My Birthday. Lots of love to all the forum mates.

  • Hi all taking a couple of days off, its my 68th today, so I`m chilling out with Eileen and the girls, Tia, Narla and Dinky. Don`t feel any different, no wiser, no older, just the same nutty me. I`ve had some great gifts ,some of which I`ll show latter,one I`m wearing now the wolf pendant from the Witcher. Heat is still a shocker here, going to enjoy a nice chinese later with EIleen . You lot on here take care,  be carefull, distance is to great if any one ends up ill. Look forward to reading all your posts when I return. Cyber Round on me, Cheers one and all, be back soon.

  • Happy birthday mate! Have a great day!

  • Happy birthday! :)

  • Happy Birthday Brother!  All The Best.