World War 1 British!

  • They're live and available for pre-order! 

  • @Hudson Adams that is jolly good news old chap 😍

  • Is there any chance That WA will make a "British officer"  figure for this range as I dont remember seeing photos of many officers wearing "Ordanry soliders uniforms" in this period.  

    A part from that looking forwards to getting some (geat for the interwar period)

  • @Iain Sloan you could for now take advantage of Northstar's A War Transformed offer and buy B or C from this for a pre-1917 officer uniform look:

  • @Iain Sloan or you could kitbash the plastic WW1 French officer into a post 1917 officer - the sam browne belt and boots mean he could pass for a British officer if you squint, and they stopped wearing sleeve rank badges then.

  • What ho chaps... just got mine and I love 'em 😍

    I'm just in the process of doing exactly what Ian Valentine has suggested above... will post a pic when he's undercoated 😊

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