Near Future United Nations

  • Well just testing this out as I bet there are a lot of people who would like this and could definitely be used for Death Fields. A Near Futrue United Nations set based around Animatrix - Second Renaissance, probably special weapons like plasma guns and heavy weapons like some sort of rocket launcher. Just suggesting an idea as others probably have way better ideas to flesh this out.

    Thank you WGA for everything you have created so far!

  • Those troops look like you could get a good approximation using some of the Stargrave stuff

  • @Hudson Adams Or the Raumjager, or Cadians, etc.😆 Enough heroic scale  Vanillia SF troops (there are already 3 plastic sets of them for Death Fields alone already and some meatheads have even been trying to make the Damned that way too even though they are billed as post apocalyptic, vanillia SF cadains style troops ARE NOT POST APOCALYPTIC!🤣).

    If  WA does another genric SF human trooper set it should be historical scale troops maybe with modern real worldish guns or  some of the IronCore stuff, Death Fields has enough not-Cadian varenits for it, anything else Death Fields should be really out there for it at this point (like Zulus in space or Xenos that do not show up in 40k).

    edit: that said historical scale Ghost in the Shell style cyberpunk united nation troops for altmodern (which is what "near future", "modern", "Cyberpunk", etc. really should mean when comes to wargame minis) might not be a bad idea.  

  • @Hudson Adams It's very odd seeing the lead moderator for a miniatures company suggesting sombody use a different manufacturer's kit. On a related note, where are these stargrave figures avaliable? I can only find resellers.

  • @Estoc North Star make them and they should be pretty easy to find out there. Lead moderator? I guess! I'm the owner! 

  • @Estoc If he has as many project on the grill as Hudson does, not that odd😆. Whats odd is not saying "Have you looked at the Raumjager?" since these guys look alot like them:

  • Yeah the only thing I can tell that's different about them are the helmets. Which is something thar can be easily religated to a digital upgrade set and used for whatever models you want. Cadian, Raumjager, Ooh Rah, Cannon Fodder, Stargrave, etc.

  • @Charles Tottington Yeah, and honestly I have even seen helmets like some of those in the Ooh-Rah and I guess stargrave sets from  "bit box lots" I got off ebay awhile ago and net pic, the only thing that really stands out to me are the "bayonet" spikes. 


  • Ooh Rah are credibly near future. I'm using them for ESWAT cops for superhero games. Arm swaps for modern weapons and honestly they're good for actual current police.

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