Never thought I`d say it I want something GW (the irony.)

  • One thing I am allways messing with, is some thing that Eileen and myself love our "Dino Project".  It will be a bit like, Primevil and Terra Nova, we have some printed Terra Nova Jeeps (Shapways). However I wanted a more differant type of machine, well I have spotted what i`d like to convert. There are two machines, From the League of Votann, one called a Sagitaur, the other a Hekaton Land Fortress. I will make sure that when finnished the are scaled perfectly to the Ooh- Rahs with assecories etc, when the figures come out. now all I have to do is save up the morgage that is workshop to but them. They are nice though.

  • These pictures are the only one that I could post to the forum, nothing else would come, which is a shame as there are some much better ones on the site .

  • Wow... never seen that... you are right, these are perfect for the Ooh- Rahs or/and the Spacenam-guys...

  • @Grumpy Gnome the whole land train is beautiful but way overpriced, I can only imagine what that Forge World one will cost.

    There are a few alternatives for 3D print, but price and quality (of STL and prints) vary. Such as

    It's pretty cool, lots of options, at a fair price. I think they have some physical copies, but I don't know how varied they are.

    There was also a jeep (a 3D print available as STL and physical) that was discussed on this forum, I think it would fit your idea very well.


  • @Grumpy Gnome Nice, they know how to twist the knife there`s no doubting the designs or the quality, just the damn price.

  • @William Ings The sad but extream truth of GW eh my mate, They may make millions but they also lose thousands and break the hearts of us men and women. Vehicles, Dinos, they have it all and do they hate to part with it.

  • At the end of the day, GW, WGA, 3D print, repurposed toys, scratch built from card, it's all a matter of assessing the time, effort and money you're willing to pour into a project. My old 40K Ork armies usually just used troops plus scratchbuilt vehicles.

    GW are one of many options, and even with their pricing there are things in their range that aren't too bad (usually troop level boxes and starter kits). I mostly just get Blood Bowl these days, and only the star players and add-on big guys (who are easily converted or proxied) are very overpriced. A team box with 12 figures that need no conversion work plus themed balls and markers is about AUD$60, which I'm cool with. And obviously I'd not buy one that I thought looked ugly.

  • @Mark Dewis Way back  in the earlyist days of GW opened only a few months a group of us from Alanwell gaming club popedup to Notingham to see them the worked out of a shed back of a large factory my god what a transformation. Sadly Eileen and myself are of the opinion that wargaming should be enjoyed by as many as possible we hated high prices and tried to avoid stocks from companys that went "OTT" or Lotery boxes aka Hero Quest  we still made agood living and had some great customer friends. Never sold  GW but that was only because them saying so many things  like Traveller  etc did not exist when they went own items only, I`d no problem with own items only, it was the lies that other things had gone. They have some talented people and great items  but even if we were not retiered we would not sell GW

  • @Geoff Maybury totally agree. My main GW days were in the 00's, though I have been around long enough to remember the 80's version. 

    The 40K stuff is largely unusuable for general science fiction anyway. Now and then, as with these vehicles, there's usable bits that don't have skulls and imperial iconography plastered all over them, or which are just not used elsewhere (Orks and Chaos in particular). Tau are okay for some looks; Kroot warrior parts prove surprisingly useful for a lot of projects. 

  • I really dig the Adeptus Mechanicus, but not enough to buy anything retail (except for the one box of Skitarii I have); everything else I snagged at a bargain second-hand.  Mostly bits to kitbash with.

    I do really like these new models for Necromunda:


    I don't really dig fast cavalry-type models, but these things are just the bee's knees!  I'll likely pick up a pair of I find a deal.

  • I think it is nice to see GW have a few less skulls all over the place and making the weapons a little smaller. Maybe the makers of Nerf guns complained... but whatever the reason, works for me.

  • @Mark Dewis Love the Tau, very "Manga" great off E-bey etc, and the Kroot must be one of the most kit bashed subjects (great with Rubicon Marine or VC arms) from sprue spares, also work for Afgans save all the fuss. Imagine the Kroot Shadokesh mix when they finally arrive.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Now if only we could do something about the 200% mark up we`d all be so happy. E-bey only as so much, and I`ve a small amount of sadness for the poor guy who brought it full price. Then found he couldn`t build it, and unlike Aliens or Starship trooper, it did not hold a near retail price second hand.

  • There are on YouTube a lot of tutorial how to scratchbuild sci-fi vehicles & similar, you can also find free paper models that could be used for templates for scratchbuilding in plasticard a lot of AFVs. Sadly GW stuff had became too overpriced, ironically most of fantasy and sci-fi modelers started with their  (for the'80s) cheap minis.

  • There is some excellent Sci-fi Card models (free too) over at -> Free stuff

    Dropships, Trucks, IFVs, 4*4s plus a whole host of scenery and scatter terrain. Apparently you can also get the stuff auto cut onto card stock.

    The beast below has internal details too. Replace the weapons on the turret with spares from Grongards or equivalent command frame?


  • Worth mentioning that any cardboard design can be done in plasticard too. The cost doesn't have to be excessive - you can often find polystyrene sheet used for packaging, such as stiffening shirts. 

    Plasticard has the advantage that you can file it down and the smooth surface is a bit more durable than glossy cardboard. You can also better use spare sprue as hidden structural forming and easily glue plastic bitz on to it (attaching paper and cardboard to plastic and vice versa is always tricky).

  • @William Ings 

    This is me but with the Kill Team Starter set

  • @Selrahc "ONE DAY MY SON, ONE DAY" At least we can dream!!!.😭

  • @Selrahc Usually the GW products worth looking at are the skirmish ones, especially the starter sets. Subracting the cost of the rulebook (which is one area GW are generally the same price as everyone else) the terrain and minis often come in at a reasonable price point.

    Of course, if you can't or don't want to play the game it may not be as good a deal. 

  • @Mark Dewis Exactly.

    Considering Mordheim was a $60 game in a box 20+ years ago, $85 for the Kill Team starter set (game in a box) isn't too bad. 

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