The Ethereal Squadron (First World War Fiction) Fantasy Magic.

  • Yesterday J-Tam posted on the "A War Transformed"  post of a new book "The Ethereal Squadron by Shami Stovall. After a long search, I finally found two novels, on Amazon, and since my darling wife lets me use her Kindle, decided to have them at just £7-40 the pair. Our TV hub box is  a total F.U.B.A.R. so wilst waiting we are reading and watching vids till a replacement arrives. I sat and read half the 1st book last night . Easy read, acurate strangely even to the point of tapping the heroins chest to conceal the fact she is female from her own squad. Each magician has different magics dependent on his her family blood lines,  the magic is varied not all of a combat nature.

    Some have no power for themselves just the ability to boost other magics. Enitial first story is about a Gas that kills nagicians wilst being deadly to all. I like the book  and think it will fit in well with the world of a "A War Transformed, " when that arrives. For those who know me and wonder why I didn`t go paper, which I love with a passion, Print was £15 -40 each, and none stock. If a book is no stock, or very dear, (like a Nam £60 book, Free on Kindle unlimited) then I go for Eileens Kindle, makes sence to me. Cheers Geoff 

  • The second book moves the location from the France front to the Russian Front.

  • @Geoff Maybury nice one... just catching up with stuff on here in my usual "weekend trawl" and saw this in the other post.... I was just looking at the two for Kindle as well, so now I've seen this I'll give them a bash and we can "compare notes" later... thanks guv 😎


    Now there's this site, and there are some tutorials on YouTube

    the figures could be very interesting, expecially for conversions with WGA's ones


  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    Great find.  

    You should post it here too:

    The miniatures would work great for it.


    British Officer:

    British RTO:

    The storyline, or at least the explanation for the "weirdness" is pretty similar to Konflict 47.  But it's a good one and there's nothing exactly new under the sun as they say.  



  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Well you didn't mess around.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the first book.  As I said, I haven't read them, and would have felt bad if you picked them up and they were trash.  

    I hadn't really looked at the second book.  Moving the action to the Eastern Front is pretty cool.  

    Also interesting that she's a woman in disguise.  I just assumed magic users would be in such short supply you would have to employ them... Even if female.  

  • @JTam Well it sounded interesting and at that £740 for the two I` was in no doubt some part would be o`kay. Can`t say I love "Kindle" at my age paper rules. However  it was as I said, nill stock for paper, and a lot more of a risk in price if  poor. Kinda like it , its combat is gory, the trenches are no fun place to be for either side . When your power is to ghost,  then thats a whole new ball game. Fun factor, she /he, as she is seen, and known . As hair that is black, and cropped short, she`s wirery, and small. When intangent, her uniform floats and clings to tangerable parts of her body, and bullets tug at it as they pass trough. Magics are done very clevery they don`t speak a spell, they are the magic . How ever they are what "Shadowrun" would call  "Poly one shots" only one power for each mage. Birth and your linage governs for your families powers.

    I`ve just got to the Head quaters at yep, your tunnel complex. Its got a pull (good in a book), you don`t want to put it down. You got me a winner and with a broken TV I`m greatfull. Love Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury managedto get a good way in last night... no spoilers but did you get to the Zeppelins yet 😍

    @JTam a solid recommendation, enjoying the story so far; lots of lovely small detail (that dosen't detract from the narrative), places I've visited on my battlefield tours, and some questions that will obviously be answered (I hope!) as the stories progress 😎

    Definitely worth seven quid for the two 🤗

  • @Bill Thomas Yes loved the Zeppelins , I to enjoy the small detailing, and the story progresses at a fine pace, portraying the world of WW1 in my view quite acuratly in its scenery and story. Particulary as it is horror fantasy novel and not just a WW1 piece of fiction.

    With you all the way well worth the money for the two.😺

  • @Geoff Maybury banging through Book 1 and still enjoying it, although it appears to be going a bit "Harry Potter" right now 😜

  • @Bill Thomas Finished the first what a ride, France, Zeps, Boat, Royal Family, god it was a grand journey. I`ve returned to finish the Dino book, I was half way through. When finished I`ll go for book 2.

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