Dark Maenad kickstarter 2- Coing in September

  • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darkmaenad/dark-maenad-fire-and-steel/posts/3504410?ref=activity

    This was the last update of their first kickstarter. They announced a new one coming in September. Their minis are available in 3 formats. Metal, Siocast plastic and STL. The minis were available individually or in Mordheim like warbands. 


    Anyway, the next kickstarter is supposed to have Tribal gilrs, Steppe Girls, additional gunpowder girls to go with their first kickstarter, Desert archers, Hoplite girls and Amazonian royal guard. 


    Here is a preview of one of the new girls. I wont post the other as its NSFW. But If that is not your thing, the majority of their minis are not NSFW. 



    The following pictures are from the first kickstarter

  • My minis from the first KS are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I got the Siocast. Ordered the Cold steel girls warband. The War Elepahnt, the knight commander and the queen. The Queen is the only NSFW mini i got. Will let you guys know how the quality is tomorrow. 

  • I'm also waiting on minis to see what I think.  I can't remember what I ordered.

  • @William Redford 

    Thank You for the heads up!  These look like awesome minis.  Pending your report on quality I will almost certainly get in on the next Kickstarter.

    It doesn't seem like he has a store otherwise?

    The "Mercenary" troop would work great with the WGA Conquistadors.

    The "Blackpowder" troop is a perfect fit for Mordheim.

    These are really clever.  I've never seen the Halberd OR Musket option before.

    The "Cold Steel" troop is perfect for Mordheim campaigns set in Khemri.


    Definitely looking forward to your quality report/review.

  • Those are pretty sweet.  My search-fu is rusty; I couldn't find them for sale anywhere else (I don't think I'd need a whole unit).  Maybe one or two if the wife liked the look of them for her character.

    Also, Jimi here is pretty damn cool, even if he is playing with the wrong hand:

  • My stuff arrived today. The Siocast is beautiful. The Elephant... lots of gaps and the howdah tested my sanity. But still beatiful.

  • @Benjamin Hayward They may not have a retail place yet. Effin Cool minis is the one casting for them, so I imagine they will be sold through that shop eventually. 

  • looks great.   I'll likely go in for more in the second campaign.



    Not to get too far off tangent, but who makes that non-Reaper bulette?

  • @BS Kitbasher Epic miniatures. I bought it from this seller on Etsy

    Etsy Bulette link

    I bought it in the 75mm size so it would be Huge in my pathfinder game. The Standard 55mm would be large. And Yeah... much better than the Reaper bones Bulette. Which I liked until I saw the Epic one. :)

  • Dang, their detail is really great!  That elephant is dynamite!

  • @Benjamin Hayward the elephant came with 2 head choises too. So I have a complete 2nd elephant head... I am thinking of buying a bones hill giant and making an elephant man conversion...


    I regret not going bigger on this. Everything came out great. The campaign was slightly delayed as Effincool had some issues with the new siocast machines. But that is ironed out now, so the next kickstarter should be smoother. 

  • I found this "preorder store" for them. 

    Pre order store

  • How tall are these models? Are they going to mix in well with Wargames Atlantic and NorthStar, or are the more in line with Nu-GW (32-45mm) figs?

  • @H M They match pretty well with Wargames Atlantic. 

  • I particularly like that Tribal sculpt... but all the desert stuff is cool as well. That is going to be a tempting KS in September.

  • Oh wow! That's way better than I ever would have though! So many kickstarter based companies nowadays seem to want to offer models comparable in size to stormcast that I nearly always give up any hope.

  • @William Redford 

    Any update on this?  Excited about these excellent miniatures.

  • @JTam As far as a start date? No. But they have shown some more previews. 

  • @William Redford 


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