Wargames Illustrated Article on WGA Boxer Kit With Painting Guide

  • I'm a big Wargames Illustrated fan.  Just a great mix of history and hobby in each issue.

    Issue 418 OCT 2022 has the article "A Slumbering Dragon No More".

    A nice discussion of the WGA Boxer kit, Partizan Press' "The Forces of the Boxer Uprising and Eight Power War" (rolls off the tongue that one), and a painting guide.



  • @JTam yup, I saved that one 😍 I just wish that WI's subs rates weren't so darn expensive... do you susbcribe to their digital magazine "VAULT" stuff? That's £5.99 a month here so I've been thinking of it...

    That said, I do still like a paper magazine 😆

  • @Bill Thomas 

    I've not subscribed to the vault as of yet.

    The subscription IS expensive.  Probably even more so Stateside than in the UK.

    I try and justify the subscription with:

    1.  I really enjoy it.

    2.  You get maybe $30-ish dollars worth of sprues sent on the cover over the year.  

  • @JTam yup, I thoroughly enjoy the magazine as it's very well written generally and their production values are pretty darn high... I've really enjoyed their Silver Bayonet campaign, and the Wild West Mine build in the current issue is inspiring 😎 I'll wait until SALUTE next year and see if there are any "subs deals" going at the show as I tend to buy it quite regularly... especially when there's a free sprue involved 😂


  • @JTam @Bill Thomas Brought it regulary for a few months from a "Sainsburys" store in Wolverhampton along with Table Top Gamming, the two mags for £4 -95. Was I pleased, then we moved back to Wombourne, and I can`t get the offer at my "Sainsbury" BUMMER. Can` t even get the Mag seperate what a joke. 

  • @Bill Thomas 

    The three part Silver Bayonet campaign was good.  I particularly enjoyed the Silver Bayonet cover art they had on the one issue.

  • @Geoff Maybury yup, I tend to pick it up in WH Smiths (much as I hate the money-grabbing killer of independant magazines... another story entirely...) when I get to one, seems the only regular source without a sub 😑

    @JTam yup, that was a super cover 😍

  • A few local newsagents carry it here in Hobart. I may pick up an issue of interest now and then.

  • Check out this Wargames Illustrated massive blast from the past:



  • Boxers review by Obscurities in Miniature...


    ... he seemed to like them. 

    I bought a box and quite like them for a lot more than just the Boxer Rebellion. They will make fine kitbash conversion pieces for Pulp, Pirates and Sci-fi.

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