Plastic Wagon

  • There was an entire American Frontier thread on this forum that has disappeared or been deleted.  I would have placed this news in there - but since it's gone.....

    Great Escape Games is coming out with a plastic wagon:

    The cover looks a little strange to me...  But overall a nice and useful kit.  I think you could squint your eyes and use it from medieval to modern times.  

  • Nice find!

    Naturally, it'll work excellently with fantasy as well - I think it might be fun to leave the cover off and load that wagon up with a band of Wargames Atlantic's halflings... finding a driver for the halfling wagon might be something of a trick, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too tough to figure something out!

    The cover does look just a bit oddly smooth and shiny, but maybe it can be improved by adding a little texture while painting?  I bet one could get a lot of mileage from that old modeler's trick of moistening a paper towel or napkin with some water and white/PVA glue, and draping it carefully over the "wire" frame from the second picture so that the paper's texture and so on do their thing naturally to simulate a more realistic canvas cover.

  • Ah, I saw this and I must confess another guilty game pleasure of mine... "Wild West" 😂 My "town" is an ongoing source of joy, loosely based on Bannock, Montana (the history of which I find fascinating!) rather than the cacti-strewn spagehetti type of ville, so another wagon or two for the trail will be gratefully recieved 😍  

  • @Bill Thomas 

    Nice table!

  • Up for preorder now.

    The cover looks better when painted.

  • @JTam The sprues look good in the images... I may well have to indulge 😉

  • Is there rules to play Oregon Trail in 28mm?  And if not, why? ;)

    Waste bison, swear at squirrels, and die of dysentery.

  • @Bill Thomas 

    I recently did business with Great Escape Games:

    Completely satisfied with the transaction.

  • @JTam Those look like great figures 😍

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