Making a Wargame - Revising No Limits for OGL Publication

  • Hey all!  With Adepticon over I finally have time to work on a few passion projects.  The biggest of these is a a revised edition of No Limits.

    For those who aren't familiar:

    No Limits was made in 2007 by the great beardy gamer Coronasan:

    The game is largely inspired by WH40K 3rd/4th edition, Vore: The Maelstrom, and other games of the era to make a minis agnostic rule set with a ton of variety and... no limits on what you can do.

    I've liked the system for a while, but it definitely shows its age. Some mechanics that would be fun with some good friends in a basement with a case of beer would be infuriating for teaching new players, running a tournament, or playing at events.

    I reached out to the creator and received permission to update the game and create, effectively, a second edition! I have three main goals with this project:

    1) Free distribution with a give-credit-only open game license. Any person or company (like WGA) could take the core rules to make their own game, units, etc. and sell them. The only ask would be giving credit for the original and updated design.
    2) Updated rules that are simple to learn but maintain deep gameplay. My design philosophy is that a relatively tight rule set is easier to loosen up for narrative play or unusual scenarios than a loose game is to tighten up for a tournament.
    3) Attempt to debut the system at Adepticon 2024 and run an event.

    I want to see a system that's truely open and customizable, and not behind a paywall for the fundamental game system. Even OnePageRules, while mostly free, still paywalls parts of the game, and the fundamental system is not an open system that anybody can modify and customize and re-publish.

    At the moment I'm at the "going through every rule and deciding what works, what should be changed, and what should be eliminated" phase of design.

    With that wall of text out of the way, would anybody be interested in contributing to this project? I'm looking for design help and playtest help. If anybody would like to jump in, and/or if Wargames Atlantic would like to give any input, I'd absolutely welcome it!

  • @Eric Even Looks interesting. Though it seems to be lacking for some factions like Marines at the moment. I'm hoping that unit builder calculator stays for the second edition as I would like to use it myself. Been thinking of making a Wargame myself, and since you're planning on making it an OGL I can use this as a foundation for my game.

  • There used to be a big collection of official lists, but they are sadly long gone. The unit creator is absolutely staying, as it's pretty crucial for building armies.

  • @Greaver Blade Hope you're doing well on your project.

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