Cannon Fodder Convict Crew for Stargrave

  • I've been painting up a pair of crews for Stargrave as a gift for my friend's birthday on May 15th. I have finished the first crew, the Convicts. I think they look pretty good, but Free-handing the numbers on the back of the jumpsuits was really difficult for me. The next crew I'm working on is the Long Arm of the Law, which is tasked with hunting down escaped criminals around the galaxy. I'll post those in the new thread when they're finished.

    I'm fairly new to painting so any tips or suggestions on how to improve or new techniques to try are welcome.

    Convict Crew

    Duelist Front 










  • Great job! Once again showing how good WGA sets are for kitbashing with other sets and other manufacturers.

  • Well done! To avoid losing time with the numbers on their backs, there are a lot of transfers on the market, either waterslide decals and dry ones, I think that every model shop has some👍

  • @Alessio De Carolis transfers! Great idea. I've never used them. I assumed they were difficult to use. I'll have to check out my hobby shop and see what they have. 

  • You can get small scale vehicle numbers in sheets which would likely be of a suitable size, especially the ones designed for 15mm and 1:72 scale vehicles.

  • @Matt McCallum 

    Nicely done.  Thanks for sharing these.

    My personal favorite is Samuel Elliot Gangster:


    Decals are probably the best for numbers.  But very fine tip paint pens are an option.  And I've had luck using typing correction tape and a regular pencil to add white writing/markings to models.


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