Teaser for Tuesday...

  • Well this might be putting the "Rebel" in "Rebels and Revolutionaries".

    Looks like a great, useful sci-fi body.  

  • Could be more French. But unlikely given Grognards.

  • The kepi could be a little misleading, but don't forget that it was widespread in most mid-half 19th century armies, expecially in the Americas. naturally these could be minis for a steam/cyberpunk world, with influences from early XXth century sci-fi(before WWI).

  • i liek the use of the use of the scifi spats. given the style of hat i'm going to second the impression that these guys can be used for doing an American civil war soldiers army for Death fields. that style of hat isn't really a common one for Kepi's.. those are usually more solid. it most appears to be a 1858 'forage cap', which was a US army shako with the internal stiffeners removed. thankfully they can easily avoid picking a side for said force, since the union and confederacy shared a lot of the same official uniform styles. even if the confederacy wasn't able to actually equip their troops with said uniforms sufficently (leading to the mix of civilian gear and uniform bits that came to dominate their forces in the later part of the war.

    hopefully if that is the intent, they'll have a hardee hat variety as well. and hopefulyl they'll be able to use the WGA resistance heads, which would provide a source of variant headgear for more confederate based builds.

    one question is whether the helmet on the other one is based off a historical style.

  • Could well be South Americans.


    Bolivia 19th century. Military uniforms at the time of the Pacific War  (1879-1883), Stock Photo, Picture And Rights Managed Image. Pic.  DAE-11295858 | agefotostock


    Peru (in white)

    Why did some units of the Peruvian army wear white uniforms in the War of  the Pacific? - Quora


    Actually... you could do FAR WORSE than design a plastic kit that would cover most if not all of the South American armies of the mid-late 19th Century. There's something like a dozen wars between various nations or independance wars or civil wars. 

  • Or...

    Space Italians!!! Avanti Savoia!!!

  • i think that regardless of the lore they use, i'll probably get at least a box of these. they should make good star wars like Rebellion trooper figures, if you mix in some alien heads from stargrave

  • @Mithril2098 Agreed. I like the rifle design - WGA could do worse than to make not-Star Wars kits on top of all the not-Imperial Guard ones. 

  • Design looks great to me, although I would prefer they have the ball & socket neck joints rather than the flat neck configuration. That makes them a lot more versatile for head swaps with other sci-fi ranges rather than the historicals.

  • I dig the space spats, salad bowl helmet (is there a better name for these?). Are those rip cords on the suspenders, or gas canisters? Either way neat details.

  • they look like grenades of some kind. shape is right for smoke grenades, but they could be scifi explosive or 'energy' grenades.

  • Given that the plastic pipeline is several years away from being cleared, I think you can assume any teaser that doesn't line up with a known pipeline kit is going to be digital for at least a couple of years.

    But what kind of teaser would it be if it told us that anyway? 😉

  • @Grumpy Gnome Every thing is print, but when are they going to deliver what you order. one month -5 days still counting no way of chasing them.

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