How u guys feel about American Revolution models in Death Field?

  • How do everyone feel about building an army base around late 18th century theme army like the Continental army or the British Empire? U can have variant of hats like the tricorn. Plus a magazine musket, blunderbuss as the shotgun. So what everyone think about this?

  • Do-able already, Kitbash some Weapons expansion pack laser guns onto Perry Americans; the hats are already there. Add some Kings Mountain heads onto Cannon Fodder torsos and weapons and your off.  ( I have a few KMM headed CF snipers on the bench as WIP - scale wise they work).

    You end up with a force which reflects the era they wer kidnapped from but incorporates stuff from later periods as they resupply. You could mix in some of your existing AWI figures as 'freshly kinapped' troops still supplied with primitive weapons. 

    (Incedentally this trick also works with WA/Perry Afghans. Perry torsos & arms are better as they are larger. )

    An even better idea would be to plastic box both of those KM ranges as dual use AWI and Death Fields. They'd need to be slightly larger than present but equally slightly smaller than CF standard to work in both genres.


  • Sounds like it would be a cool kit.

    I wish they did historical "march attack" guys with the musket arm separate -

  • I am always up for a new Death Fields faction, but I'd like to see some more alien species represented in the arena as a hard plastic kit. Felinoids would a great addition (Kzin or Aslan style) and I would love some Canine troops (similar to the Vargr from Traveller - one of my all time fave alien races).

    As a tie in to existing kit ranges from WGA, how about a DF team themed around Aztecs or Conquistadors. It has probably been suggested already but they could make some cool new troops for the Arenas!

  • I think I agree with Paul. We have Napoleonic and 19th-century soldiers in the line, but pretty much nothing regarding older times, aside from Einherjar. What about knights (heavy hitting, special weapon specialists in power armour, cavalry, but with their medieval regalia and vibe? Yes yes), Italian condottiere or numerous factions out of the Western culture code like mentioned Aztecs? Especially when it's so easy to find any European and American Revolution units from Victrix, Perry or others that can be easily used with Death Fields parts.

  • @Drangir less cracked and scarred version of the current Damned with Salad helmets would cover men at arms and foot/mounted knights, and not going lie its actually easier to make space knights/condottiere/anything  Medieval European in space right now this minute with the Death Field kit parts than revolutionary war anything. (Though in theory converting musket troops into SF troops isn't that hard since all you need is to glue gun clips or other SFy bits to the muskets and add few modern/WW2/future taticy cool bits).

    I say this cause currently there are at least 2 support heroic proportion options Medieval Fantasy European types (Fireforge and Northstar) that work great with Death Fields parts, not to mention the oldhammer bits floating around and STL parts.


    @Michael Jaffray its been talked about before, though personally I would rather have pirates from the revolutionary-barbary war era that have been gene edited into space elves over another "totally not a proxey for that fanfic human army I made for another ruleset" as space elf pirates would be fun and diffrent or see a rule book over another faction of straight humans (or even just more of the stuff in that Damned crowdfund in plastic😆). 

    Besides the only guys worth doing as Death Fields in the ground war of the AWI are the Amerindians (cuase they had cool melee weapons plus all that other stuff) and maybe the Hessians (cause German and mercenary both sell with the wargaming crowd). The only others that might not be boring are Rodger's Rangers (again mercs, but honestly there are much better picks for space scott mercs than them), and maybe militamen simply to add another chaotic faction that is lower tech (which honestly isn't a big need and again there are better options for that than the AWI, like the Anglo-Afgahn war Afgahns or WW1 arabs who would be great as desert sci-fi scavangers).

     Also way are we limiting it to Eurosphere troops?

  • @Dennis Horne While it is a "your table your lore" thing, officaly the sponsers don't have time travel just eons of really good surveillance and abduction tech, so unless the those guys are renactors they could not be 'freshly kinapped' if up against say the Ooh-Rah or Damned (or anyone from after the AWI😆).


  • There is no 'official lore', neither any mandatory lexicons, paint schemes nor stats cards. Other expensive, scale insensitive, bloated manufacturers are out there for those things. ;)

    Those 'new abductees' either get dropped into a Death Fields scenario with the weaponry and tactics they came with (and get slaughtered by a single Grognard heavy plasma cannon) or end up in a 22nd century boot camp and upgraded with C22 kit to go out to play.

    I'm using the XR ruleset which does allow for the fielding of primitive troops possibly upgrading to primitive weapons/armour.

    An Oh Rah! troop can be presented with 100's of genuine Grand Armee, Imperial Garde and Cuirassiers to shoot up and feel arrogant about.

    • La Garde (15 figs)- Primitive Inf , Fanatic, Primitive Missle, Mob = 5pts
    • Cuirassier (10 Figs)- Primitive Inf,  Mobile, Armoured, Fanatic, Large Unit = 5pts
    • Ligne (15 figs) - Primitive Inf, Primitive Missile, Young Warrior, Mob = 3 pts
    • Chasseur (10 figs ) - Primitive Inf,  Mobile, Young Warrior, Large Unit = 2pts

    6*15 French line + 3 *10 Chasseur -> 24 pts

    • Oh Rah! Squad - HI, Large, AP, MG = 7pts
    • Oh Rah! Recon - Recon, Sniper, Veteran = 6pts
    • OhRah! Weapons Team - Support, Artillery, Indirect = 8pts
    • OhRah! Humvee - Soft veh, Technical, Green = 3pts

    An Oh Rah! detatchment of one of each -> 24pts

    That is, in therory, a balanced 4'x4' table scenario - can that French Divisional Force survive an encounter scenario?

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