Death Fields - Arena Security

  • Hello,

    Sci Fi isn't usually my thing, but I loved the beautiful dynamic poses of some of the "Arena Security" digital figures so much I had to print them.

    I think the characters can be anything, security or special police, some special commando, vehicle or aircraft crews... I'll be able to use them for something at some point. Maybe I will print a few more of them, just for the case... 😁

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  • Dear Andreas,

    Have you thought about re-sending these to the Painting competition just running? They would be ahead of the pack, good as they are.

    You could just do a picture crop to single-figure, it would do.

    I quite like these models - the only nitpick is that, as with "The Damned" printed kit, the arm joints are unnaturally bulky and apart from the body. I hope they fix that, I would quite enjoy getting these alongside the Power-armored Valkir.

  • @antonio_tarruell Spot on, love them and hate them, I can`t quite figure out where the main bulk lies but it breaks my heart. Nice paint job,  they certainly look the part.

  • @Andreas Penzkofer 

    Really nicely done.  Super smooth.  They look great.

    @Geoff Maybury  

    I think @antonio_tarruell is 100% correct.  The torsos are fine.  The shoulder pads are fine.  It's all the extra "meat" between the torso and the shoulder pad.  


  • It's the same problem with the Bulldog shoulder pads. The pad seems to be positioned below the point of the shoulder (i.e. it's more of an upper arm pad). Attaching the arms higher and/or cutting away a bit of the shoulder/arm join material may fix it. Or, since it's digital, overlapping the torso and arm piece might work? (I have no idea if this would cause printing problems, though).

    The body armour looks a little bulky, but body armour can indeed be a bit bulky.

  • The problem could be solved by using the arms from Cannon Fodder's sprue, plus a bit of GS, effectively the body armour seems a little bulky, but then I saw on Andor those  wear by CorpSecs, and a lot of body armours in our world are bulky, after all they need some padding under to absorb the schock from a projectile (or a blaster bolt!).

    P.s. very well painted minis

  • You did a great job with those! 

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