Spring Painting Contest 2023 - Sci-Fi submissions

  • Greetings friends,


    This thread is for submissions to the following categories:

    Sci-fi single miniature

    Sci-Fi Group/diorama

    Rules and links to other entries thread can be found in the following linked thread:



    Forum username - So we can tie your entry to your account and reward the winner appropriately. You will receive a PM from forum staff with instructions for redeeming your prize if you are able to place in one of the categories. Please remember to check your personal messages and claim your prizes.

    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.

  • Forum username - Zombie.Orangutan

    Title of entry - Lizardman Bounty Hunter

    Description of entry - Conversion using parts from the classic fantasy lizardmen kit to make a scifi lizardman bounty hunter type complete with high tech rifle and a scanner implant in their head for tracking down their prey. 

  • Forum Username - Kacper Łakomski

    Title of entry - Raumjager squad

    Description - Squad of 5 Raumjager minatures. Made primarily from parts inside the box. Skulls are from citadel skull set. The blue fabric part under one of the skulls is from Victrix Norman Infantry sprue. The flat panels on one base are bits of plasticard painted to resemble a piece of scrap metal and green armor panel. The decal has been sourced from Imperial Guard transfer sheet. The moustache on the Sergeant has been sculpted on using green stuff. Tried to paint some sort of a camo like pattern on the jackets.


  • Forum username: Andrew Gill

    Title of entry: Scramble!

    Description: A small backwater spaceport is coming under attack by a huge fleet of space pirates. One unfortunate mercenary who was contracted to guard the port is racing to his ship to offer what futile resistance he can, and maybe buy time for one or two civilian ships to escape...

    This vignette is inspired by the Stargrave scenario "the starport raid". The pilot is a cannon-fodder figure with the breathing apparatus and one arm from the WA "extra parts sprue" and the head from the Sargrave crew plastic figures box (the only non-WA part on the figure). The ship is assembled out of sundry rubbish - instant coffee bottle lids, old pens, beads, plastic sprue, an LED household lightbulb and kit bits from the spare parts box. The leaking fuel barrels are 3d printed.
    I love the cannon-fodder figures - they are so versatile! Very, very useful for unarmoured crew members or "extras" in sci-fi skirmish games like Stargrave.


  • Forum Username : Korentin BERNARD

    Title of the entry : Thanomor's Sapper

    Description : 

    The agri-world of thanomor was a rich one and the ability to work the land was a quality appreciated by the lords of the imperial army. That's how the regiments of the Thanomorian Sappers came to exist.

    They entered warzones with transport carrier equiped with dozer blades to clear the path for their allies through the rubbles and the mines. They were also equipped with their own patter of lasgun : the Cloistak patter, lighter and shorter than a regular lasgun which allowed easier time during engeenering operations.

    The miniature is a Grognard from the Grognard infantery box with the musket cliped to look like a shotgun. I took pictures with two differents lighting settup, because I'm trash at taking pictures :')

    EDIT : I corrected some writing mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker

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