CONTEST: New Years painting competition - RULES AND ENTRIES

  • Greetings friends,

    On behalf of the Mod team and Wargames Atlantic, I hereby bring you a painting contest.

    With new years fast approaching, it is all the more apparent that we should start the new year off with a "bang."

    As such, Wargames Atlantic is hosting a (First annual? lets see....) painting competition centered around our miniatures, and especially the recent additions to our catalog in the form of Atlantic Digital items. We know the hobbyists that enjoy our products are bursting with talent, and we love to see photos of your painted work.

    This will be a single entrant/single entry contest. You may submit photos of a single model from any of our ranges, be it an irish warrior from the plastic set or a single doctor from the recently released WW1 field hospital.  Try a new paint combo, or just paint a model to the best you can. We'd like to see your work!

    THIS THREAD is for entries and the rules and information contained in this post. There will be another thread created and linked shortly for general painting competition discussion and banter.

    Entries are due by 01/31/2023 11:59PM Eastern standard time. PLEASE POST THEM, WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION, IN THIS THREAD.


    Forum username - So we can tie your entry to your account and reward the winner appropriately.

    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.


    FOLLOWING the entry period: Wargames Atlantic will narrow down the entries. Afterwards, the finalists will be posted for review and voting in a poll-thread here on the forums.

    The winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be featured on the Wargames Atlantic blog, and will recieve a plastics boxed set of their choice.

    "Wargames Atlantic Reserves the right to modify the rules and conditions of this contest, with notification to participants at such a time.

  • Forum username - Duke Exeter

    Title of entry - French Propaganda Camerman 1940

    Description of entry - Base kit was the French Infantry and then some kitbash parts from the SAS/Commandos and German Sentries kits.

    The camera was scratch built entirely using only parts from the French sprues. The legs are just pieces of sprue. The main body was four pouches(?) glued together.  The lens is the filter of a gas mask. The viewpiece is a VB launcher. And the film reels on the top are just sprue again. 
    The cameraman himself was a simple kitbash. I used the radio operator head from the SAS/commando sprue and helmet carrying arm from the sentries sprue. Cutting out the stahelm and replacing it with an adrian helmet was such a pain but im happy with how it turned out.

    I started this 1940 Battle of France project about last month so I just got really lucky with the timing of this contest. I love these plastic French figures and hope to post my complete platoon next year.


  • Forum username - Super Chicken 

    Title of entry - Sir Griffeth,Treasure Hunter

    Description of entry: 

    Sir Griffeth was a minor noble in england, Well known for his speed and accuracy with revolvers.

    but he fell upon hard times, and he decided to join an expedition to Egypt to search for long lost tombs of the pharoahs.

    But on the way to Egypt him and his expedition were thought to have being lost at sea. Exept in reality they were abducted by aliens and entered into the Death Fields.

    (Though most of the death fields teams believe it was on accident, Because there were only a few in the expedition who were actually any good at fighting.)

  • Forum username - Vanth SpiritWalker

    Title of entry - Lieutenant 213th Coastal Division, Sicily 1943

    Description of entry:  A simple figure really, last painted in 2022 and the first for the upcoming Primosole Bridge project.

  • Forum name: Mark Dewis

    Title: American Outlaw

    All Wargames Atlantic parts. Body is from Panzer Lehr, head is from Dark Age Irish, arms are from WW2 Partisans. Initial build was going to be more pulp era and have a head from the Partisans, but the pistol is pretty big - more of a Desert Eagle than a Browning - and that spoke to me that it needed to be a more of a modern theme.


  • Forum Username: TAPM113.

    Title: "Crapauillot" - Grognard Death Fields Heavy Mortar team.

    Description of entry:

    At the beginning of WW1, French military doctrine dreamed of a fast war of manouver, in which its unending fields of conscript soldiers would support fast cavalry and horse-drawn field artillery efforts. An elegant duel of minds, a foregone conclusion drawn by writ of demographics in France´s favor by the end of Christmas.

    The folly never survived reality. By 1914 itself, the war was an ugly affair of trench warfare for which only the most dug-down soldiers, with the most expedient field artillery pieces had a chance at survival. For the plentiful belegueared souls abducted to the Death Fields during those dark years, bitter jealousy for the superior artillery, chemical and trench warfare their german opponents fielded would be the seedstock for one of the most iconic sights for any Death Fields fan: "The Crapauillot".

    Named as per the first improvised french trench mortars, their distant Death Fields cousin is all but an amateur´s affair. A clip-fed 122mm monstrosity cast from lightweight polymers and low-grav alloys, the Crapauillot brings the advantages of long-range artillery support to squad-sized matches, yet it does not stop there. The "Grognard" players from that long-begone war convinced their sponsors to let them bring the horrors of chemical warfare to their matches, and a break in the whining rain of high-explosive shells only heralds the hand-loading of these precious few poisonous green gas canisters (as game balance demands).

    For the chauvinistic survivors of that long-drawn war, there is a single feeling they can share with their fans: The vicious anticipation of total french artillery superiority about to be unleashed into an unsuspecting enemy team.





  • Forum username: aaaa

    Title of entry: House Atreides soldier from Dune(1984 film)

    Description of entry: French infantry kit (1916-1940) + Death Fields weapon upgrade sprue.


  • Mike K - Wargames Atlantic French Infantry 1916-1940 Sergeant

    Forum Username: Mike K.

    Title: Infantry Sergeant

    Description of Entry: 
    Officer/Sergeant model from the Wargames Atlantic 1916-1940 French Infantry set. Painted in the colors of my WH40K Imperial Guard regiment. Plastic base with sand/spackle/aquarium rocks for terrain. 

  • Username: Josh Toman

    Title: Indiana Jones resistance fighter

    Description: all parts from WGA french resistance painted in a close approximation of Indiana Jones, he came to France to search for artifacts and kick Nazi ass and he's all out of artifacts, part of my partisan force for bolt action.

  • Title: Dog

    Model: Dog

    Description: Dog

    Username: D... sorry. fodzilla.

    Dark Age Irish wolfhound. Not the best nor most complex paintjob I've done recently, but probably the most satisfying - it took a lot of experimentation to get a fur effect I was happy with.



  • Username: Ducknuck84

    Title of entry: Lorenza Vittori, ex-Italian Alpine Infantry/Cannon Fodder 

    Description: Lorenza was picked up for dereliction of duty after the 40th battle of Isonzo sector when the Italan team was overrun while faceing the Raumjagers. Now she is trying to get scouted from the the Cannon Fodder tier by a major team by using her mountaineering skills to help teams get the high ground in matches. Clad in her jail jumpsuit she shows her pride by wearing her old units field cap.

    The idea kind of just came to me when I was looking at the grappeling hook on the sprue. Also gave me a reason to try out making a cork cliff style base. All parts are from the Cannon Fodder II sprue with the exeption of the stock on the rifle which is from a 2nd/3rd ed era GW Space Marine Bolter.

  • Forum username - Marcus Porche

    Title of entry - Commandant de la Compagnie Emiliene Dutoit

    Description of entry - Emiliene Dutoit is a Company Commander for the Partisans de Nouvean, a mostly fleet-based regiment of the Astra Militarum. She wears the traditional gasmask when afield, as she is a veteran of the Occupation and Reclamation period when Nurgle Cultists controlled the various holdings of the planet Nouvean.

  • Forum username - ALEXANDER SMITH (must be yelled)

    Title of entry - "They Shall Not Pass" - Verdun, 1916

    Description of entry - A Wargames Atlantic WW1 Frenchman astride some destroyed wire.

  • Forum Username: Viking Cowboy

    Title of Entry: Persian General Planning 

    Discription: A Persian General prepares for a great battle, he's older now, white in his grey beard, not the jet black it once was. Despite his age he still dons his kit, like any great general, he leads from from front.


    Pardon if the image isn't the clearest, its all I have avalible.

  • Forum username: John Salvon

    Title of entry: Bulldog Sergeant Rus'el Pelt's triumph over a dark alien.

    Description of entry: I made this with the bulldog kit. It wasn't intended, but it ended up reminding me of the villain from the first jumanji movie, and so I named him after said character. He stands of the head of a fallen enemy.

  • Bulldog sergeant Rus'el Pelt pt 2

  • Rus'el Pelt pt 3

  • Rus'el pelt pt 4

  • Forum username - Kacper Jankowski 

    Title of entry - 1st platoon of 32nd Budziszynian Infantry Regiment, 8th Dresden Infantry Division of Peoples Republic od Poland (1 pluton 32 Budziszyńskiego Pułku Piechoty, 8 Drezdeńska Dywizja Piechoty LWP)

    Description of entry - so, first of all, none of the producers make Peoples Republic of Poland army miniatures from period just after the WWII.

    I wanted to make some, from personal reasons. And needed some base. There are some Italians from world ablaze range, that look just like "stock" army of late war. Any needed things was to cut spikes on helmets and give them some posh. So I used warlord games weapons on Italians, add some Great Escape Games bits, give 'em some dogs and done. 

    Used different washes and greens to make more diversity on uniforms. Made them colorful backpacks and rugs. They are veterans after all, just relived from front.

    And this guy just carries the ammo for his platoon 

  • Forum username - Rusted Models 

    Title of entry - World War 2 Chinese Soldier 

    Description of entry - A Chinese Soldier built mainly from the WW1 German Infantry Kit, I trimmed the cuffs off the arms. I also added a backpack from the warlord games marine kit, the backpack from the WW1 French Infantry kit would work well aswell. Painted in Nationalist Army colors

  • Username - The Great Southern Ancient Miniature Man

    Title of Entry - Amazon Horse

    Description of Entry -  WA horse w goat skin rug made from Greenstuff.   Used goat skull from WA Dark Age Irish kit.  Riders is metal Amazon by Eureka Miniatures. 

  • This is the entry from my youngest, Adele. She has asked me to post it on her behalf

    Forum Name: Miyuso

    Title: Gravy Crockett

    Description: Adele used parts from the Irish, Halfling, Persian and Afghan sets to make her backwoods hunter. She decided he's out scouting during fall, so is dress to hide among the leaves. 

  • Forum user name: Hunter Smith

    Title: Lizard Man Marauder

    Description: Standard WGA Lizard man plastic kit parts, an Oathmark skelton sheild, and greenstuff work. I put it together and painted it for games of Relic Blade.

    Side 1




    side 2


    wip 1


    wip 2

  • “Roaming by the lands of the hight valleys the Goblin marauders are feared by the farmers and shepherds and should not be taken as an easy source of glory by the adventurers of all sorts.”

    100% Wargame Atlantic Goblins, ready to join an Aothmark regiment or to play the opponent in 5 Leagues from the Borderland.

    A band or Goblin Lancers

  • Forum username : Michael Klang

    Tilte of entry: Spacenam sniper

    Description: I saw the sprues and it was instant love. Standard sprue build

  • Username: Paul Mackay

    Title of Entry: Panzer Lehr Grenadier 

    Description: Built as standard from Panzer Lehr sprue. Panzer Lehr Grenadier


  • forum name- Jacob driver

    Title of entry- Marshal Dansk  

    description- a kitbash using grognard sergeant, cavalry and infatry kits. Marshal Dansk started life in the death fields as a common grognards soldier, but his talent for leadership was recognised during a brutal game where he took command and lead the grognards to victory after the entire grognard command structure was assasinated. since leading them to victory then he has had been undefeated and is a highly sought after addition to any grognards team. 

    marshal dansk


  • Forum Name: Dragon Wyrm

    Title of Entry: Lamentations of the Angel

    I recently got a 3D printer and this is the first 3D print I painted. It is one of the nurses from the WWI field hospital digital set. I chose a nurse for two main reasons. First was that my grandmother was a normal nurse and second was that I wanted to make a tribute to nurses. Nurses are commonly underrated, unappreciated and underpaid for what they do.

    Years ago, I remember watching the news when they mentioned a person dying due to being given incorrect medicine at the hospital. The thing that stuck out to me was that the hospital suspended and put under revision two nurses who checked the charts and didn't notice that the doctor wrote the incorrect medicine. No punishment or suspension for the doctor was mentioned. This has stuck with me ever since.

    So this painted figure was painted so that it could be viewed in multiple ways. It could be a nurse lamenting the stupidity of a doctor or a patient. It could be a nurse lamenting after another death which is seen as a personal failure. It could be a nurse just taking a break from her hectic work, possibly during a night shift, and using that time to reflect on the day. It could be a war nurse lamenting the pointlessness of war and the young deaths it causes. It could be a war nurse who is lamenting the death of her fellow.

    To demonstrate the bedraggled and haggard nature of a nurse, I have chosen to paint her smock (is that the name of that type of nursing scrubs or is it a frock) a dirty linen colour. I added blood, excrement and puke to demonstrate the conditions that the nurse must work under. The drab colours of the uniform I chose further accentuate those details. The veil and the face are the cleanest parts of the figure, this is used to demonstrate the level-headedness of the nurses as they work in such conditions. Furthermore, the clean white nature of the veil works as an allusion to a halo which frames the face of an angel. Even then the veil is not fully white, for nothing can remain fully pure under such conditions.

    For the base, I painted some tiles and used a custom casualty counter. The tiles have some colour to break up the monotony, but the monotony of the job is still demonstrated by the colour going only in one direction. There are blood stains on the floor marring the once-clean floor.

    The word "lamentations" is written in blood red and there is a big blood stain over the largest number possible on the counter. This can be seen as failures in the past of the nurse or even successes that will never be the same (e.g. amputees, gas victims, cripples). Lamentations don't require the victim to be dead and some wounds are those of the heart.

  • @Antoine PORRE @Kacper Jankowski please edit your posts and choose a single model. this is a single model contest and there is no group category.


    please and thank you.


    and keep posting your entries, we at HQ are delighted everyone is having fun hobbying.

  • Forum username - De Bairead

    Title of entry - Dark Age Irish Warrior

    Description of entry - Built from the Dark Age Irish Warriors box set, the only modification from the sprue was the addition of a handle to the shield, which was done using milliput.

  • Forum username - Rondaros A'terac

    Title of entry - Denizen of Greenwood

    Description of entry - Giant Spider on 65mm base. Repositioned legs with cuboid joins and strained plastic in all legs to make ready to jump spider. Net and webs on the model and the base are made from cotton wetted with mixture of PVA glue and water, then tangled using damaged bursh.



  • Forum Username: Erebos Hammerhand

    "Landsknecht des Reichsbundes"

    Description of Entry: All parts are from Wargames Atlantic.

    A well armored Infantryman, eqipped with a Plasma Rifle and a pistol, in eternal loyalty for the Kaiser des Reichsbundes.


  • Forum username - Hyper Ewok

    Title of entry - Sludge Infantrymen

    Description of entry - Hapless soldiers charge through the muck of Sludge, fighting and dying over the last scraps of a world drowning in mud and blood. 

    WGA WW1 Germans, heads from Perry, basing thorn bits from GW. The Sludge system bases cannon fodder- I mean line infantry- three models to a base. 


  • @Lord Marcus done, I have removed group photos and just left one most important guy. The one with ammo box.




  • Forum username - TheMiniLair

    Title of entry - Grungy German

    Description - A stock German rifleman from the Great War set

  • Forum name: Kool Ghoul 

    Model name: Übertrieben!

    Description: As shells explode around your trench, the men of your company get ready. The time has come to take the enemy's position. The whistle blows as your Hauptmann commands you over the top to charge. Terrified, you're frozen in place, watching as your company climb the ladders and and sprint headlong into the almost certain death that is no man's land. "Übertrieben! Übertrieben!" your Hauptmann calls out, but still you are frozen. He walks up to you, pistol in hand, and points to the ladder and yells "Übertrieben, soldat!" This is the last time he's telling you. Die courageously charging in no man's land or die a coward in your own trench, what's it going to be?... 

    I built my piece using the great war Germans kit for the Hauptmann, helmet on the post and gun leaning in the corner.  The trench is made of carved XPS foam, coffee stir sticks for the trench supports and duck boards, texture paste for ground texture and greenstuff to sculpt the sand bags.


  • Forum Name: Legofax

    Title of Entry: Sharpe's Ghoul

    Description of Entry: This ghoul has risen from the dusty battlefields of the Peninsular War. The British Riflemen set provided all of the parts, with some hobby knife adjustments. He could cross paths with the heroes in a Silver Bayonet game.

  • Forum name: The Misclicker

    Model name: Fantasy Guardsman

    Description: A roman legionary from the lorica hamata kit painted up as a more generic fantasy soldier. The sword arm was originally one of the dart throwing arms which the sword was glued to in order to get a more heroic pose. 

    Without shield:

    With shield:

  • forum name: Owen

    Model name: Horses

    Title: Cecil the unicorn 

    Description: As a fun idea; I wanted a unit of war unicorns for the tabletop a bit of heroes of might and magic nostalgia.

    I cleaned the harness away and made a mane, horn ect. I won't post these unless requested.

    I wanted it to be a quick and easy job not too much fiddling with greenstuff so anyone can do this.

    If I don't get time with all my projects (as hobbyist always have 5 on the go) I reckon I'll give this to my daughter and Cecil will still be happy.Cecil 2Cecil 1

  • Forum username - Snecky Paints

    Title of entry - Vizconde Francisco De Cantabela Explorer of the lost continent of Xanth

    Description of entry - A pretty simple conversion just using the Conquistadors kit. Just snip off the end of a crossbow and the end of a handgun and merge the two to make a pretty fantasy looking pistol.

    Francisco is the leader of a band of plucky adventurers who discovered the lost continent of Xanth. A land of ancient ruins, giant monsters, deadly frogmen and riches beyond any man's wildest dreams.

  • Forum Name: Hal R

    Title of Entry: "And I would Rather Be Anywhere Else But Here Today"

    Descirption: A soldier of the 183rd (1st Germelshausen) infantry regiment after a few days fighting in the trenches somewhere in the Palus Putredinis during the 9th Moon War.

    This was a kitbash featuring a body from the Cannon Fodder II kit, a head from the Death Fields upgrade sprue, the gas mask filter and arms from Great War Germans kit, rifle from the Cannon Fodder I kit, and backpack from the Bulldogs set. Army Painter (the barbed wire) and GW (the skull) pieces used in basing.
    Entry for Wargames Atlantic Jan 2023 Painting Contest



    Title of entry - Lawrence of Arabia

    Description of entry -- From the Arab Revolt set. Single mini of TE Lawrence. 

  • Hello, 

    here is my entry for this challenge.

    Best regards, 



    Forum username: Andreas Penzkofer

    Title of entry: Chief Oberboss Monk

    Description: Just one of the beautifully sculpted monk figures for Blood Oaths from December 2022 digital tribe. Printed with Aqua Grey 4K resin on a Mars 3 Pro.


  • Indiana Jones, French Resistance parts, with Grail from Les Gorgnards Heavy Weapons kitIndiana Jones

  • Forum username - Martin Teasdale-Blais (still haven't found how to change it 😄)

    Title of entry - Irish Curaidh

    Description of entry - This mini is part of my Saga Irish Warband, which is mostly made from the Wargames Atlantic Irish kit. This one is 100% made from the set. The warband's shields are all black, a nod to Bernard Cornwell Warlord Chronicles trilogy. I think those minis are really fun to paint, and the simple clothes makes an interesting canvas for adding some texture with brushstrokes.


  • Forum username – João Rios
    Title of entry - Halfling Militia – Great general and Bodyguards
    Description of entry – Made from Halfling Militia and a metal shield. Held aloft by bravest of warriors the great general is tall enough to look his enemies in the eye.

  • Forum username - Fabio Del Frate.

    Title of entry - "Following the trail"

    Description of entry - Neanderthal from January tribe month.

    "Koda had been following that track for hours. From what he could see, all the tell tale signs of what seemed to be deer were there and, judging by it's prints, the disturbed leaves and broken branches, it seemed to be a pretty big one too. If he could find and managed to kill it, the tribe would finally have their first real meal since the last moon. A sudden call from beyond the hill made Koda smile, it really was a deer then. Having stopped to listen, Koda started to walk slowly toward the faint sound of hooves in the distance. He was smiling to himself, knowing that he was getting close."Neanderthal

  • User name: Jack Mahaffy

    Title: Elven Infantry

    Description: Body and head from the French set, Oathmark arms and Privateer Press spearhead. A pleasant 20 minutes to assemble, a leisurely half an hour to paint, and 4.5 miserable hours spent trying to greenstuff tiny ears on the side of his head. Please, WGA, put out some pointy ear heads, I'll buy a box.

  • Huh, I can only attach 1 pic per post. I won't clog up the thread, here's one more.

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