• What do u guys think of WA makes tanks for Death Field and they only need 3 kits. They can make light, medium, and heavy tanks and each box will bits for each different faction for the game. For example the main hull will be universal but the turret can have different shape and size. Like round, box, or slope armour. As well weapon option. U can also place a tank destroyer to the hull. 

  • They actually said they had no plans on making tanks on the FB group and there are a lot of options out there already (some absurdly afforadable, and no I am not talking about 3D printing). But given the L3/35 preveiw, I am welling to bite, I think its okay though I would rather have some walkers, bikes, and jet bikes for Death Field though and do tanks, APCs, etc. for Iron Core since those where dang shiny and would likely work just as well for Death Field.    

  • Iron core has stopped production, so all sci-fi content is locked to death fields for now.

  • @Estoc  

    Why do say that?

    I think Hudson Adam's mentioned they were working on Valkir about a week ago?

  • @JTam Yeah, the Valkir are already in the pipeline and last I heard there were future plans for other sets. Certainly never seen anything suggesting the Iron Core range has stopped production.

  • I've heard that only some of the original Iron-Core sets would be reprinted by Wargames Atlantic, but I don't think that was an official statement directly from anyone in the know, just a rumor, and I'm sure a lot depends on how successful that line is:  if there's enough interest, who knows?

    I think I'd be interested in vehicles, but I think I'm with Brian on being a bit more interested in smaller, table-top skirmish-friendly vehicles like small walkers, bikes, exo-suit/power armor, small combat/support robots or drones, scout cars, and perhaps an occasional IFV/APC, rather than actual main battle tanks, but if WA can make a full range of things including things I'm not interested in like larger walkers, tanks, helicopters, jets, and so on, then godspeed and good luck!

    Iron-Core's vehicles were quite nice, and I'd hope for something in that style, rather than the chunky, exaggerated style that GW mostly does for 40K APCs and tanks, as a personal preference, but I'm probably not the target audience, and I don't think I'd buy many medium and large vehicles myself.


    Really, to me 28mm tabletop vehicles like drop-ships or IFVs or gun emplacements are more like scatter terrain or scenario objectives, similar to buildings: Protect/Defend the Command Vehicle, Destroy/DeFend the Gun Emplacement, Raid the Arms Depot And Get Back to the Extraction Vehicle, and that sort of thing, if they aren't simply there to represent battlefield wreckage that provides cover or blocks line-of-sight. 

    So, in the sort of gaming I'm likely to do, there probably wouldn't be more than one or two such vehicles on a tabletop at a time, and things like battle tanks, jets, or helicopters might be a bit much.

    To me, that sort of thing might be better suited to a smaller-scale gaming - 1/144 scale or 10mm or something.

    Of course, it's a YMMV sort of thing - there's bound to be gamers with the money and space for massed 28mm tank battles and that sort of thing, and they might be a big part of the gaming miniature market for all I know!

    For whatever it's worth, Archon Studios is currently running a "Rampart Terrain" Kickstarter that, in addition to some 40K-style wargaming terrain, includes some 28mm injection-molded plastic sci-fi vehicles and figures - last time I looked, these included some bikes, a tank, and (if the pledges get high enough) a 4-legged walker, which look similar to GW's stuff in style, along with some soldiers that look like they might be similar in proportions to, say, Iron-Core.  I will likely sit this Kickstarter out, but my experience with Archon Studios has been positive, and it looks like it's a great source of tabletop sci-fi terrain and vehicles.


  • @Yronimos Whateley WA have said they are only doing Iron Core infantry sets (resculpts and different sprues to the originals), however they have also said they aren't planning to do any vehicles but a recent teaser showed what is probably an Italian tankette. I don't see them starting with Iron Core vehicles in any case since they were substainal kits, but in time they maybe convinced to do simpler vehicles.

    Personally I'm less interested in tanks and more in things like the ATMP Airborne WMIK 


    which wouldn't look out of place in civilian roles on a colony world, or as spaceport utility vehicles or as a military utility vehicle.

  • By stopped production I meant new things. It's all re-release from the old company.

  • @Yronimos Whateley Not what I have been seeing on the FB group/page, the Shadowkesh for example only had a KS exclusive handler sprue and WA preveiwed some more beasties to go with them and there was also some Commonwealth (AKA WW2 style space Russians) renders awhile back.

  • @Estoc Not really, currently they are working through getting the original Eisenkern's back into production. New sculpts and new sprue layouts, no mention has been made of the support weapon set, command set, accessory sprue set. No info yet on the Valkir's final form, but its likely that they will be reduced from three sets. New sets are planned apparently and Shadokesh have been teased. Vehicles are likely to stay OOP.


  • @John Wilson which sucks since concept wise Iron Core had some of the coolest  SF vehicles ideas for 28mm wargaming. Still good to see it getting stuff again though.


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