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  • I really dig the idea of having a curated list of wargames for sale on the main site. I know this is still early days, but I was wondering if anything has been said about the plans for the PDF store since the initial blog posts. How much does WGA plan to expand this?

    Are they actively looking for more games to add, or are they looking for designers to come to them?

    Has a break down of profit share been released? (Not that I can imagine there's a huge market yet.) Is there a set structure or a case by case negotiation?

    Are there plans for WGA to publish their own games in the store? I NEED a Deathfields game (or even Sword Weirdos supplement), but I could see WGA using  the PDF store to point people to a good WWI rules set rather than developing their own game.

    How are the STL bundles that were teased for this going to be handled? Are they going to be there own thing, or just bundled woth the games? Are we going see Reptilian Overlords offering on the site,  or maybe digital release of the Quar game with STLs along side the physical release?

    The PDF store doesn't seem to have a home on the Front page ( at least on mobile). Are we waiting for more substantial offerings, or just for a propper name?

    Howuch of a strain does hosting this cost WGA? Is this something that is easy to implement with their current structure,  or did they have to develop a bunch of new back end technology to get it up and running? How's the very early days going? Any unexpected headaches?

  • @Red Bee There are supposedly plans to publish a Quar game in the near future (this already has rules you can get off Zombiesmith website and they are free I believe) and a Death Fields ruleset at some point (though the sneek feet are telling me they may have gotten on to the full proxyhammer wagon, soooo.....🤣).

    That said with profit share for PDF/ebook rules, while I have no idea what WGA is doing on the matter, I am fairly sure Wargame Vault (aka onebookshelf) takes around 35% to 30% of the profit of an item published on thier site with the  rest going to the publishing account owner (which could be a publishing "giant" like Osprey, a gaming club, or some guy in a garage who is doing everything themselves). If your asking for personal reasons I suggest going there, its a good deal for the self publishers though you do have to promote yourself.

    Speaking of self promotion, I only sort of know that becuase I helped my mom publish her C.S. Lewis/George MacDonald style fantasy novel The Pearl Princess and 3 other short story works on onebookshelf's DriveThrufiction website (if you buy any of them please leave a reveiw😉).

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