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    I recently listened to a podcast about One Page Rules' Grimdark Future.  It evidently has some buzz going.  The appeal is this: Love the setting, lore, factions, and minis of 40K?  (I know I do).  Tired of the crap rules with a zillion strategyms, overlapping affects bubbles, and new rules every couple months when a new book comes out?  (Me = yes). Want to play game that you win with actual maneuver, fire, and dare I say tactics?  Then Grimdark Future might be the answer for you.  

    It would also work to play with your Death Fields minis.  It's just going to be a lot of Guard on Guard violence.  

    The rules:

    The podcast:


    I'm listening to Cast Dice Podcast | The Cast Dice Podcast, Episode 181 - Initial Thoughts About Grimdark Future by One Page Rules on Podbean, check it out!



  • @JTam Love the lore, and the downloads, there`s a nice 16 page core book and loads of other items. Cheers Tam, this is such a good site, straight away all of the Deathfields boxes could be woven in to the world. Not to mention the Eisenkern, or Oh-Rahs and Harvestors. When on the site you can make up your own armies, "Tam hit a ultra ball out the park", with this one. Any (GW army that exists) plus films , TV series ,books, any thing can be made with the army lists.  There are PDF`s that can be purchased to give more deapth but you really do not need them . Only if your exitment over this marvelous world bites, and then at 4$ - 95 each they won`t break the bank. There are a terrific range of printed figures and a hint of plastic to follow. God whats not to like use Tams first middle link www one page rules then lose yourself in the pleasure of the site. Tam as usual my friend you delivered a total gem stone. Cyber round on me, cheers "Brother"

  • I have yet to play One Page, as I'm pretty rural and my family doesn't play, but One Page Rules is definitely the way I would go over official GW.

    As much as I've loved 40k since the 90s, the enormous cost just to get started has always kept me out of it.  You legit need about $500 just to get started, if not more.  I snag second-hand minis and bits off of eBay and Bartertown, I'm building a very small Adeptus Mechanicus army just for fun, I listen to lore videos on YouTube, but have only played one game of 40k in my life, due to the prohibitive cost, and the sheer headache of dealing with the dreaded Meta.

  • @Benjamin Hayward  If you enjoy and get pleasure from that , then I salute you. Thats the way to go with GW, enjoy, and take what you require to enjoy the "Hobby". If more did the same the prices would drop. Cheers Geoff/

  • OPR is maybe the best alternative mini rule available... I am using Grimdark Future and Grimdark Future Firefight (including Gangwars) set for some time now: perfect for grizzled -or jaded- veterans not eager to spend tons of solid bucks in GW latest releases -whatever the game... pricetags are just over the top.

    Just take a look at both that YT pages:

    (filled with DIY cheap terrain and scenery stuff plus awesome GDF Firefight and GDF solo campaigns)

    (almost same as above with tons of OPR battle reports)

    I am using Five Parsecs from Home (3rd edition) too, a funny set of solo rules, random missions and opponents ...

    (quite an interesting blog from DownUnder with an awesome ongoing 5PfH campaign)


  • While I was immediately intrigued by "Xenos Rampant" based on the buzz around 'the Rampants,' (which I admit I've watched on YouTube but hadn't played before-- ?) I've had to console myself with 'well, at least the beautiful hardbound manual was cheaper than a single kit from GW.' Just chiming in with "flavorful alternatives to 40K," since I myself tried and failed to hook into 10e the way I found satisfying. I'll always love the IP, and the plastics are top-notch, but the expense makes me want to puke...

  • @Chris Schwab 

    XR is quite a good versatile agnostic miniature game, a lot of people do enjoy its free form army builder and activation system... oh and games tend to be fast and funny. The perfect game for absolute beginners and Rampant's diehard fans. 

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