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  • So looking at the poll that released yesterday and voting on it, I have a few things to say. First off I am happy to see that Kobolds are an option in the poll, and yes I did vote for them. Second off, as much as I would like to see the Valkyr and this new Ooh Rah regiment that's being planned (I'm guessing they're U.S. marines in space), I had to vote for Einjerjar Command Squad and Heavy Weapons. I've been holding off on ordering a box for my Squat Guard and the sooner we get more Squats the better.

    Edit: Two things I forgot to mention were that I was also interested in the treemen in spite of the fact I voted for Kobolds, and that for historicals I voted for the 1930s mobsters.

  • I love all the Death Fields options, and will buy atleast one box of each when they come out. I bounced between Einhenjar, Grognards Raptor Riders, and Ooh Rah for a bit. Honestly, I don't know which excited me more. 


    For fantasy I am a bit more excited to see WGA's take on Raptors, but for purely selfish reasons I voted Kobolds.i need a good rival army for my halflings that I'm slowly knocking out, and goblins are too cliche.

    For historical I went with New Kingdom spearmen. I know that I'm going to have ant to put a New Kingdom army together at some point, and it seems like a good start.

  • It let you vote for multiple in each category. I voted for "Ooh Rah" since I had no clue what it was and it was the only new one, But otherwise voted the same as charles.

  • I am interested in many things on that list... but am disapointed by the vote/poll. Why? Because it means that landsknecht ogres and Conquistador Cavalry arent guaranteed to be released this year and as they had already won other "votes" I was kind of expecting them. It means a project i am doing may be delayed. 

    I am excited for the halfling cavalry and if they come this year I can finish my halfling army. 

    I also liked the Napoleanic Camop followers as I can always use more female parts (giggity?) for conversions. 

    I voted for:

    * Cannon fodder command - Hopefully with more female options

    * Landsknecht Ogres - I NEED THESE!

    * Conquistador Cavalry - Because the world NEEDS THESE! Wont somebody think of the children!

  • I wouldn't count the ogres out yet - a lot depends on how many votes it gets, and I don't think that a second- or third- or even fourth-place poll result necessarily write a set off from being released this year:  I think it's more a matter of Wargames Atlantic referring to the poll results to see which sets to focus the most on manufacturing, and suspect that close-behind "almost-rans" tell them just as much as clear winners. 

    You can indeed select multiple options for each poll section, and I did just that with my favorites:  I figure every little bit of data helps WGA to paint a clearer picture!

    @Estoc - "Ooh Rah!" would be a US Marine battle-cry; no official word from Wargames Atlantic that I know of, but it seems very likely to be the name for a Death Fields Space Marine set, which is a description that seems to fit this week's teaser preview render perfectly:

    If it's not this set, then it's anyone's guess!

    Looks like it'll be a great set for building that platoon of starship troopers or colonial marines we've all been looking for (well, many of us :) ), and it's apparently right up the alley for some 40K factions as well.  I've a feeling it'll be a very popular set!


    I think these guys, the Treemen, and Gangsters & G-Men sets sound like they'll be some of my favorites, but there were LOTS of great options on the poll - I don't think I saw anything there that would disappoint me if it won.




  • @Red Bee I forgot Grognard Raptor Riders were an option. Now I'm wondering what Einjerjar calvary will be. And if all of the regiments can ride on any of the calvary options.
    @William Redford From what I read the winners will be the sets that get top priority release for those months. So we may see Ogres and Spanish Calv make an appearence this year. Granted WGA is doing things much slower because they've been having issues aclimating to producing things in the U.S.

    I can safely say that a whole lot of opitons on the poll really caught my eye.

  • I was surprised to find wiki covers even ooh-rah and hoo-ah for the curious.

    I wonder if he term “Colonial Marines” would be considered as protected intellectual property. 

    I mean using the term “Space Marines” could result in another law suit from GW...

    But then given the state of the world these days WGA might get sued if they call them US Space Force Guardians. 

    As for the poll and upcoming releases, I like the sound of just about everything so it is difficult to wait for any of them.

  • Yeah, I imagine that there's a certain IP line that very likely gets crossed if they were to officially refer to these guys as "colonial marines" or "space marines" or "starship troopers" - I've been referring to the idea most of the time as generic "corporate security" or "cyberpunk mercs" or "near-future soldiers" and the like, but I think "colonial marines" or "starship troopers" are the concepts that most non-40k sci-fi gamers will grasp instanstly (I'm not a 40K gamer, but it seems like 40K gamers recognize terms like "jungle fighters" and 'Cadians" instantly among themselves for pretty much the same concept!)

    "Ooh Rah", as a faction name, it seems, would be closely related to the use of "Grognards" or "Bulldogs" for an affectionate way of referring to Death Fields factions inspired by real-life iconic national armed forces!


  • I agonised a bit over the fantasy. I really want Landsknect Ogres, but then I also want the Halfling Cavalry to 'complete' my Halfling force. It was close, but the Halflings won out.

  • @Chris Pryme I had the exact same problem. If I didn't need that halfling cavalry for my army, I would have voted for the Ogres.

  • @Vitor Soares I really want both, but voted for the ogres as monstrous infantry is rare. Other than GW... no other monstrous infantry in plastic. 

  • @Yronimos Whateley

    Near Future and Cyberpunk to me is next week news to Ghost in the shell. ie: mostly realistic guns, no high space opera (ie anything where they are not astro/cosmonaut suits, walking around in the ship, or taking less than month traveling between planets is high space opera), and really no colonial marines or even Aliens (except maybe, real big maybe, cryptid/UFOs like greys). So those discerptions would not have helped me, if I where designing them based on the words "cyberpunk mercs" it would end up like this:


    Guys in Bullet Proof vests with suits underneath cause they would be working as rental cops and bodyguards for ye old Mega corps like Amazon, not fighting directly in warzones (cause all the cool action in cyberpunk gaming is urban espionage/spec ops type things)  or patrolling derelict alien infested space colonies (aliens in cyberpunk land? Blasphemy!🤣).

    @William Redford the trolls might be a better start off point in that case, but I suppose it doesn't matter to much. Me, I voted for kobolds, though I was mildly tempted by raptors.

  • Poll results update:

    Not surprised by the Sci Fi results.  Both those sets promise to be amazing and have broad appeal.

    The fantasy results make sense to me too.  The Landsknecht Ogres have the BEST cross over potential for Warhammer so are always going to have support.  

    The historical category is by far the broadest  with the most choices so it's interesting what came to the top.  Of the 3 currently at the top I'd like to see the British WW1 Infantry.  I would hazard a guess the G-Men/gangster set indicates the popularity of pulp gaming and many are looking at this set for it's conversion potential.  Or maybe people actually like the concept?   

    I was personally pulling for the Trojan chariot.  It would be really nice to get more ancients in plastic.

    Still, my interpretation of the blurb by WGA when the poll started was that pretty much everything on the list was going to be made.... you were just voting on priority.  So maybe we will see chariots in a handful of years.


  • In sci-fi I voted Grognard Raptor Cavalry. I like others am interested to see what WGA mean by 'Raptors' here. I hope they are not direct Velociraptor carbon copies, because we already have Warhammer Dark Elf Cold Ones and Tamiya Velociraptors to fill that niche, it'd be good if they made them more like Terror Birds or birds of prey, or a mixture of the three, to give a more fantastical look. Barely interested in the Ooh-Rah, their usage as Colonial Marines for gaming Alien as others have said is the one main selling point, and even then they are treading in territory already covered by Mantic GCPS and actual Alien Colonial Marines from Prodos and GF9 (though the former have been ditched and the latter may well be discontinued too). Command sets for some of the other teams would be good, but the Raptor Cavalry is by far the most interesting thing in that line-up.

    In Fantasy I dropped my own suggestion of Cursed Pirate Crew. Not happy to see Landsknect Ogres in the lead, especially given Imperial Ogres aren't even a unit in the more recent editions of Warhammer Fantasy. To be honest most of the Fantasy sets listed are really of no interest to me.

    Most disappointed to see the most popular historical options all being modern history/modern world, we already have enough bias toward 20th Century warfare from Warlord, it'd be infuriating to see WGA also go down this route. I am pleased though that Trojan War sets are being planned, and voted for the Trojan Chariot, but I'd also like to see the Franks accelerated and other Dark Ages sets developed. 

  • @Caratacus  I take your point regading Warlord covering WW2, but they're not especially focussed elswhere in the 20th C. Even their taking over Wargame Factory's Apocalypse Survivor line and rebranding it has dropped down their priority list. A lot. You pretty much need to know Project Z exists in order to search for the kits.

    Historicals are very well covered from Victrix, Fireforge, Gripping Beast and others. Gripping Beast alone has released Irish, Welsh and Pict kits this year. Victrix just released a very tasty Norman Cavalry set to has options for Spain, early Crusades etc.

    Don't get me wrong... I'm looking forward to the Franks. But until then, generic Dark Age warriors plus Victrix Saxons/Danes are pretty much on the money. 

  • @Caratacus 

    Good points.  I'm on team chariot too.


    Well they're pretty good for 40K too.  They look more like midhammer 40K Cadians than current Cadians do.


  • @Mark Dewis

    To be honest the thing I am really looking forward to in the historical lines is Warring States Chinese. Probably one of the most important times and places in world history and it is sort of ignored by plastic wargaming manufactures.


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