Newly painted Goths

  • I'm very pleased with this box. There are so many options to choose ... heads, weapons, and poses, especially when you kit bash with the Late Romans and Gripping Beast dark age figures). My first box is almost exclusively going to create two 12-figure levy units for an Ostrogoth warband for Saga. They'll also be useful mercenaries for other factions.

  • @Don Williams 

    I think those are the first "in the wild" painted up Goths I've seen. They look really good.  Thanks for posting them.

    How compatible are the Gripping Beast parts?


  • Apropos:

  • This is why I always use terms like Visigoths and Ostrogoths!! ☺️

  • @JTam they are a very close match, in my opinion.  I  have combined Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age cavalry and foot figures with the WA 'Irish Warriors' with great success. Heads, arms, capes, etc. are 100% interchangeable. I do notice, however, that both of the new WA kits (Late Romans and Goths) have slightly smaller and narrower heads. This is especially evident with the helmeted heads from both of these WA boxes, which i wouldnt recommend mixing with GB heads. 

  • Nice work!

  • @Don Williams really nice work, congratulations.

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