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  • Soooo..... back when the gamefound for The Damned was going on, I pitched in for 10 boxes plus an extra box along with a box of textured bases to help unlock stuff..... I feel like I went overboard, because I'm getting 12 boxes and SO. MANY. SPRUES. and no real place to store that much stuff.

    I'm already having to look back on the pile of shame I have and see what stays, what goes, and what armies for 40k will have to be merged. Since I've already paid the full price for all the stuff, I can't really cut it back for a refund (from what I know). I also have no idea when the Damned are releasing, I was originally thinking it would be in April of next year but with the updates we've been getting, the release looks much closer.

    I have no idea who to talk to about this, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to talk about it. I mean I'm pretty sure a refund is out of the question, but I would like some help.

    One thing I was thinking of was selling off the excess damned and sprues when they arrive, which would give me some money. I've been thinking of offering commisions to get rid of the stuff but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

  • Probably best to sell them.

  • @Estoc Yeah I was thinking the exact thing. I was planning on a Lost and the Damned army for a fan edition of 40k... but I've totaled up the models I would be getting with all the boxes, and it was over 140 models. And adding up the free sprues it would be almost 220 models. So while I intend to keep the Ooh Rah, Bulldogs, Grognard Heavy Weapons, and Cannon Fodder.... I will be selling off excess minis and probably selling a good chunk of the Damned. I also added Harvesters that I intended to be Tyranid Warriors.... but I might sell off them. Beastmen are most likely to be sold off as I can't find a good use for them, then sell off a chunk of the heavy infantry since they don't really have a chaos stormtrooper squad in the fan edition I'm playing. I also might sell the Damned Artillery, but yeah, my goal is to sell off the excess models I don't need.

  • @Charles Tottington Well tell us when you do. Could also alter the freesprues you don't feel you really need/want into bases which once clipped out are easy enough to store for later use.  (To be honest I think April next year is the realistic to somewhat optimistic ship date for most Damned orders unless all one got was the male base infantry or WA does some real "captian crunch time warpspeed" stuff this December and Janurary which they really shouldn't, alot of the sets look like morphs of the base infantry set and could use a little more thought out love in the details here and there).

    Other  than that  with regards to one's pile of shame there is also the option of trading and it does not need to be a trade for miniature wargame related supplies or even something for youself in mind, after all Christmas is right around corner. Speaking of unloading/trading/Christmas I have ton Christmas cards from various charities (with likely more on the way), some calendars also from said charities (again with likely more on the way) that I was planning on dumping on ebay in various  simi themed  lots along with stuff like a brand new copy of “Fables book two Deluxe edition” graphic novel.

    Yes that was a shamless plug😉, that said if any of that sounds like stuff on your might be willing trade for let me know. In the case of the paper good (postcards, calanders, etc,) I will show you a pic of the lots and you can decide what you want from them (if anything) then and there. I will then ship that to you and after it arrives, you can send whatever you want back as your end of the trade (and yes I am willing to trade the Graphic novel too and I do have other things).

  • I managed to resist the hype on the Damned front, still got loads of spares/bits in the spares box.

    Is there some scope on this forum for a swap/trade thread?

    I've got several CF1 weapons frames in the spares box and loads for heads etc. 

  • @Dennis Horne That is a great idea. A swap/trade thread.

  • It's the nature of plastic sprues.

    a mass of head options, most of my WA CF figures (XRamp company battle group) have been done with helmets & backpacks. I have a surplus of hats/bald prisioners and an entire boxful of Grongard support heads I had no use for.

    Someone out there is probably screaming for bag of gas masked heroic scale French Imperial Guard heeds :(

    Poor GW novices are just screaming...................... ;)

  • @Charles Tottington Unfortunately, this is no longer something that can be safely done on the internet. Sensitive information such as names and adresses can be used for malicous intent, and anyone could post a fake offer to get adresses. Something as small as a shared password and username for one account could result in your bank account being hacked. Even legitimate services like paypal require you to share sensitive information with the recipricent. If you wanted to sell or buy, online auction sites (Ebay is the most reliable) are probably the way to go, especially since those handle shipping. If it doesn't break forum rules you can do it, but do so at your own risk.

  • I planned to put together some of the extras to give away as "learn to paint" models at my FLGS 

  • @Estoc That's why when trading you only share mailing addresses (not paypal accounts or passwords, which I did not ask for  or want by the way, I really do just want to get rid of greeting cards in a constructive manner😆),  and if you have one always use your P.O. Box or other local pickup place as your sharable mail address (which honestly is what you should be using as your main mail address anyways now a days just to avoid front door package theft which was a problem before the internet, I have one).

    There are also IRL meet ups hosted by brick and morter stores, where you bring the items you want to trade or sell (you might want a card reader as well in those cases depending on how much your unloading since cash in no longer as widely carried as it was pre-pandimic).

    @Miyuso that is another good way to get rid of gaming stuff, you could also leave them at a freebie table at a con. I would normally just give away the Holiday greeting cards by leaving them at the P.O. box except everyone else already did that at the local P.O.🤣

  • @Dennis Horne no, No trading on this forum please.

  • @Lord Marcus Okay then.


  • @Lord Marcus I haven't done so.

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