A different IG kitbash

  • No Grognards in sight! Going for a weird-war/post-apocalyptic vibe, low tech with a few jarring exceptions, so mostly Great War French with a few Death Fields bits and some choice GW parts.

    They'll be a KT of some sort - thematically, maybe Grenadiers-as-Scions with a tripod-mounted volley gun, but I might try to work up enough specialist troopers that I can run them as Veterans too.

  • Right on, they look really great!  Dig that sweet object-source lighting, really sells it!

  • Nice work!

    I'm cool with the sort of Victorian Sci-Fi thing that the Grognards and Bulldogs would generally fit right into., but I think I really prefer this sort of souped-up post-apocalyptic WWI aesthetic myself (broadly, "Dieselpunk" as opposed to "Steampunk", perhaps?)

    It works especially well for these figures!



  • @Benjamin Hayward thanks! In person he looks a bit more like he set off a dye pack robbing a bank but I'm going to go back try to nail that white saturation for keeps.

    @Yronimos Whateley there's something in the more realistic proportions of the historic figures that does it for me - it nudges the vibe away from cartoon sci-fi towards collective nightmare.

  • Great Job... 👍 

  • @fodzilla 

    Nicely done.  These guys look great.

    The more realistic proportions of the historicals echo the superb Forgeworld Krieg.  

    Where did you get the gas mask wearing saucer cap "Officer" head?

  • @JTam the mask is regular French with the helmet shaved off, the hat from the GW tank accessories sprue I think - I bought it as a single head off Ebay.

  • I'm working on some more heavy support but finding GW weapons are a nudge too big - see grenadier below, a bit too front-heavy I think.

    So, scouting for other options - has anyone tried Einherjar guns on historics? I see they have the same plasma as the Cannon Fodder sprue, but is it the same scale?


  • @fodzilla

    That gas mask officer cap conversion looks great.

    Which GW kit is the grenade launcher from?

  • I don't own Cannon Fodder (yet) but here is some Einherjar and one of my brothers old Cadians. Not the most pro comparison shot, but I think it shows the gear's scale well enough.

  • @JTam Catachan command - loose with no hand attached but I assume otherwise identical to other IG versions.

    @William Ings perfect, thanks, that's exactly what I was after!

    I ended up sawing down the barrel and finagling the pose a bit and I think it works. Still bulky but maybe deliberately-so.

  • @fodzilla Thats the only fly in the oitment over size guns. I`m scourcing figures for "Hellgate London" and love the Eisenkern , male and female, to make the Templer Knights. They fit well, but I need a weapon like you, to be a "genade" launcher. Every thing looks silly, particulary as it must belt fit, as well when carried. Why as every weapon  to be made as O,T,T.

  • @Geoff Maybury if WA sci-fi is too big modern-historics are probably your only option.

  • @Geoff Maybury I would wait for the modern operators to be released. They'll probably have historic scale grenade launchers.

  • Looks great. 

  • @fodzilla 

    The short barrel  grenade launcher conversion looks pretty good.

    How many more grenade launchers do you need?  The new Traitor Guard kit has a neat, smaller, take on the grenade launcher:

  • @JTam nice - looks like the Krieg one but not mid-reload. Unfortunately I'm down the backside of the world so my bits selection is a bit limited without shipping getting unjustifiable. If I do go for another though, hopefully that kind of thing becomes gettable.

  • @fodzilla 

    You're right.  I had completely forgotten the new Krieg one was the same/similar style.

    What you say about shipping costs makes sense.

    Even here in the States I usually end up getting multiple bits to "justify" the shipping.   (It's usually, 4 or 5 dollars initially, but like $0.10 for each additional bit to ship.)

  • @JTam yeah locally it's similar, and postage from the UK works out at the sprue level. US though, for whatever reason...


  • @fodzilla 


    That's worse than UK postage to the USA.  

    Er, Sorry?

  • One grenadier.

    ...and two more sprues in the post. 😎


    I asked in the WW2 forum, but does anyone have the Italian kit and would they be able to measure what size base I'd need for the MG & gunner?

  • Took me a while, but I finally have a tabletop-legal kill team complete:

  • Those look great. I am not sure which is my favorite, The leader, the heavy weapon guy, or the binocular guy or the sniper. If I had to choose, I would probably say the squad leader. 

  • @fodzilla 

    Again, these guys look great.  Like all the models William Redford mentioned as well as the box operator.

    Are you actually playing the new Kill Team?  How do you like it?

    Is the sniper's scope from the Cannon Fodder team?  


  • @William Redford thanks - I've enjoyed packing character into them. Luxury of a small "army"!

    @JTam Scope is either CF or the DF upgrade sprue, I don't remember.

    Yes, playing the new Kill Team. I like it a lot. They've finally abandoned the baggage of ancient rules for modern ideas that work well at skirmish scale - an interesting action economy, alternating activations, a very procedural, almost video-gamey approach to LOS and cover, and multiple, asymmetric strategic layers. There's also just enough in there to support a narrative campaign.

  • Rifle section:

    Trench raiders:

    Special weapons detail:

  • @fodzilla Beautiful works, these could be worthy opponents for gear of Krieg infantry, pity that now GW opted to increase the height of standard guardsmen!

    Now they're surely most realistic, but these new minis are a little too different from the older ones, unless we consider them another batch of humans from different planets.

  • @fodzilla 

    These are looking really good!  The trench raiders are particularly striking.  Great looking force.

  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    The new models are just a touch taller. 

    All the newer GW 40K humans have been thinner and more realistically proportioned of late.  It's a great step forward. Maybe WGA can drop having two scales (historical / heroic) as a result.  

    I also feel the old and new Cadian plastics are compatible on the same table.  They would have to be from a different planet?  I see more variation in build and height in a single American Army fireteam.  I've also seen a Battalion from Guam next to a Battalion made up mostly of Polynesians.  You don't need a different planet for there to be an average of a head in height and 60 pounds in weight difference between the Soldiers of the two formations.  

  • It would not surprise me in the slightest if GW have at least partially done this to counter the established not-Guard manufacturers. Although the new minis do look better, so it's probably more of a bonus than the main reason. 

  • @JTam You're right, +humans have different heights and physical dimensions, but surely GW modified their minis to outpace the various not-official manifacturers that make figures and accessories in "heroic" scale

  • Couldn't particularly care about perfectly scale-matching GW stuff.

    Here's the whole gang - at least until the WW1 MG teams come out. 😅

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