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  • WGA posted this news piece 18 MAR 22:


    I listened to the podcast yesterday while commuting back and forth.  An interesting conversation and definitely worth a listen.

    I didn't take notes as I was driving, but these are some high points to the best of my recollection:

    Customer base is largely split between the USA and the UK, with the rest of the world making up a smaller percentage.

    There was absolutely no timeline, but WGA would like to develop rules for near all its miniature lines.

    Karl talked about releasing a bunch of kits "next week."  Which came true in the "Five kits in May."

    Finally, Karl mentioned that the GOAL is for WGA to release one kit a week in the coming year.  AKA 52 kits in the coming year. 

    Wouldn't that be something?  Even if they actually "only" achieve a kit every two weeks, that would triple the WGA product line.


  • 52 kits?! That sounds like an inventory nightmare! Don't get me wrong, I'd love it, but I hope for everyone's sanity they are counting reprints in there.

  • @Red Bee 

    GW and Warlord have hundreds if not thousands of products.  I think WGA can juggle 75ish.

  • Karl also mentioned the Conquistador kit was a big surprise hit for them.  He seemed to recognize this was due to cross over appeal as Empire troops for Warhammer.  

    This gives me hope personally for Landsknechts.  If a kit that makes a decent stand in does well, how much better would a Landsknechts kit do?

  • @JTam

    Hmmm, I don't actually think Landsknechts at least historical ones, would do much better though they might do just as well, I think non-ogre strictly for Death Fields Landsknechts (or something else for Death Fields like them) might actually be a bigger seller for this.

      I only say this since the big reason the stubborn GW cultists, er, I mean most empire players not planning to use the Conquistador kits or other incredibly suitable for Empire proxy historical scale proportion kits already available on the market is that their piles of mostly "so oop its older than most people on the internet" heroic scale oldhammer parts (and its all oldhammer now with regards to WFB minis) don’t fit with anything in the third party market and I do mean anything except maybe 3D prints and Northstar kits.

    Now personally I think historical scale proportions are best for multipart fantasy and historic plastic minis for several good reasons like the minis looking better on average (ie more realish and cool looking), more theme options for humans armies, more bang for your buck on average, more parts to play with, etc. and therefor feels that anyone who like doing big battles or exotic fantasy settings (like renaissance theme settings) really should  just bite the bullet and go with historic scale.  That said a heroic scale standard human Renaissance themed Death Fields kit would probably appeal to the oldhammers greatly, and be less annoying to historical gamers than what they keep asking for (just say no to heroic scale history sets, Warlords "cinematic" scale causes enough problems and does not need more of that nonsense).

    Anyways thats cool.

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    I think the WGA models would scale nicely with the Empire models I have:


    The WGA models look like they would scale well with


    Probably not with the 6th Edition box set guys, but they didn't scale well with any other Empire troops anyway.



    Anybody remember how baller this guy was:

    This is what we want.  In plastic.



  • @JTam Pretty sure the ones making the most complaints and have not moved on are the guys with 6th ed minis parts😆. 

    The Conquistadors work really well for the empire, but there is another fantasy game which they are prefect for theme wise that Landsknechts and other  renaissance figures probably wouldn't:


    Also from a history gaming perspective it is one of the subjects people keep asking for.

  • 52 kits a year would be amazing - for that to be a goal, suggests that Wargames Atlantic forsees having plenty of ideas to work with over the course of at least one year, which is really exciting!

    Games Workshop proxying does nothing for me as someone who doesn't do Warhammer or 40K gaming, but anything that helps WGA produce the weird, experimental, niche stuff that does get my attention is great, so I can still get excited about Warhammer/40K crossover hits that bring in new customers and income for WGA to work with!

    And, for my part, from what I know of vanilla Frostgrave, I can imagine all sorts of Reniassance subjects working splendidly with Frostgrave Archipeligo - conquistadors and pirates might well be the obvious first choices, but imagination is the limit, really.  The more variety we have to inspire us to try something a little different, the better, I think!


    Hmm, for that matter, why stop at the Renaissance? I think I kinda want to track down a copy of the Arhipeligo expansion, and  then try kitbashing the Wargames Atlantic Boxer Rebels into a sword-and-sorcery adventuring crew, with some Angkor Wat-inspired jungle terrain....

    And I really ought to do more tabletop wargaming to make the effort worthwhile :D 

  • @Yronimos Whateley 



  • William Redford has a great thread here:


    Looks like WGA Conquistadors are compatible with latest GW Empire kits.  

    Warrior needs WGA Landsknechts badly.

  • I would love some landsknechts... Of course I would build yet another empire army with them... Fireforge, old GW empire and the new WA conquistadors all match nicely. The Warlord conquistadors and Osprey Oathmark/Frostgrave stuff does as well... And all find a plave in my collection. 


    Warlords ECW and some of the WSS stuff fit well too. The ECW Musket and pike... and cavalry are great. The WSS aartillery. Man I Miss when you could get WF cannons at 3 for $16...

  • @JTam Brought two reading books for "Ghost A" and very much enjoyed them, so it`s pulling at my heart strings, Just that dreaded "Time", loads to do all ready.  I`m  really enjoying both the modelling and the forum, and I confess it`s a juggle. Oh and did I say, its got Dinos, christ I`m like a kid in a candy store.Take care pal.

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