Goth T1 hot off the press!

  • First shots from the factory floor!

  • Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work.

  • Looks like a great set that will come in very useful for a lot of different projects!  

  • This set looks to be as good as the Dark Ages Irish box. Lots and lots of options for building a variety of units. And the spare parts come in handy for other projects too. My hat's off to the WA crew on another fine job.

  • They look great, planning on using these as levies for a Rohan army

  • They're missing the dark eye shadow. :-D

  • Those are nice Miniatures, fitting for most Germanic People of Late Antiquity.

  • Very versatile kit - hope to grab a box to make some Germanic-style auxillaries for a fantasy project. 

  • Looking good, with the Roman helmets and shields, you could use these for unarmoured Late Romans too

  • That Sprue could work as basic for other Sets with Expansions sprues.

  • @Simon Boulton but we'll have those too.  Quite a lot of them actually! 😎

  • Even better than the Irish weapon options wise 👍 Really happy to see bows and slings. Especialy the second is hard to get despite being crucial type of weapon.

  • Cool

  • @Simon Boulton definitely that's what I plan to do: Roman auxiliaries

  • @Aureus Mandate @Don Williams 

    You mean Foederati?

  • @Steffen Seitter you could make Foederati by building the figures with just the parts from this set as they are but if you used the Roman helmets and shields, they could be used for the other unarmoured Romans, I’m especially thinking of the limitani units but to what extent Late Romans wore armour is open to some academic debate. The past theory seems to be that after Adrianople they had a significant shortage of armour but more recent texts have suggested that is wrong. There are quite s lot of gaps in our knowledge of this era so there is scope for alternative interpretations

  • The Adrianpolis Topic is a misinterpretation of Vegetius. The context was that they dislikes wearing armour and many refused to wear armour in battle, with bad endings.

    As I know (it was mentioned on facebook some month ago) we will see a own set of unarmoured romans.

    It's consens that the Limitanei were unarmoured cause they were shortaged of supply mostly in favour of the Comitatenses.

  • @Steffen Seitter yes, and they'll also be useful for building a Visigoth army

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