen so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing the final design, and getting these guys in my hands.

  • I am more interested than I was initially. I will likely pick a box up for Saga: Age of Magic. 

  • I will have some in my conquistador army, and in my landsknecht army, but mostly looking forward to use them in RPG's.  

    At 3 bodies per Sprue, do you think we will get enough of each type of weapon to equip all the same? I plan on buying multiple boxes so it wont be so much an issue for me... If I do units of 6, then 3 boxes gets me 6 units worth... and with 3 boxes even if we dont get nough for 12 Ogres in a box, I should be able to have units of 6 armed the same.


    Whch right now I am looking at 2 x (6) with hand guns, 2 x 6 with great swords, and 6 with halberd or sword and shield... which leaves 6 for fun and making characters with.

  • You're assuming it'll be 12 minis per box. Has that been announced anywhere, and do we know if the price per box will be the usual WGA 33-35 monies? We're looking at TTCombat's six trolls for 25 monies, but my coworker's greenskin army might be in need of something a little faster or shootier, and my monster manual can wait.

  • @Blutze Only what what was said in the initial news announcement (Full reveal pasted in the 2nd message in this thread).

    "So these fellows will come in around 45mm or so. This will be a full frame set aiming for 3 unique bodies on the frame with four frames in the box for 12 total figures."

    Of course this was just the plan and I am sure is subject to change... No mention of price as of yet. 

  • Great to see that WGA are putting value into their Monstrous Infantry boxes - 12 per box is excellent compared to GW and Mantic. If these rumours are true then they'll have a hit on their hands.

    Now they just have to develop some ideas for Monstrous Infantry that will interest me personally...

  • I've been off-line since the 9th, so seeing this picture this morning was a pleasent surprise. Fingers crossed we're still on for a 2022 release 🙃 

  • WIP pic from facebook. Looking forward to these. Not super loving the greatsword, but I dont hate it either.

  • I plan on getting 3 boxes. Which should be 36 Ogres. These will be in units of 6. I want 2 units with Morions and hand cannons. I Also want 2 units of Great swords. But not sure which head they will have.

  • Man, those screws... I guess paperclips don't cut it anymore at that size.


    36 Ogres. These will be in units of 6.

    My first reaction to that was... don't maneaters take up additional slots? How are you gonna fit in what, 12 rare choices? Then I remembered just how many of the infantry dudes you already have. Ain't gonna add up to 12k points, but you'll definitely have room for some of them. Except maybe on the shelf.

  • @William Redford 

    The Facebook picture is in progress WGA Ogres?

    They look good.

    I hope there are enough heads to avoid using the Morion heads if one desires.

    Looks like the old Empire army is getting some reinforcements.  

  • @JTam Yeah from facebook. The facebook post says these are printed not actual production and I guess are being painted for the box art.

  • @William Redford 

    Our gifted Dr Mathias seems to be quite busy actually, painting ogres alongside all of his current projects... that man does deserve quite a box of cigars. 

  • My Portuguese Ogre auxiliary are looking very promising. I will probably get two boxes, I probably won't need more... Probably... 

  • the absolute size of these fellows

  • From Ye Old 4th Edition Empire Book (AKA Best Edition Book):

    Looks like halberds are a go.


  • @JTam definitely, halberds for one unit and hand cannons for the other. 

  • Looking extra sweet, 

    I want to see what (if any) SF bits have managed to get in there (or if there's an add on sprue? i'd buy it if nessesary), i want a box with guns, a box with hand weapons and a box of SF

  • Looks like halberds are a go.

    Hmm. How likely are drawn out fights in that edition? If most combats are decided in a single round, you might as well go for great weapons at the same price. You'll overkill on wounding against T3 units (unless that table is different), but those melt to a stern glance anyway.

  • @Blutze 

    I was more saying that halberds were a "legitimate" weapons choice for Ogres in an Oldhammer Empire list.  Between halberds and great weapons for Ogres, I'd probably go with great weapons.  Their toughness 5 and 3 wounds means they can survive through "strike last" to deliver truly crushing strength 6 attacks.

  • @JTam even if I still played WFB, I would still use halberds, I am more of a rule of cool kind of guy. 

  • So, in anticipation of the ogres, I bought 2 mournfsng riders off eBay. I plan on converting these to landsknecht ogre cavalry. The legs and torso is seperate so I am thinking only the cat-beast, the saddle and the rider legs will be used. Then I will use the torso, head and weapons from the WA kit. Though there is a nice pistol in mournfang kit. 

    this was $20 on eBay... looking forward for the WA ogres....


  • Looks like all it's missing is the banner and a club arm...

  • Found these online the other day:

    These might add variety to your formation depending on how close they scale.

    Now that I think about it, I believe Hudson Adams said they were going to scale of someone else's existing Landsknecht Ogres...   I wonder if these are them?

  • @William Redford 

    That should make for an interesting conversion.  Is there a minimum size for the Ogre cavalry these days?

  • Hudson had said they would scale to Westfalia miniatures ogres. And that Westfalia miniatures half men were the original inspiration to wargames Atlantic's halflings. 

    as far as minimum size. It really is more about base size. The ogre kingdoms bulls came with 40mm round bases. Or at least the updated AOS box did. 

  • @William Redford 

    Westfalia?  Good to know.

    Sorry, I meant minimum unit size for Ogre cavalry.....

  • Are mournfang even actual Warhammer stuff? I should probably hunt down some more 8th edition pdfs, just for conversational reasons. And maybe for the crafting/painting sections. That one is sadly missing from my dark elf file, so I still don't know if they kept selling the ancient metal harpies...

    But considering bloodletters on brass puppies had a unit size of 1+ in 7th edition, and leadbelchers had 2+ in 6th, I wouldn't be surprised if it also was 1 for mournfangs in 8th.

  • @Blutze I'm not sure? :) I've never actually played ogres... I did buy the last start collecting box... which was for AOS or at least branded as such. So I am guessing they are. Honestly I was just kind of itchy to buy something ogre landsknecht adjacent... and this was cheap on eBay. 

  • @JTam Don't forget those S6 attacks are wounding T4 on 2+ anyway. Against almost all troops (who are T3 or T4), Ogres with halberds will do better than ones with 2H weapons. So it's not a silly choice. Just a choice.

    (Sorry, later editions have Ogres as S5. Even so, those older ones are wounding T3 on 2+, which covers the bulk of rank and file humans, elves, skaven and undead).

    (Edit: further apologies. It's only the elite Ogres that have S5. Rank and file are S4. I'll stand by halberds being a reasonable choice for them though, for the reasons given above. Ogres are also fast infantry, so nerfing their ability to strike first on a charge with 2H weapons is not to my taste. Aaaaand that comes back to whether the edition you use does have 2H weapons strike last on a charge or not. Can't remember all the edition changes).

  • @Mark Dewis 

    Sure they both have their pros and cons.  (And if you think halberds look cooler that counts as a valid pro.)

    I just really like the near auto delete of the strength 6 hits from double handed weapons.

  • @OrlandotheTechnicoloured 

    I think you may be in luck.

    Last weeks sneak peak:

  • Mantic has a first look at their new Ogres.

    Not feeling it.

    He kind of resembles an angry vegetable of some sort.  Maybe a turnip.

  • @William Redford 

    I had forgotten about Westfalia.  But I actually picked up a couple of their minis about two years back from I believe Bad Squiddo.


    Will look great in a slowly assembling Kislevite Mordheim warband.

  • @JTam In a way... yes.. But just to point out that picture is a female ogre. And the rumor is that it will be 2 sprues and one sprue is all female bodies... I kind of like the look. I especially like that there will be females included. I think I definitely want a box of these to mix with the Wargames atlantic ones. 

  • @JTam Yeah, Westfalia has (had?) those great hafling winged hussars. But I think they are out of print.

  • @William Redford 

    That's a female huh?

    Well I suppose a female warthog is lovely to the gentleman warthog.


    Forgot about the Halfling Winged Hussars.... those are/where? awesome. 

  • Yeah. There are young ogre boys looking at that picture on a "hot ogre women in the military"  website as we speak. :) Yeah. I regret not getting those hafling hussars when they were on Kickstarter. I messaged the Westfalia guys last year and he said they would be back at some point but it has been a long time since that response so I have doubts. 

  • On the mournfangs: pdfs acquired. They are in 8th, at a minimum unit size of 2+. Brass puppies (both the old setup with bloodletter riders, and the new one with chaos knights) went up to 3+. Meaning if you have a single one, it was playable before and then not anymore. Once again, 8th edition is game design as a slave to sales... 7th edition balance was a mess, but at least it was innocent excitement about the individual designers' favourite armies that caused it.

  • It is worth noting that in Mantic's Ogre lore, their society is matriarchal, and both male and female ogres enage in warfare. One reason so many male ogres go into mercenary work is to get away from the camps of their mothers and earn wealth to make themselves desirable. I would not be surprised if with the new minis they won't add some lore about how female ogres of lesser social position go into the merc trade in an effort to earn enough to attract male suitors and start up their own camp.

  • @Mithril2098 Thats pretty cool. I heard that Mantic's lore is pretty good. I will admit that I am not really a fan of most of their minis. I do like the old restic ogres and the plastic dragon men and demon girls (and guys). The new haflings look good, but too big and the Ogres look good too.  But overall I am not really a fan, and when I hear Mantic, my first instinct is "pass".

  • Found this tough looking Landsknecht Ogre today:

  • Rumor has it that Archon Studio is doing the plastic Ogres for Mantic. That should be quite a change from Mantic’s usually soft sculpting. 

  • The preview is up for the ogres:

    The Death Field weapons are more modern than sci-fi which is a shame, but at least they are not huge primitive revolver/grenade launcher shaped weapons like other companies make.

    Should be quite useful for conversions, but lets see what happens when the sprues are out in the wild.

  • @GreenScorpion 

    DF Ogre heads looks like WW2/middle Cold War GIs (still wondering about those ones with beret... Vietnam Green Berets?).. so it could explain the clearly low-tech weapons depicted here (autoguns). Since these humans traded their appareance and intelligence for a more brutal look (read typical Orgyn stats), it could be perfectly understandable they still do favour good old dakkadakka guns as a memory of their past lifes... Mmm but no bobies mixing futuristic and Renaissance elements, a bit disappointed about. 😬

    Will wait for Dr. Leahly's depiction of the Vain to make up my mind about... actually it is an awesome Fantasy kit that will give Oldhammerer/current Fantasy wargamer real pleasure. 😁

  • I like the full extra sprue... but am now worried about how many figues will be in a box. If its 12 figues. That is 4 body frames so how many weapon frames? and if its 3 body frames (9 figures) then more weapon frames but less bodies... 

    Other than that, I really like this set.

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