Prototype Tractors of Joshua Qualtieri

  • For those of you who wish to see the forth comming delights of the Quar Tractors I joined their face book site and present you with these.

  • These i think are the 15mm  I might be wrong but the reading reads 28mm so I suspect some one more qualified than me will comferm. It is stated that the 28mm will probabley be printed not Mdf, or plastic. 

  • There we go six shot of Quar vehicles what ever the scale they look great. 

  • Those are 28mm! Already available for sale in 15mm.

    I've added some detail here and there since then.

  • @Geoff Maybury Forum? Where is this forum you speak of old boy?

  • @Grumpy Gnome I think he means the facebook group. I had a forum years and years ago but all the interaction moved to facebook. Ug.

  • @Joshua Qualtieri Ah, OK. I have found dead links to that old forum but thought maybe there was a new forum I had not uncovered in my research. I try to avoid Facebook these days despite being a big fan of the platform in the past. Too much power without enough oversight. But I understand why businesses feel the need to be on there still.


    Edit: I am impressed that you can have such big 3d Prints without print lines. Print lines are one of the things that have put me off 3d printing terrain and vehicles. Mrs. GG and I backed the Printable Scenery Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter to get STLs to send to a printing service and while the print lines are not as obvious as they could be, they are still more obvious than we would like.

  • @Grumpy Gnome This is my major 3D print worry GG, I`ve a real wish for a M38A1 jeep 1/56th, but although made by a large company its all lines. A lot of smaller printers  no matter the setting or the angle of print cause these.

    Trust this old fossil to get it wrong,yes it`s that "Facebook" site I`ve edited the post. Sorry Mate got your juices going there for a moment.

  • I use liquid resin printers not FDM printers. The ones that use plastic spools are glorified glue-guns.

  • @Joshua Qualtieri I have seen a number of folks using resin printers still setting print lines... but yes FDM is much worse. Sometimes I can work around the look of print lines, especially in natural setting pieces, ie trees and rocks... but vehicles for example often look “off” with obvious print lines.

  • @Joshua Qualtieri  Do you intend to make aircraft as well as the new tractors for 28mm? 

    If yo, have you considered airships as well as the smaller aerocraft like the Kite? 

    Have you considered any MDF kits for terrain or perhaps for an airship?

  • I do have a 6mm kite and already and two 15mm kites that I haven't released, but will soon. One of those wouldn't be too hard in 28mm as a resin print I could sell. One of the folks in my gaming group has been after me to do a 1/700 naval and air game too. Maybe one day!

  • @Joshua Qualtieri  I would certainly be in the market for a couple of 28mm Kites. They are part of the charm of the world you have created. 

    And it looks like a bunch of my 1/43 WW2 vehicles will need to go on eBay to fund some Quar tractors as they are growing on me. 

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