Fantasy options. Include a sprue in boxes or as a separate purchase only.

If a new accessory sprue was created for fantasy sets, but themed by race (halfling, goblin, etc), would you prefer it only be available separately as an add on? Or would you be willing to pay slightly more for a fantasy box if they kept the kits the existing size but adding one extra "command sprue" type sprue with character options.. (The current accessory sprue costing $6 now... so add $6 to the cost of the set...)

  • 1st time making a poll.

  • I'd be willing to pay extra for an extra sprue in a box. I love having more kitbashing options. An alternative would be fewer figures on the sprue but with more kitbashing options on the sprue. I love the way North Star does their Frostgrave/Stargrave sprues. I also am more interested in the skirmish side of things, so a figure less to get some nice accessories/command pieces/extra arms and such doesn't bother me so much.

    That said, I would also really like some multi-part plastic vampire miniatures based on the Death Dealers from Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

  • The Conquistador box pretty much has a half sprue accessory sprue in it, and that box is priced at the regular 35 dollars.  I'm hoping that's WGA's more or less new standard.  It certainly feels value added and reinforces my loyalty as an WGA customer.  

    (Landsknechts in a similar format please.  Time it to release near the Warhammer Old World release and print money!  Female Landsknechts for the win as well.)

  • I don't hate this idea at all.


  • If you need to scratch that itch right now!!

    Hasselfree Miniatures:

    I just realized this pose is a homage to the moment she lands after doing that flying sword attack in slow mo against Viktor. That's awesome.

    3min10sec to 3min24sec


  • @JTam I have the last one you showed. Trench coat... it was a character in a savage worlds call of Cthulhu game I played in. Character was a special agent... only government character in our party... and I had my character painted. Had printed out these cool fake fbi ids I found on the internet. And died thst first session... stupid exploding crits in savage worlds....

  • I would slightly prefer to have the option to buy the accessory sprue separately. Seeing WGA's Death Fields Accessory Sorue fire sale, though, I have to wonder if that approach is working out for them.  Hopefully it is.


    The conquistador method also works, but borders on too many bits with almost too few bodies to try everything.  If there were a cheap, generic body sprue to soak up those bits, the conquistador set would be even more attractive.  I'm hoping the upcoming Army Builder sets have easily-snippable arms.

  • @BS Kitbasher Yeah, I am looking forward to the Germanic army builder. I could have sworn there was a Goth army builder on the lst, but dont see it anymore. I wonder if that is the same as the Germanic one. 

  • @BS Kitbasher 

    I too took the flash sale of the Accessory Sprue as a bad sign.  

    But I think the separate Accesory Sprue is a great concept.  That particular sci-fi sprue is just poorly executed.  (Somehow there isn't a single bit on the entire sprue that looks good.  YMMV).  Hopefully WGA doesn't give up on the concept.  

  • The WW2 Italian Infantry is another box that features a more or less accessory/command sprue.  Again, it's the regular price, and again it seems value added.


  • Probably not the place to report this. But I couldn't buy the accessories sprue from Canada. There is also no multi sprue deal, which I find off putting, kitting out a full box almost doubles costs.

  • @William Ings That is annoying... I am ashamed to say that the southpark "Blame Canada" song started playing in my head...

    I would send an e-mail to Wargames Atlantic just to confirm if that is really how they intended or if its a glitch and could be corrected. I mean, it may be as intended... but it never hurts to ask. 

  • Pseudo Death Dealers could also be handy for Necromunda.  Like these nice miniatures from Heresy:

    I was going to use them as counts as Delaques.....  But the flavor/loadout/weapons of that gang changed a lot with the re-release.   Maybe counts as Escher?

  • @JTam How many of those command sprues do you get in the Italian box? and How many total figures do you get in the box. 

    The Warlord Landsknechts. The pike box has 30 guys in a box and a command sprue that has another body... so 31 in a box, But... the Missilile troops box has 24 guys and no command sprue. The Zwiehander box is even stranger and has 24 guys (but only 12 are actually greatsword, the other 2 sprues are pikes) and no command sprue. The army box eliminates that problem by giving you a full 4 greatsword frames, 4 missile frames and 16 pike frames with 5 command frames in the box, but still weird and annoying in those individual sets. 

  • @William Redford 

    Honestly I don't own that set.  I'm putting together an Eastern Front WW2 Italian Army..... but the WGA WW2  Italian helmets don't look anything like WW2 Italian helmets.  (Rant complete).  A shame because the set looks awesome otherwise.  

    But, the website says the kit builds 32 Soldiers.  I believe you get two of the half sprue as you can build two machineguns from the box.


  • While we are talking about Accessory Sprues.

    It's been mentioned before, but a Zombie Conversion sprue with heads and arms/hands would be super useful for kit bashing zombies out of almost all the WGA sets.

    Converting revenants (zombies) for Silver Bayonet discussed here:

  • @JTam zombie accessory sprue is a brilliant idea. 

  • @Ian 

    It would be really nice to have the heads and hands/limbs available instead of having to have up perfectly good zombie minis.   

  • @JTam God I hope not🤣, I still feel that adding the pike sprue was mistake instead of just selling it separate and adding another sprue of bodies to the main kit, though you do have point about it working out with the WW2 sets like the French and Italians.

  • @Brian Van De Walker For the Conquistadors? Thats a tough one.

    I would have much preferred 30 guys to a box as that is what I put my units at (except missle troops). But... the extra sprue was sooo nice and whenever I see reviews that extra sprue is what people talk about most.

    Its a tough call. getting the 5 box deal i ended up with 20 of those extra sprues. I would not have purchased 20 as an accesory sprue... But at the same time, I have not used 20 sprues worth on the 120 bodies I got in the 5 box deal... or even on the 40+ guys I have made converting other minis with spare bits... 

  • while i like more options i'd rather have the choice of whether to pick a command sprue up or not there are plenty of options on the WGA stuff anyway (now if it came with extra bodies too that would be different as you could go command or just use the spare bits on the normal sprues to make more 'normal' guys/gals

  • I would prefer it to be be seperate but just voted for the vampires.

  • I agree with @Estoc.  I like the seperate sprues and have no problem with the price point.  I also wouldn't mind if we could purchase seperate sprues of the current sets.  Those may be more since some boxes only have four sprues.  Sometimes you just don't want 30 of something, unless it undead.

  • While I support a zombification sprue, regular zombie kits do provide a slew of spare heads and arms. My original GW zombie box that was bought to make Blood Bowl figures in the late 90's continued to supply parts for a long time afterwards. I even used one head on its own after the bodies ran out to make a "head coach". 

  • @William Redford Been thinking about the sprue thing, what about buying as a upgrade box. I know I have bought "box kits" that where just upgrade sprues for another set (and I am talking minis here not vehicles). 

    @Mark Dewis True, I have actually bought zombie kits just to get bodies to convert to armed modern humans or use the legs for something else, only to find that the arm or head parts allow for vast conversion options. I don't think it matters too much one way or the other because of that unless we are talking for Death Fields (cause hats). 

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