Organizational Force Structures

  • So, I'm kid of curious how everyone is organizing their units. Are you building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude formed in the traditions of your ancestors? Are you creating an unstoppable symphony of destruction? Are you building your force along the lines of the Waffen SS? Or is it being formed more like a Norwegian arctic infantry platoon (if those exist)?

    Personally, right now, I'm forming the bullk of what I have into five soldier units ala 40k Stormtroopers (I refuse to make Scion detachments- this is the Guard, son.). I started off making the equivalent of medium machine guns from the Storm Trooper sniper rifles with the intent of using them as Hotshot Volley Guns. BUT- I prefer using the LMGs in the kits for that purpose. So, each team of five will have two of the LMGs (as Hotshot Volley guns- which I will refer to as "Storm-Hellguns") with two of the carbine rifles (Hellguns) per team, and one with an SMG and knife/sword on the pack for the Team leader. Three Stormtrooper teams per squad, led by a Squad leader armed with an SMG/GL.

    Long term, I wil have each of the aforementioned "Medium Machine Guns" teamed up with an SMG toting A-gunner forming a single gun team of two soldiers, and  the Jager sniper rifles will be run as anti-material rifle teams in the same fasion, with one AMR/SMG per team, and one of these teams per two Medium machine gun teams per section. Each section led by a section leader armed with SMG/GL. 

    Three "Rifle" squads and one support section will make a platoon led by a Platoon commander armed with SMG/GL and a Platoon Sergeant armed the same. This will create a regular platoon strength of 57 models, or three boxes worth of figures. Twiple that, and add roughly ten models for company command, and we're talking a full company equals 169 models total.

    So why the supporting units if the 40k Stormtroopers don't get those? Easy- I'm making my own game, and the forces these will represent will have supporting gun teams. :)

    Now... What to use for transports?


  • @JTam They'd work, but I have a differnt idea in mind. For starters, I'm trying to move away from a WWII German aesthetic. Also, I envision these guys having some form of grav transport. Something taht can fill the role of tank/IFV with the mobility of a helicopter/shuttle. Big enouhg boom sticks to punch tanks lights out, carriage capacity for a full squad (maybe a team?), and the ability to drop from orbit.


  • @Battle Specter 

    Just a few capabilities jammed into one chassis then ;)

  • @JTam something like that. Buy I'd prefer to think of it as a "space saving device." 

  • I'm doing Eisenkern strictly as a 'project build', as I already have an army I quite enjoy for 40k. (love me some Deathguard) So, my plan is really just to build and paint them as a sort of 'future realistic' company of soldiers.

    Captain, from the Eisenkern Command.

    Company XO and assorted command.

    Two platoons of Stormtroopers, ideally with full command elements for both.

    One platoon of Panzerjagers as my anti-armor element, to work in synergy with the standard troopers. (I have plenty of the Eisenkern RPGs from the accessory sprue). These will lack command elements as they will be working in-tandem with the STs, save for an Lt.

    A platoon of heavy valkir /support valkir(when they are released) as heavy hitters, again lacking command as they will be complimented/complimenting the STs, but again with an Lt.

    I have 6 mules, 5 regular 1 triage, and will be looking into interesting transports.

  • First of all, thank you for reminding me of Kentucky Fried Movie.


    I'm mostly building skirmish sized forces at most, as I tend to enjoy converting more than force building.  I have enough Eisenkern from the KS to use as not-stormtrooper baddies for smaller games.  I'm using the few WGW Eisenkern I have as kitbash fodder.


    for vehicles, my preference is using the old Dust Tactics plastic walkers, as they fit the "Star Wars Space Nazi" aesthetic perfectly.  If you're trying to get away from that aesthetic, there are the Lightyear toys dropship and wheeled vehicles for great prices.

  • I used the Stormtroopers for a Star wars  Clone Trooper conversion project (which you can find in the painting thread section), mostly to have a reason for scratch building a Gunship.

    At the moment I am building a small skirmish force for my own "hard" sci fi setting. At the moment I have built 12 man with mixed weapons for use in a tweaked version of the  Spectre ruleset. 5 men with SMG, 4 men with battle rifles, 2 men with LMG and 1 man with a SAW. One of the SMG wielding troopers will be the LT of this SpecOps Unit which hunts down insurgent forces on different colony worlds.

    I only have a pic of the first 9 guys

  • @BS Kitbasher Since you got the reference, I won't be sending you to Detroit any time soon, for it is apparent you are executing your technique with feewing. :)

    All those sound pretty good. @BS Kitbasher I'll need a link to lightyear toys. Seems there's this "Buzz Lightl=year" that dominates the space... @Andreas Mayrhofer Looks like you're using the sniper rifles as machine guns as well. Which makes sens, they look like legit medium automatic weapons. Maybe rapid fire lasers? @Grumpy Gnome More than a Bradley is my goal. Trying to think of something that would have a "dreadnaught effect" in the future. I feel that the only real limitation in a multirole system is tech. Get enough tech involved, and having a truly multirole vehicle becomes less of an issue, and more of a standard. Especially if space/mass are limited when moving between stars.

  • @Battle Specter yes I use the sniper rifles as medium machine guns and the intended MG's as SAW's. They are looking too small to my German MG3 loving eye. I Imagine the smaller ones to represent more like a .223ish round. The big guns should be the sci fi version of .308

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer I took some pare drums from the DF line,a nd added them to the MED Machine guns to make them look more the part. @Grumpy Gnome The scene is pretty hilarious, and does make you go "WTF, Over?" For a while I figured that was what was going on. Then I watched this and, well... I think Lazer here makes a solid argument.

  • @Grumpy Gnome I can see how he could be annoying, nut I think he's entertaining.  Likely as not, my wife would find him insufferable. If you haven't yet, give his T34 vid a watch. 

  • I used for my Kaiserjaeger many models from "Dust"... so as this - my heavy self walking extend range artellery "HEL VII" Rev. B ...

  • @Frank Reischmann 

  • To be honest I have not really thought of force orginization. I am kinda of tied between useing the Eisenkern as powerarmor wearing heavy machine gun weilding future US marines, as Eisenkern with maybe Stargrunt 2 as a force guide, or as cyberpunk JSDF/SAT troops maybe for a "Wargame practical" diorama given I have Tamyia 1/48 TYPE 10 tank kit staring at me. 

  • @Brian Van De Walker I really feel the Eisenkern troops have a "light powered armor" feel going on. Or, rather, "low bulk" powered armor. Something for tight spaces like an urban environment or a ship interior. That type 10 tank looks like it needs some grav plates... ;)

  • It seems to me the Eisenkern miniatures would be good for representing Imperial Guard Royal Volpone Regiments.

    In the Gaunt's Ghost books they are described as well armored "Heavy Infantry."

    Back in the day you could take a doctrine and bring an all or mostly carapace armored Imperial Guard Army?  Can you do that 10th Edition?  This would be ideal for representing a Volpone Regiment in game.  The Eisenkern miniatures are ideal for representing carapace plate.

    Other fluff from the new novel:

    Plastic Cannon Fodder with the unarmed STL arms sound ideal for representing Mil-Serves.  

  • Isn't a little suicidal (& moronic) being accompanied by UNARMED servants in such a dangerous feat? How they could support you in case of (really big)troubles? This seems a case of dramatic arrogance.

  • @Battle Specter Not if we are talking "Ghost in the Shell" type setting which is what I am tempted to do, though it might not be a bad idea if I keep them all Eisenkern.

  • Mines become a center peice army that's running away with itself. Though I am using them as a home brew faction for xenos rampant campaign im playing with friends.

    But its 20 stromtrooper (2 squads), 10 valkir (when they come out have some temp primaris marines  filling in for them), and a tank (3d printed strider tank off of etsy). I consider this a platoon, though there are some variations (e.g specilist units/vechiles) . 

    6 of these is a company (currently have half a company). And fully intend to get a full one....

    Will get a formation of hover STUG as a specialist anit tank units when accessible in the UK.

    Love the iron-core range!


  • @Arron Robertson The fact that you have a backstory and the army has taken on a life of it's own gives you bonus cool guy points.

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