My own 3d Designs

  • I started to design own stuff for 3d Printing. Working on a Range of 6mm to 10mm Miniatures for Antiquity.

    Roman Helmets thorugh the Ages

    Mix of Republican Romans (WIP with "lend" third Party parts)

    Roman Miniatures

    Cretan Psiloi with Bows

  • Very cool can't wait to see them printed and painted on a table!


  • @Steffen Seitter 

    Very cool.  Wouldn't know how even to begin on sculpting something like that.

  • Which one looks better? With or without cloak?

    This will be a gigantic mammoth project. My goal is to represent the complete Antiquity from the Rise of Rome to the 3rd Century Crisis.

    There will be Camillan and Polybian Republican Romans for the start, Hastati and Principes with Hasta and Pilum option, Mail and Cardiophylax. Triarii in Musculata, Mail and Heavy Cardiophylax with Oval Scutum or Round Aspis / Clipeus shields.

    Italic People will be available as Oscans (Samnites, Lukanians & Campanians) in short Tunics and with the "three disc" Cardiophylax armor and Ubrians/Latinians with longer Tunic (like Romans). Campanian Cavalry will be represended by own sprues with a more greek appearance.

    For the hellenistic world, there will be in the future Infantry (Hoplites, Phalantiges, Thorakitai) and Cavalry (Hippeis, Hetairoi) in many forms of armor - Linothorax, Musculata and (sometimes forgotten) Scale and Mail options for those.

    There will be also some very "niche" stuff, which never ever would be lucrative for any Company to sell as Metal or Plastic Miniatures.

    Phalangites in mail, Thorakitai in scale, italiot greek Phalantiges in Cardiophylax and with italic Helmet types. Regional appearance for Ptolemaic, Selucid and Pontic armies

    Greek Cavalry with round Scutum Shields as Pyrrhus introduced in Greece after his successful Campaign in Italy.

    Gallic and Germanic Auxilliary with roman Equipment as Caesar did for his Cavalry.

    Carthaginian Infantry with more mixed Equiment to let Hannibals Veterans look more resupplied with Stuff they could found local instead of only just looking like republican romans.

    Early Roman "Proto-Auxilliary" with mixed Equipment. Imperial Roman Units of the East, with more hellenistic Equipment, no resupply of roman Stuff "over night". No Segmentata in the East as debated, Imperial Romans of the East in Scale and Mail. Less uniform looking Imperial Romans in general. Different Helmet Types for different Times ands Emperor which ruled. Imperial Romans will get split into Augustinian, Claudian, Trajan, Aurelian and Severenian "Peiods".

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