"The Drowned Earth" a review on a cool game.

  • For those on the forum who are getting to Know me, it will probably come as no surprise that Eileen brought me the "Drowned Earth" I`ve raved about it like a kid on a sugar rush. I love "Dino" modelling, the animals them selves, and the scenery, I own many beasts, and several rules,all which have merit. They all go back a bit however, the last being the TV series,Primevil (English and American), this also is a very worthy rule system, and the two have quite different play styles and objectives, there only common denominator being the "Dinos". 

    So when I saw the PDF rules advertized for "DE" for free,I downloaded them, and read them,it was a good fun rule set. With a totally different style of play, as the characters "Stance" affects the results of his actions. It`s quick, thought envoking , and rather stylish a bit like a film set fight, but most of all fun, and still realistic. The action is on search for "Artifacts" whilst fending off other groups of players,  and avoiding the main danger of Dino`s The dice throws are D10, but a special set of dice give ease of play in quickness, but are not compulsory all in this free down load gets you going so well you want more.

    Thats were the real pleasure comes in, the PDF is 85 +pages of rules, no fluff. This game excells on it`s fluff, and is 195+ pages. The world of Drowned Earth is an earth ravaged and destroyed by rising oceans and catastrophic earthquakes and volcanos. The results of which destroy earth's population and send mankind back to almost oblivion. Before they were destroyed, the builders as they were called, had advanced greatly one of the subjects being gene splicing.

    The world was experiencing a new wave of theme parks, where dinosaurs roamed as Jurassic Park and new breeds of animal servants and genetic human/animal hybrids were being made to assist mankind in the workplace. When the catasrophy struck exactly is not known, only the dramatic results can be seen. The world went from densly populated urban sprawls with small rural leisure areas to a marshland swamp inland seas and the vegetation covered buildings of a ruined civilisation.

    It is into this world that the adventurers of the new world set foot to try and establish links to their past. The characters of the adventurers are really varied, you have basic human, a Derv which is basically a dwarf human, a Surrian a dinosaur/human hybrid, Ape, Rhino, Elephant/humans and any animal the builders of the past wished. These characters can be good or bad, mixed in any way to make the most interesting groups to enjoy your play.

    Games are designed to be played on 2ft x 2ft boards, giving as much variation of scenery as possible. You are hunting for tokens as your main objective, ( these represent artifacts), and your search can be upset by other groups searching for the same and the extremely dangerous dinosaurs, which survived and multiplied in their new environment. 

    The game has excellent support facilities on facebook and a forum, also in my opinion it has resulted in some boards being built that can only be thought of as art. They truely are excellent. I have put photographs in various locations on this forum and some, as you will see, follow this. My final comments are, if you want some good modelling and painting opportunities this game will game will provide it in spades. 

  • The variety of the "Drowned Earth, a game I`ll enjoy for quite some time , even more so with WA upcomming releases.

  • I imagine that the Lizard men box will be very useful for who likes this kind of games, plus the various head options in Stargrave's boxes, either male and the new females' ones. Plus the two Cannon Fodder boxes could be useful for building adventurers.

  • @Alessio De Carolis Hit the nail right on, Alessio, this games got some great potential for conversion work amongst the characters. Eisenkern figures are not a bad point of start for that girl riding the baby Triceratops either. The Enjar would make fine Derv conversions, our only problem are the Apes, Elephants etc. and the characters for this game sadly are pricey for originals. Only fly in the oitment though so I`d still highly rate the Games Hard Back book at £35, Wayland Games.

  • At Spiel in Essen Mrs. GG and I have always stopped at the Drowned Earth stall, admired the game/terrain/minis, regretted the prices and walked away. Just a bit too rich for our blood.

  • So we're talking Mordheim-esque but post-apocalypse "Lost World"?

  • @Grumpy Gnome Could not agree more my friend, the figures seem really OTT to me,particulary the adventurers, but like J-Tam with Stalinggrad, I do not intend to use their minis and in fact will enjoy creating plastic conversions from WA and others. It`s the great lore and scenery thats hooked me in, their world is very suducing and the £35rule  book as 95+ pages of real tallented fluff. Try the free PDF you might like it.

  • @Mark Dewis Prity close mark, more closer to "Across the Dead Earth",but yes,lovely animal /human characters  good or bad. Makes for real different style of play, and the searching for lost items from the past is an icing on the cake moment. They`d hooked me in with"Dinos " and those 2x2 boards can`t wait to buid one.  

  • Welcome to the Xenozoic... 😉

  • @Geoff Maybury Am I the only one who thinks greenstuffing fur onto Orks would make for a good proxy for the ape men? I mean they already have ape like faces with the flat noses. Just sculpt some fur onto the arms and heads.

  • @Charles Tottington No mate I`ve been giving it food for thought ,myself , and thinking of other bodies that might give, me Hippo or Elephant.

  • @Charles Tottington Love the game, love the 190+ page rule book. Really love the 2x2 boards the scenery is so artistic not seen a bad board. The figures are pure delight, but the price`s are stupid, I can`t and won`t pay £45+ for 5/6 figures. Plus they are too large, this  new 35mm for a 6ft male scale, is something I ditched last year, I sold all my figures and any assesories to stay 1/56th scale.  

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