General excitement for squamata (scale armor) legionaries

  • I would just like to express my excitement for them- I have some very considerable (potential) plans for them once I get a clear look at the design...

  • @H M I share that excitement, really looking forward for my new Late Roman Army,

  • Same! Also looking forward to a legionary style death fields release one day. Who doesn't love that aesthetic?

  • certainly - a space legionary is useful for so many things:


    -Star Trek Mirror Universe

    -Pre-Arrakis Atredies house troops (at leas tthat's how they look in my minds' eye)

    -Foundation (Who can't imagine the the forces of Bel Riose, the last Imperial, having space soldiers who look like that? And conversely, the Foundation troops, as -in a way- an Imperial rebellion would probably have similar troops.)

    -just generic old what-if Roman futurism.

    And probably more if I cared to put some thought into it.

  • I'm also very enthused about this release. I will definitely be incorporating these figures into my existing Late Roman armies, along with Goths.

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