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  • Got a box in from Warlord from their Black Friday sale.

    They have free shipping to the USA at $80 now... And unfortunately $80 is way to easy to get to these days.

    Anyway here's the loot:

    The Biker Gang is on clearance.  A neat set.  After seeing Geoff Maybury's thread here:

    I knew I wanted this kit for conversion parts.  My super old school Imperial Guard army may get some bike mounted Rough Riders at some point.

    The River Song mini gets thrown in free at $75.

    Some issues of Wargames Illustrated they were blowing out at $1.50 each.  That's $1.50 for a magazine with an attached Bolt Action sprue.  

    A Painting War guide on the French and Indian War discounted down to I believe $25.00.

    And the French and Indian War Black Powder Campaign book.  This is a THICK book full of history and scenarios.  

  • Public Service Announcement:

    The Warlord Black Friday sale is still going.  

    The Biker Gang box is still in the clearance section for $29.00.  That's a decent price.

    But Warlord has now added the Biker Gang sprues to the sprue sale.

    The box contains one each biker and leader sprue.  You can get those sprues for $6.38 each ...  Or in other words the same models as the box set for less than $13.00.  You don't get the bases and game cards but LOL, who cares.  

    @William Redford

    The AWI cannon sprue is on sale at $5.76 if you're still looking for a black powder cannon.

    Has a nice "Molly Pitcher" on the frame too.

    EDIT: Sale ends this Sunday.

  • Reportedly some folks made use of Zombiesmith’s Black Friday sale to procure some Quar Christmas presents for me. 

  • @JTam You get the bike and foot bases Tam, and guess what thats part  my X-mas present, from Eileen she saw your post went on and bingo. Waited for these sprues for along time, very suprised you didn`t pick up the Modern Troop set it`s brilliant . Finally I`ll get my "Sons of Anarchy" models done 14 + bickers, and my final Civilians, at £4 a sprue that is more like it. Lots of love "Brother" you made my Christmas.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Ah, you're right the bike bases are integral to the sprue.  Great.

    Glad this info was of use to you :)  Just a great deal.

    I picked up a bunch of the modern military sprues a few years back during I think, a different Black Friday sale.  I think they are clever, well done sprue.  

  • @JTam I will check it out. I love the ECW sprues for the sabers. They make excellent rapiers for rpg conversions... and I wouldn't mind having some of those bikes or that cannon. 

  • @William Redford 

    I should have grabbed an AWI sprue or two for pistol hands for Silver Bayonet conversions.

  • I am tempted by the Battlefield Debris box and some of those Project you sprues. Then of course it makes sense to get to 90 Euros for free postage to Germany... so maybe the new Army Painter speed (contrast) paints? Of course the paints are not on sale... and every Euro spent is less Euros for Quar. Mrs. GG and I have been discussing it and are on the fence. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    I did this yesterday:

    Come on, you know you want this:

    And you actually save $47 by spending $47 ;)

  • It is tempting.

  • I've got a load of Project Z stuff coming, 3 each of the male equipment sprues, 3 female equipment  sprues (mainly for those AKs), 13 military sprues, 1 biker boss sprue and 5 biker sprues. Lots of useful bits from those for Post Apocalyptic conversions. I'm expecting the Project Z stuff to disappear since it looks like Warlord is clearing them out with the price difference between these and the Bolt Action sprues in the sale.




  • Unfortunately, a new set of brake disks and tires for my wife's car. 

  • A mesma coisa em casa, amigo... Amanhã vai estar melhor !

  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy ah no problem my friend.

    Remember the moto of the Portuguese "it could be worse". 😊

  • Well, I have two of three of my orders from Warlord and its mostly right, they got my three female equipment sprues mixed up with the female survivor sprues. So, less AKs then I wanted but extra figures I suppose.


  • @John Wilson 

    I'd contact them. They'll probably send you the missing sprues and tell you to keep the other ones.  Warlord has excellent customer service in my experience.

  • @JTam Yeah, I sent them an email yesterday. I forgot to mention they put free stuff in to the orders as well. I got a WW2 US infantry sprue, along with a Doctor Who River Song figure in one and a Roman legionary sprue in the other.


  • I have had particularly good experiences with Warlord Games customer service.

  • @John Wilson I got all the right items, and a bare chested sprue of ancient  figures. Perfect, just as Rubicons Shearhead  "Nam" delivery arrived. So now I`ve Bare chests, for the gun crew, and wounded conversions parts, I call that a perfect "Result". It said River Song included, but i couldn`t find her , perhaps shes of with the doctor.  Any way the bare chested figures were a pure win for me.


    Christmas is two of these machines.

  • One of these.

  • Plus T54,/55. Us Army and the Vietnam Army. allin 2023 is looking strongly "Nam" based. By the way that "Huey" is muti variable  like most Rubicon kits and will make "Taxi","Med Lift" and "Gunship"

  • To be honest I could buy loads of this machine alone ,reined myself back in to two for starters,  then after X-mas well? Cosidering it`s the first 1/56th plastic kit of an Aircraft by Rubicon they went to town and produced a master piece of "Mini Machinery".

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    I've got a soft spot for the Huey gunship.  A Monogram 1/48 gunship was one of the first models I ever really built as a kid.  Painted the the little seat belt buckles silver, the whole nine yards.  If I remember correctly the chin gun was moveable.

  • @Geoff Maybury 


    That's a brilliant idea to get stripped down gun crew.  

  • Got a box from Noble Knight from there kind of meh Black Friday sale.

    I've been wanting to pick up these rules and this expansion for a good while now.

    The Panzer Lehr actually did have a good discount on it.  I now have 60 which is more than enough for any Bolt Action army.  I have high hopes there will be digital conversion parts coming out for them at some point so I can add a Panzerschreck and other heavy weapons.

    They had some other Wargames Atlantic sets on sale.  But I didn't notice until late on Cyber Monday so it was too late to inform members here.

  • The Panzer Lehr have some potential for use as civilians, because of the cut of their uniforms.

    Which could pass as biker jackets, for example. You might need to scrub off the suspenders. 

    I picked up a sprue a while back to play with on this idea, and I think it would work.

  • @Mark Dewis 

    Good ideas.  

    I don't have much use for civi minis however.  That's just me.  

  • Last Warlord package arrived.

    Biker sprue:

    Biker hero sprue:

    AWI artillery sprue (actually pretty cool - like the bonus female and the casualty):

    Warlord through in a freebie GI sprue.  Nice!:


  • Contents of the Warlord Games' Bolt Action  Battlefield Terrain:

    It says plastic on the box so I was expecting sprues.  For better or worse these are ready to go.

    Looks like someone hit up Taco Bell.

  • Still waiting on Warlord answering my email about the wrong sprues, I'm probably going to have to phone them since they are apparently ignoring the email. My last order (bikers) is apparently on the way, but its been at the first depot for three days now on what should be a two day delivery.


  • Finally sorted out. Last Warlord order arrived yesterday and the missing sprues arrived today.


  •  Merry Xmas J-tam  Could you do me a favor please, If  possible take some some photos with the new Eisenkern,and those items. I`m wondering how they would mix in scale with Rubicon, or be to big. Thank you.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Wilco.  Might be post Christmas though.

  • @JTam"No problemO". ordering nothing now to new year. But theres nothing like the MK one Eyeball to get scale right and if they are Mantic I`ve never got the right scale with them, I returned my Walking Dead kick Starter as the scale was all over the place 1/56th, 35mm, cars and scenery at 1/43rd, 1/48th, all they said were they were "Toys" from "Comics" not ment to be models. and Heroes were Heroicaly posed like chess pieces. Bull S**T. Worst item a lovely made bag full of weapons (dropped by Rick) it was as big as a 35mm Tamiya figure?. 

    The Walking Dead Books and TV Program were one of our favorites many of the figures made are top class, but strangley the main characters had a chess feel to all and towered above the NPC.

    Sad to say the TV versions figures were a poor ruber type with bad casts of all weapons.

    Best Iv`e ever seen are converted Project Z.

     Merry X-mas Tam have a good one nd a great New Year, Geoff.  

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