Modern Afghans

  • These are an old Wargames Factory project, using their Persian bodies and weapons from the Female Apocalypse Survivor kit. The latter is still available from Warlord Games under their Project Z line (though you may need to search their store for it), if anyone was interested in kitbashing WGA Afghans for the same purpose.


    I think most of the heads were from WGF Germanic Cavalry, but obviously if you use WGA Afghans you have the right heads. In any case, headcloths are EASY to make, regardless of skill.

    Alteratively, look around for people that have them spare because they chose to make up their Apocalypse girls with other weapon options (and there are a LOT included in this kit. 11 AK's and 4 RPGs on the equipment sprue plus 4 of each from the main one. Plus automatic handguns and a variety of other models). 

  • Nicely done conversions.  They look the part.  

    Thanks for sharing them.  Like the unpainted picture showing the parts and green stuff and the picture showing the subsequent painted minis.  

  • These look fantastic!  I haven't tried kitbashing those apocalypse survivor bits to the Wargames Atlantic Afghans yet, but I have kitbashed them onto Eisenkern figures of all things, and can confirm that they work great for kitbashing purposes, and I LOVE getting so many spare bits in those Warlord boxes, even if the kits don't build many survivors for the price.  I'm sure the bits will work beautifully with Wargames Atlantic Afghans.  I bet a lot of the bits from the Wargames Atlantic French Resistance wouldwork well for this sort of project, too - maybe a few of th numerous SMGs would work well, but especially things like the automatic handguns and grenades and so on would surley translate well!

    Your conversions look fantastic, great work!

  • Thanks for the kind comments. These were made well before Perry or WGA did their Afghan kits - if I add to the group, I'll use those.

  • I actually made a "modern Afgahn" using a Dragon's 1/35 scale AK family gun and some old open hand bolt action arms on a WA, doesn't look too bad. so there are other sources for modern guns, though they won't look as in scale.


  • It be cool if you could kit bash what's known as a "Khyber Pass" AK.  Which is basically an AK47/AKM (chambered in 7.62x39) with an AK74 triangle folder added on. 

    (No AKMs were ever factory manufactured with a triangle folder.  The Khyber Pass AKs are either built almost from scratch by hand or represent an AKM which had an AK74 folding trunnion and triangle stock grafted on.)

    To kit bash it you would have to find a regular AKM to use as the base. 

    AKM indicators: Tiny muzzle nut or slant spoon muzzle device.  "Banana" magazine.

    (Slant brake)

    (Muzzle nut)

    Then chop off the old buttstock and glue on a triangle folder from an AK74.

    AK74 indicators:  Big compensator on the muzzle.  Less curved magazine.  Groove on side of buttstock of solid buttstock fitted.  Triangle folder stock otherwise.


    (AK74 compensator - really well designed, really effective.  An AK74 fired on full auto is way more controllable than an M4A1 on full auto.)

    Most famous proponent of the "Khyber Pass":

  • I imagine a 1/35 scale AK worked pretty well at that scale - maybe a little big, but then the guns are always big on minis with more "heroic", exaggerated proportions, so on a tabletop, it probably doesn't look any stranger than the average 28mm fantasy or sci-fi mini.  Works for me!  (I'm sure it would be perfect for a Death Fields Afghan army, too!)

    I bet that a side-folding stock like that wouldn't be impossible to scratch-build from a little polystyrene card or rods - the work might be a little delicate at that scale, and would take a far steadier hand and better eyesight than I have these days, but I would have tried it in a heartbeat when I was younger - sounds like a fun project.


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