The Valkir Are Coming

  • Sneak Peak from 2 DEC 22:

    Looks about right:

    And from the WGA release schedule:


  • Good catch, glad to see them soon! 

  • So what do the Valkir proxy as if you were to use them in 40k or other games like it?

  • @Charles Tottington probably Firstborn, or Sisters with some work.

  • @Charles Tottington 

    I've seen them used as Sisters of Battle with Statuesque heads.  They looked pretty good.  

    But the most obvious use is Space Marines.

  • I hope so... I wait so long of then... 

    Need more boxes for my troops.

  • @Charles Tottington Only had a few may be 5 at most Warhammer 40,000 games mosty as Guard( only figures we purchased a few) But if you cheak out sone other posts the Valkir have been in my life for some time and I can`t wait for the "New". Besides Iron Core itself, played with Stargrunt and many other rules since including Starship troopers. Figures have proxied in Starwars, Stargate, Primevil, Dredd, Hellgate, and Starship Troopers used with the original Mules to resuply ammo they were great. In original form for Iron Core they were the best. A power armour with terrific fire power there only fault speed, and the fast  run out of ammo, If playing against proxy, Shadowkesh they were canned meat if not supported on the flanks by Eisenkern. They can hold the post firm,  just have mules or some proxy ammo resupplys If you need a breach plugged tight these were the guys to do it in style.

  • There were several sets in the original forms and I`m not sure what we will get but I looking forward to them.

  • As J-Tam shown it looks like the heavy is the one whose weapons are shown. Hope the Assault, and Support, follow soon. Or the set produced is a mix of the three.

  • @Geoff Maybury The assault look perfect for Vanguard Vets, just need to get jump packs.

  • I wonder how many different helmet options they get?

  • @Charles Tottington Very easy to convert to Sisters. Headswap to an unhelmeted female head (Statuesque and Victoria Miniatures are popular) and swap in Space Marine weapons and backpack.

    Backpack swap optional.

    Conversions | Plastic Sisters of Battle (Updated March 2018) – Sisters of  Saint Nora

    Alternative Plastic Sisters Of Battle using GW bits and 3rd Party Heads and  Bodies (Blog Link) : r/Warhammer40k

    Want Plastic Sisters NOW? – The HOT Conversions


  • @Mark Dewis My god man, pure magic, as usual, you actually make a proxy WG figure cool. For a total None Warhammer player I would use those for "Hellgate London" and be in "Heaven". Sorry😉. 

  • @Charles Tottington Thats the million dollar question, we will have to wait and see, the sprue layouts not been shown yet. 

  • Interesting... I've never thought on sisters by the valkyr... I would use GW-sisters for my army but this is much better...

    Ohhhh... that would be a very expensive order by WA... 🤣

  • Any news about the Valkir?

  • Here's hoping to a release before 2024.

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