What's Your Game?

  • So what games does everyone use their WA stuff for?

    As of right now, I have a sprue of Dark Age Irish which have seen A LOT of use in Rangers of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave.  They also see some use in Ravenfeast.  I eventually intend to get a whole box and I can use them as fanatics for the Kingdoms of Men in Kings of War.

    But what I'm really excited about is the box of Lizardmen my wife just got me for Christmas.  They're getting drafted into the Continuum Syndicate in Star Breach!  That's right, time traveling scaley boys.  This is going to be fun.

  • I haven't got a chance to use my models yet, but I plan on using One Page Rule's Age of Fantasy Skirmish.

  • I use my Halflings for Oathmark, and my Late Romans and Irish for Saga and Hail Cesar.
    I have also used the halflings for a Rangers of Shadow Deep game.

  • I'm all in on Saga right now. It's the funnest tabletop exp ever. I've painted my Irish army up and waiting on the Goths now.

  • @Vitor Soares do you mind showing pics of your Romans? Did you use them as Romans of some of the other variants that have been suggested (goths/Britons/Franks)?

  • 40k 2nd, 4th and 9th edition, One Page Rules, Space Hulk, Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps and I plan on grabbing Heroquest once it goes in sale later in the year. 


    Honestly though, given the current problems of plague and politics, I've not had many games since 2019. 


    I've been reduced to..playing with myself...

  • An excellent topic. It is going to be very interesting to see where folks use WA miniatures.


    For Mrs. GG and me it is right now primarily Frostgrave but Games Workshop Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Battle Companies has been something we put a lot of effort into. WA Goblins work well for Tolkien in my opinion. 

    I am keen to get into Ghost Archipelago, Rangers of Shadow Deep, Stargrave, The Silver Bayonet, Sharp Practice, Chain of Command and Core Space. Even where not playing those games just yet I am kitbashing and painting for those games already. 

    That is the thing about this hobby, you need a lot of prep time and effort.



  • @Grumpy Gnome But the prep time and effort is at least half the fun! 😁

  • I assembled and painted three boxes of WA Dark Ages Irish to create Welsh, Irish and Scots warbands for Saga 'Age of Vikings.' Some Gripping Beast mailed infantry and cavalry were needed to complete these units. Extra javelin arms were combined with Gripping Beast Romans to create Roman and British warbands for Saga 'Age of Invasions.' I'm looking to build more warbands (Goths, Franks) for Age of Invasions with future Wargames Atlantic releases. 

  • I ordered some WWI Germans to kitbash KMT Chinese for Bolt Action. The French are also very tempting, but I try not to get lost in too many projects at once.

  • well, i have a game called ravens feast that's free for dark ages online. but I don't play much... i don't actually have a wargaming community that I know of in my area so I kinda just put them on a shelf and try to see what ones I could mix into dnd if I ever start an in-person game. and more recently I got a rules system that I think could mix with death fields miniatures called giant lands which I might try to run.

  • @Daniel Broaddus I am currently at my in laws for the hollidays, so I can only put some pictures up in a couple of weeks, sorry.
    I use my late romans, mixed with my Footsore and Gripping Beast. They mix well, and I have used them as Late Romans, Welsh, Byzantines and other factions for Saga. Also I used the whole lot as humans for Oathmark.

  • @david phillips i got Dark Age Irish and some warlord games viking bondi for raven feast. Never got the vimings done though lol 😅

    I've been thinking though, Ravenfeast could be modded to play sci-fi with the Death Fields line. Come up with stats for a few more weapons, remove the shield wall mechanic, (or don't honestly, maybe you could say they have a shield generator thats stronger if the group up close i.e. line infantry and give the +1 to save anyway)

    I would much rather an actual death fields book published by WA but, such is life.

  • Kings of War (unit based fantasy game).

    The Irish are an awesome kit with a style that can work for lots of units and kitbashes really well.


  • Historical wargamer loving the WW1 line and waiting for more! Really looking forward to the Hotchkiss and Maxim MG teams, and anything else WW1 they care to throw at me. Even though I am a die hard historical gamer I do very much enjoy looking at everyone elses work no matter the genre. 

  • I`m in limbow at this moment ran out of  W.F. moderns and there American Infantry. Now waiting to see W.A. modern range and start kit bashing again. 

  • @Geoff Maybury If you're talking about the old Wargames Factory line, Warlord is doing a limmited run under their Project Z.  However, they seem to pricey for my taste.

  • I'm working on Kings of War for now (Persians and Halflings), but I hope to build a 40k force when I can afford it

  • You can currently find some Project Z (based on the old Wargames Factory sculpts) on eBay.com, Ebay.co.uk and EBay.de. I have been trying to decide if any of them are worth getting for yet another new project.

  • I used to play warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and Battletech. But thats is quite some years in the past. Right now I am just enjoying painting and modelling.

    Funnily enough I still feel "obliged", for lack of a better term to build something like complete warbands ( even without a ruleset). I could of course just build a single unit of something and be content but I guess the old ways are still ingrained so I am always going with some troops, specialist, commanders, vehicles ( scratch building them) etc, I even build some soldiers with swaping special weapons.  

  • Something that may interest others is that Mantic are putting out a new version of Warpath: Firefight. Good use for Deathfields Minis! 

  • I'm going to be using mine for Five Parsecs from Home by Nordic Weasel.  Just waiting on the female Cannon Fodder to place my order.

  • Once upon a time, I used to be an historical gamer till I heard about Chainmail and D&D. Then came Laserburn and WhFB 1st, and I turned into quite a dual classe collector/hoarder player. 

    But in 2003 I moved to Canada and put everything related to hobbies aside. I heard about the Oldhammer gang, and started lurking on fabulous blogs full of gorgeous minis and scenery elements and most of time people there were chatting about rule sets. But I did manage to pass my Sanity check.

    2020 was a different story, telecommuting all day long was (and still is) quite an experiment and since I had to stop my rpg games I needed a new hobby.

    To be brief, I recovered -a small- part of my long forgotten 70s/90s miniatures collection (100% vintage for sure) and some rules sets (Whfb 2nd in French, my spare 3rd books, RT books..) too old. Thanks to Oldhammer blogs, I learnt about Frostgrave/Oathmark, RogueStars and Lion Rampant.. nice games -excepted RS- all of them. Then came Stargrave to fillful that scifi side of mine but I needed more and someone told me about One Page Rule (Fantasy and GF/GFF). Love at first sight. 

    I recovered a old ring binder, resurrecting my old RT/W40K 2nd campaign world of Pandora, dusting off and updating part of the main storyline, adding new NPCs, recycling old scifi/fantasy scenery elements for a more science-fantasy setting, scratchbuilding urban elements, lurking on manufacturers websites, paying new miniatures, painting them and looking for gamers -a Barnum in the backyard is a good way to cope with sanitary measures till winter at last. 

    I am using the following WA minis:

    • Iron Core units are depicting the PDF/Adeptus Arbites obeying the new (very 1984) regime of Lucius "the Mad" Von Marsberg
    • Raumjager are the surviving soldiers of Eleusis hive -destroyed during some Ork raiders invasion years ago. They are working as mercenaries for other hives and some are even part of the Resistance Network.
    • Einherjar are distant relatives to Imperium Squats, working on planetary and deepspace mining facilities/forges. They are part of the Resistance Network since Lucius is overtaxing them.
    • Cannon Fodders will be used to depict regular citizens enrolled within both factions (Regime, Resistance, Star Child Cult, Genestealer Cult and so forth).

  • I'm having a bit of a fantasy "Feudal Japan" moment right now using Daisho and Ronin along with some mash-up hoembrew rules and the Skeletons make and ideal wave unit... I know skeletons aren't the obvious choice for this genre, but seeing your wandering Ronins and brave Samurai go up against a skeleton horde hits the spot for me 🤣

  • @Bill Thomas That's pretty cool and has to be super cinematic.😀

  • This and that. Main focus is a few dudes here and there for Stargrave but I am (slowly) working on  a unit of skellies for a Hades Demigod in Wargods of Olympus.

    Various bits alos mix well into Lion/Dragon Rampant.

  • @Murray Fish 

    How is "Wargods of Olympus"?  I've long admired the art and minis.

  • My first kitbash was Grognards with Tau parts, for some Gue'vesa aka human helpers. Then I've lost interest in 40k, but with WGA sets still feeding my imagination, here I am, kitbashing troops for Warzone 1st edition: Capitol from Raumjaegers, Bauhaus from Eisenkern Stormtroopers, Dark Legion from... everything. Many ideas are coming for the rest of factions. All with a little help from different bits gathered through the years. As kitbashing is my favourite part of hobby, I'm in heaven!

  • @JTam I really like it. Terrific command and control system where order counters are placed every turn face down and each player takes turns in activiting either one of their own or one of their opponet's counters.

    Really gets you thinking as you try to anticipate your opponent's likely orders and how to counter them. Also gets the players having to prioritise their efforts on the table.

    The campaign play and character development for warband leader is also very good and there are plenty of different sorts of forces to suit whatever your playing style is.

  • @Murray Fish 

    There's a lot of neat ideas there.  I might pick up the rules.  Thanks for the write up!

  • My two main games are Battletech and Battletroops. I don't use WA minis in Battletech obviously, but death Fields and Iron Core have made it into Troops.

    Troops is a really methodical slow game punctuated by brief intense break throughs. The main game play arch is having troops find defensible positions in buildings, trenches and tunnels , and slowly probing the enemies positions to try and find or make a weakness before exploiting it. The trade off between firing archs and movement is unique as far as I know, and I really dig the way they handle power armor and hit locations. Ironically it's when vehicles and Mechs get added to the mix that the game falls apart. In an eattempt yo make the infantry the focus of the game they made the other military units to easy to take out, which kind of makes the whole point of even including the supposed masters of the battlefield pretty pointless.

    Tech is a game that I assume all wargamers know. It's often described as a simulation game, or mockingly a Math Simulator or a spreadsheet game. The strategy element isn't quite in the level as Troops, but the rules minutiae and game play can make it just as slow a game. A tech game isn't a fast paced Gundam fight, but a slow paced slog fest between walking tanks, and I think thematically it works really well, but I have been obsessed with the universe for twenty years, so I am defiantly biased. I prefer the slower battle to Alpha strike or other versions

    Another game I've really been getting into (but don't use WA models for) is Bot Wars. This is prett much the exact opposite of Troops..it's a really quick paced game with simple rules that can be explained in a few minutes. Setting up anagram takes minutes and you can breeze through a satisfying game in less than an hour it's the kind of game I am really looking for right now.

  • @Red Bee I'd never heard of battle troops before.  How many figs per side?

    EDIT: Corrected spelling error.

  • Rarely more than a handful five to six per side in most games.

    Yhe game has been out of print since the eighties, and only got one (fantastic) supliment. The only reason I got into it is because of the tie to the Battletech setting. It's probably my favorite game from the setting, but I only know a few people that have any interest in playing it.

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