Hades vs The Argonauts

  • Denizens of the Underworld brought back by a Necromantis Priest of Hades:

    The Priest and his Temple Guard:

    Jason and The Argonauts:

  • I spotted Herakles and Atalanta easily enough and I'm guessing cloak boy at the back is Jason. Which ones are Castor and Polydeuces?

  • Great looking Minis 

  • @Paul Buttolph Brilliant work paint, bases, you have made them fantastic. Nicest fantasy I`ve seen in avery long time, and one of my favorite subjects. Cheers Geoff.

  • @Paul Buttolph 

    Really great stuff!

    The skellies look great.  How did you do the antiqued shields?

    The Guard and Argonauts are very nice as well.  Can you tell us where the different minis are from/made by?

    Also, do you have a particular rules set or game you are using these awesome miniatures with?

  • Beautiful paint jobs! The skellies look awesome but every faction is done really well.

  • Beautiful figures, some of them seems from the old Foundry's Ancient greece/mythical range, pity that most of the fantasy ranges are so Northern Europe centered, there are so many mythical worlds that could be used in fantasy, such as not only Ancient Aegypt or Greece, but also A. India or Far East (Chinese demons or Japan's Yokais/Onis).

  • @Alessio De Carolis I agree, but for that to happen on more than a casual basis you probably need the miniatures wargaming community not to be overwhelmingly located in Western Europe and the USA.

    (Or for the fantasy fiction scene not to be overwhelmingly based in the USA)

  • @Alessio De Carolis somthing like a mini agnostic game based on video game IPs like Age of Mythology or Titan Quest. Where players would be encouraged to research myths and add legends to historical lists.

    Could double as marketing for First Empires.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    The Argonauts are from Foundry (Wargames Foundry).  Jason and the Temple Guard are from Footsore from their Mortal Gods: Mythic range, which is the ruleset that I use them for.  The Necromantis is the Pagan Priest 3, The Seer from Gripping Beasts's Saga Age of Vikings range. (He doubles up as my Necromancer for Frostgrave too.

  • @Mark Dewis The guy on the far left is Hylas, Heracles' "friend".  This group makes up the same points cost as all of the Hades' miniatures above, plus an Undead Champion and 2 more bases of skeleton archers.

  • @JTam They were first painted in Foundry's Brass triad, then I used the hairspray method...coat in hairspray and add a sprinkle of sand.  Leave to dry and paint matt black over the top.  Once dry, use a wet toothbrush to brush off the sand.  The black paint over it comes off too.  Then when dry again I used a bit of verdigris paint (Vallejo I think) to add a more antique effect.

  • @Paul Buttolph 

    Thanks for the useful, indepth discription.

  • @Paul Buttolph Okay, the skeleton legion is amazing- but it is the Priest of Hades plus guards that blows out my mind. The metallic sheen and execution on these shields is just out of this world.

    If you have something in the works for this topic that belongs to Wargames Atlantic brand, have you thought of submitting them as-is to the Historicals spring painting contest? These would winners under "historical diorama" category - you juste need to add the same background and temple, add the proper minis...and likely win.

    You could always post now and edit the post if you get a better image later - many people did last time, it is one of the nicest features of this community.

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