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  • Posting on behalf of the Atlantic Digital team:

    Greetings all,

    The purpose of this thread is to be the place to post issues you may have with any Atlantic Digital product.

    Reports should be formatted like the following example:

    Kit afftected: The Damned

    Part/s affected: 01.stl (or list mutliples, or a range)

    Scope of issue: File loads with errors

    feel free to add screenshots/any other accompanying information. 

    These three data points will allow the Atlantic Digital team to troubleshoot your issues and assist in getting you printing.

    The team at Atlantic Digital is committed to making your experience downloading, working with, and printing the files we produce as smooth and as high-quality as possible.

  • Kit afftected: The hoplites

    Scope of issue: All the unsupported parts, except the the bodies and 1 pair of musician arms.

  • @Tonhel Vdh What issue are you having with the hoplites?

  • @Lord Marcus lol, sorry, It seems I didn't finish my sentence. I meant that the unsupported parts were missing from the download.

  • @Tonhel Vdh Thanks the team is looking into this.

  • Hello, I have found some issues too:

    Kit affected:       Irish Chieftain
    Part/s affected:  body-without-puddle-for-multipart-unsupported.stl
    Scope of issue:  The file shows a size of 0.

    Kit affected:      Halfling Hero Sor Paddock Tidebank
    Part/s affected:  supported-full-body-halfling-withoutpuddle-11.stl
    Scope of issue:  The file is empty.

    With a lot of unsupported files throughout all the zip files I get a strange error message in Print 3D:

    Error message is "cannot be loaded, error code: 0x80004005"

    From the internet I have learned that it could be kind of a compatibility issue or a general windows error code for an unspecified error, whatever that means. The good thing is that only unsupported files are affected. Has somebody else similar problems?

  • @Peter Schmidt 

    The error code you are getting in print 3d. When you try to open the files in another slicer like lychee or chitubox, are you getting anything similar?

    Ive let the team know about your two reports re: halfling hero and Irish hero

  • Hi found the following when printing out the unsuppoted Italien Tankette 6 part kit

    Kit affected:       Italien Tankette
    Part/s affected:  6 part kit unsupported.
    Scope of issue:  the labled 6 part kit is 13 pieces???

    Right hand exhaust is only joined to the body by the support bracket so is liable to break off.

    2 small pieces labled smallwindow and smallwindow-1 exist but seemingly have no place on the model

  • @Andy Phillips Thanks Andy. I'll get that sent to the team so they can take a look.

  • Hi,

    Errors in the gurkhas set, in the ottoman heads and Dux.

  • @Alex Pil hi. Could you please use the format in the first post on this thread? give me any other information you can that I can pass along to the team for remediation?

  • Ok, 

    Kit afftected: Gurkhas

    Part/s affected: gurkha-unsupported-files-multipart-body1 & 2 & 3 & 4& 5

    Scope of issue: impossible to load the files


  • Kit afftected: The Damned

    Part/s affected : The Damned Supported Multipart

    Scope of issue: Missing Files


    Missing the machine gun and the chainsaw arms. May be a few more. The name of the files should really be updated to make navigation easier.

  • @Alex Pil what slicer are you using? do you get an error message? Screenshots?


    Please and thank you.


    Remember, more information is better than less

  • @Jean-Sébastien Marcoux thanks. I'll let the team know. File naming conventions we're covered in the latest update

  • Kit afftected: Farm Animals

    Part/s affected: Chickens, Ducks, Cats

    Scope of issue: Scaling: I'm not an expert on farm chickens/ducks, but these animals seem very oversized compared to the Historicals in the range and other miniatures for Farm Animals I have from Renedra and Reaper.  I think a scaling of about 75% puts them more accurate, but the chickens and ducks feet are very fragile at that size.  Perhaps puddle bases would help with that, or a slight thickening.

  • issue with unsupported parts of the grognard sergent. unable to open with microsoft 3d builder

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