Alien Possessed Models

  • While I'm waiting for my Cannon Fodder to arrive, I'm trying to plan out the best way to use them. I'm tempted to make them look something akin to GW Genestealer Cultists, but I'm not sure of a good source of heads. Also will to go with a little less alien, a little more post apocalyptic look. 

  • How alien do you want the heads to look?  If you just want them a bit off and ugly, you could use heads from Fireforge's Steppe Warriors, Frostgrave's Cultists, or a similarly rough, heroic scale kit.

  • Anvil Industries has genestealer-esque heads, both male and female.

  • @Julian Wensleydale those are pretty nice! I also like the bulletproof and Wasteland Survivor ones! 

  • Another opportunity for a series of hypothetical Wargames Atlantic head sprues....

  • @Julian Wensleydale @Miyuso  


    They remind as much of "Alien Mine" as Genestealer Cultists.

    EDIT: Googled Alien Mine.... not as much as I remembered.  Actually not really at all.



  • Close enough to work for me - I don't know about genestealer cultists or alien possessed (not familiar with the game), but I'd be more than happy to accept those alien heads as close-enough Klingons, Minbari or Drazi or Narns, those dudes from Alien Mine, or those guys from Alien Nation, or even Hellraiser cenobites....

    Exact match?  Nope.  But as far as I'm concerned, it'll work in a hobby where it's tough to find any exact matches, or really to find any vaguely similar matches!

    I'd be glad to see more of that sort of thing, the more variety, the better a chance of finding a closer match, and the easier it would be to improvise a space opera setting of your choice!


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