1:1 scale Roman legion (36/1100 painted + 46 Auxiliaries)

  • establishing an outpost 1:1 scale, 1100 miniature + auxiliaries roman legion project.

  • I also have a partial century of Comitatenses infantry painted 


  • A noble ambition. Display aside, Ancient battles were often small enough for this to be a practical thing.  You could game a full legion against another one, or a suitable number of barbarians, on a big table.

  • @Mark Dewis that is actually my hopeful intent. To sponsor a big game at a few convention's as a form of advertising (I'm a retailer and carry WGA kits) with a full legio in a solid color scheme, fully painted and based.

  • You're a madlad. Good luck and be sure to keep us up too date. 

    Are you only going to do the current available kit or wait for the army builder and the other kits too? 

  • @Berggeit I'll be including the other kits either is part of the main project or as sub projects.


    Speaking of

    10 Foederati Numeri Infantry, awaiting the rest of their unit before being based and finished up for the battlefield.

  • I thought you meant 1:1 as in the size of a human. This isn't quite as impressive, but still absurd.

  • @Estoc  

    That's old hat

    Romans in Britain - Why Reenactors?

  • @Estoc unfortunately I am not a magnetic leader of men like Imperator Augustus or Marcus Aurelius.

    As you can see my first centurio is well underway, with a unit of auxiliary Foederati also in progress.

  • You could always claim your legion has been *very* naughty and had to be decimated a few times...

  • @Lord Marcus 

    Quite a glorious project my good Lord.

    As a former historical player, I was used to paint big armies with other members of my wargames club for conventions or events like open days or caritative related occasion. We even achieved the same project as you a complete Roman Legion, Legio VI for a major engagement using Kadesh ruleset. 

    Cannot wait for your next updates... 👍

  • @Mark Dewis Where is the challenge in that? :P

    @Steven StGeorges Former historical player? Next update might be tommorow.

    I've been de-spruing all my wargames atlantic romans to see what i have left on sprue. I also have 8 more legionaries in progress on the painting desk. 

    also, the remaining 10 foederati from the first rank of 20 are WIP in the process of being built.

  • 8 legionaries with Spears and shields are on the painting desk.


    Another 24 are primed.


    And I'm currently de-spruing the remainder of the sprues I own to see what I can make out of them.


    Oh, and I unearthed two Palatini Comitatenses I built months ago as a test.


    I'm currently out, but I will endeavor to get more photos when I get home.


    For those who are not aware, the first stage of the project here is centurio Ii with 100 troops, of which 20 are painted.

  • 4 Sagitarii





  • 16 more Romans, added to centurio II.
    I've discovered lowered spears do not like the legs of preceding ranks. For display purposes, I will be sourcing a set of "spacer bases", which will help me add in combat vignettes.

  • Update on the Sagitarii Auxiliary unit I've been working on. 24/36 based. 36/60 painted to completion. basing on these is WIP but the reds show a finished version.


  • Built some more legionaries today. I bought a box and a box of goths to add to my Foederati as a birthday present to Myself.

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