02 Hundred Hours - First Expansion Received

  • Thought it might be nice to have a thread to discuss Gray For Now Games' 02 Hundred Hours.  It's a skirmish game of WW2 raiders featuring WGA miniatures.


    WGA's News Announcement for 02 Hundred Hours

    Thoughts on what the second kit might be?  British Commandos?  SOE?  Rangers?  French Resistance?


  • 02 Hundred Hours Facebook Page

    Recent update:



  • Yeah I wanna see more of these germans now! that guy on the left looks really cool!

  • I don't usually do historic gaming, and up to now if I did, I thought it would most likely be for the first world war, but I've got to say that this game looks like it would be a lot of fun - reminds me of a lot of the WWII action and suspense movies I grew up with (Where Eagles Dare, Guns of Navarone, etc.)

    Better still, those rules look like they could work with other eras and genres, too, for skirmish raids in WWI or earlier, and even for modern or future skirmish raids (this sort of thing wouldn't be far out of place in a Star Wars style sci-fi setting, for example!)

    Should work great for pulp-style subjects as well - anything from raiding some supervillain's death ray or secret base (this looks like a job for Doc Savage!), to a Mission: Impossible, James bond, or Man From U.N.C.L..E. style super-spy thing would fit the rules in those screenshots nicely!

    I think I might try this one out!


  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    Great points about potential flexibility.  

    Keeping in WW2 - These rules might be great for Filipino Guerillas and US Rangers taking out Japanese sentries ala The Great Raid.

    The actual event:


    The movie:



  • Oh, good call - I wasn't familiar with that one, but the Filipinos' role in the war sounds like a fascinating topic, and it does sond perfect for this sort of scenario!

    The Dirty Dozen and Bridge On the River Kwai would be a couple more movies of the sort I'm thinking of, as well as The Inglorious Bastards ('78, and probably the newer movie of the same name, too.)  I have a feeling jailbreak scenarios - such as The Great Escape - might work as well.

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    All great ideas / sources of inspiration.

  • Facebook Update:




  • @JTam those are space brits not the unseen 02hundred set. 

  • @Cole Lassell 

    Enhance.  Enhance.  Enhance.

    Look at the bottom couple sprues on the right.  I can make out "German Sentries," some soft cap heads, a helmeted head or two, and one slung over one shoulder MP40.

  • Sneak Peek from Friday 4 MAR 22.

    Possibly a De Lisle Carbine for 02 Hundred Hours.


  • Picture of the WGA plastics - both sets!

    Well there's a dog(s) so the set's success is assured.  

  • Found one more picture floating around the web in relation to the 02 Hundred Hours game:

    He might be from the plastic set or he might not be.  I believe Gray For Now Games is also doing some metal miniatures to support the game.


  • Yeah the plan seems to be, 2 sets of plastic and then specific characters and expansion packs as metal options. 


    Personally I dont understand the desire for metal and would just kitbash some partisans for characters.

  • @Cole Lassell 

    Metal/resin can have its place for odd poses,  sometimes better flow, or special equipment.

    Good point though, the WGA Partisan kit should work really well for this game.

  • This would be an amazing expansion.

    German Brandenbergers capture the Maikop oilfields from the Soviets with a mix of guile and direct action.


  • Update, 30 miniatures in the game.  18 Germans and 12 SAS.

  • Facebook update:

    Looks like there will be/there is an article in Wargames Illustrated.

    (For those not familar with that publication, it's really good.  Great articles and history on a vast array of subjects/eras.  They have cover mounts of plastic mini sprues from time to time.  They seem to have a habitual relationship with Warlord Games plastics, but I wonder if WGA could get in on that.)

  • Almost every book in the Osprey "Raid" series provides inspirations for scenarios for this game.


    You could recreate these with just the contents of the initial box:

  • Pacific expansion/scenarios.


    FJ expansion/scenarios:

    (SS Paratroopers but I would be comfortable using FJ miniatures).

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Their P37 "basic pouches" seem a bit flat.

    I wonder if that is just the nature of the injection molded beast?  

    I suppose you could rationalize that Commandos would be packing a lighter load for snooping and pooping and crawling about.  Although, I probably would have my basic pouches stuffed to the gills with grenades and Sten mags to facilitate breaking contact.....

    Sidenote:  Of all the major powers the British P37 and the US webbing are probably the best.  Logical, modular, pretty well thought out, easy enough to use.  The Japanese webbing is about a generation behind.  The German stuff had some innovative ideas (slanted modular smg mag pouches) but generally was a ridiculously over-complicated hot mess.  (Honestly their webbing is an analogy for why they lost the war.)  

  • I agree with your points yet again mate!

    When I was doing WW2 re-enacting Inreally grew to hate WW2 German webbing. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    You don't like crew served battle rattle?  When you need a buddy to get into your sh*t, there is a problem.

    Have you ever mucked about with East German webbing?  It's a little less complicated, but somehow even crappier.  The suspenders attach to the belt with hope and good wishes.

  • @JTam   True. 😆

  • They look interesting, looking forward to seeing a shot of the sprues. Hopefully we'll see an image of the other half of the starter set soon too.

  • Picture of some supporting metal miniatures:

    "Join the Highlanders!  The kilt is unparalleled garment for fornicating and defecating!"

  • @Red Rowan 

    Picture of the Germans:


    A good looking kit.  And again it has doggos, which people always seem to enjoy.  I'm 99.6% certain those are the only plastic WW2 German military police available.

  • @JTam  Yeah, seen them on FB last night. Looks like there are going to be lots of options on the sprues!

  • More supplemental metal minis:

    Looks pretty good.

  • Makes me wonder if there is a market for box of multi-part plastic generic scientists, engineers, doctors and technicians.

  • @Grumpy Gnome OF COURSE THERE IS!!!

  • Great news this. Will give me a chance to get my head around the rules while I wait for the starter set.

  • Subscribed! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Cast Dice Podcast on 02 Hundred Hours

    One Sided Dice Podcast on 02 Hundred Hours

    Also, a Facebook update on "Expansion Set 1":

    Looks to be some character and event cards, some metal characters and a sprue or two of German guards. 


  • Preorders up!

    Starter Box

    I like the add on objectives and casualties:


  • Yeah, I like all of it. Not the best timing for me, finances wise, but otherwise great stuff!

  • Interesting mini.  And an interesting peak behind the curtain on production/kit development.

  • The April issue of Wargames Illustrated has a nice interview with the creator about 02 Hundred Hours:

    It's a good issue if you can still get your hands on it.  Includes a cover sprue of Warlord British/Canadian WW2 Infantry.


  • In depth video coverage on what's on the German sprue:


    Some arms are paired and are marked on the sprue.  See the "R1" on the sprue?  It is to be used with "L1."

    Below are some of the heads.  Wargames Atlantic clearly marked on the sprue:

  • Gray For Now Games posted this size comparison:

    Warlord Games's "Blitzkrieg German" on the left, Gray For Now/WGA minis center and right.

    While the WGA offering has more realistic proportions, I think they would mix well enough.  That being said the "Blitzkrieg Germans" is an older Warlord set.  Each new Warlord release gets stockier/more "heroic."   The WGA minis may not mix as well with the newer Warlord "gorillas."


  • Wargames Illustrated July 2022 edition discusses the box set:

    The fact that the military police gorgets are seperate pieces gives incredible flexibility to the German sprues. Really well done on that.


  • Today is the anniversary of the British burning down the White House.  But I forgive them as 1.  DC sucks and 2.  I got this sweet package from the UK today.  

    The 02 Hundred Hours box set:


    2 x British sprues:

    The basic pouches are a bit shallow.  Looks like you get enough heads to make them all Paras if you like.... nice.

    3 x German Sprues:

    There's a lot of cool stuff you can do with this sprue.  Pretty exciting.

    The new WGA base sprue.  

    First time I've seen them in the wild.


  • Warlord Black Friday Sale:

  • (From Facebook)

    (Listed contents of upcoming FEB 2023 Wargames Illustrated.)


  • @JTam The last photo explain the reason german MPs were nicknamed "Kettenhunde", aka "chained dogs"!😜

  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    A lot more distinctive than the typical "MP" brassard.

  • More on the new upcoming "Partisan Resistance Cell" box set.

    Note the part about containing Wargames Atlantic plastics.  I would assume some male French Resistance, but perhaps the female plastics are approaching completion as well.

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