January Digital Theme open for suggestions

  • Historic-Fantasy Female Regiments.

  • With @William Ings 

    Theme: Females.

    Easy to do across all ranges.  Do one or two bodies for each range compatible with the arms of existing plastic sets.  (Like the female Cannon Fodder bodies with the existing Cannon Fodder arms).

    For example a female Boxer body compatible with the plastic boxer arms.  Female English Rifleman body compatible with the Rifleman arms.  Female Panzer Lehr body, female Conquistador, etc.

  • I would be very happy with female sets that are compatible with existing kits. Especially Conquistadors, Irish and Halflings. Goths are on my christmas list. I havent gotten any yet in case they are a christmas presents from friends or family, but female Goths would be on my list too. 

    Now... I would buy these digital files and pay to print them out...

  • @William Redford 

    Female Goths and female Romans.  Nice.

    A female NCO for the Einherjar like the Grognards got.  

  • Yeah, I think I'll hop on the bandwagon and say, females. The more for their respective kits the merrier. We know Cannon Fodder are good. Grognards could arguably benefit from extra, then we have the Raumjager, Ooh Rah, Bulldogs, Squats, etc.

  • Maybe extra head options for Goblins that give them the long nosed Warhammer Heads?

  • What could a "Females" theme look like?

    For sh*ts and giggles:

    Death Fields: Female Einherjar body that accepts plastic Einherjar arms. Surely some shield maidens got scooped up too?

    Classic Fantasy: Female Ogre torso plate and head.

    First Empires: Female Persian warrior body that accepts plastic Persians arms.

    Decline and Fall: Female Goth body.  Accepts plastic Goth arms.

    Blood Oaths: Female Irish body.

    Renaissance: Female Conquistador body.  Accepts plastic Conquistador arms.

    See here for how to do this right:


    Napoleon's Wars: Female Rifleman body.

    Imperial Conquests: Female Boxer body.  Arm with lantern.


    The Great War: Female British Infantryman body.  Accepts plastic arms.

    The World Ablaze: Female Panzer Lehr body.  Accepts plastic Panzer Lehr arms.

    Iron-Core: ????  More Panzerjager heads?  Maybe with M43 caps.

    o It is implied that all bodies come with at least one head.  On some bodies long hair may make the head integral to the body.

    o It would be cool if all the bodies came with one set of arms.

    So you could make a model without the plastics... Or use the printed arms to give more variety to your plastic minis.

  • @JTam 

    Deathfields: an assassin team, think 40K death cult assassins or Callidus. Maybe a gang like the escher as well. 

    Classic Fantasy: Hafling and Ogre females. some arms to make them spell casters. 

    Bload Oaths: Naked Irish beserkers. I mean... I would buy them...

    Renaissance: Female conquistadors. Aztec priestess, and some aztec inpired amazons, An aztec female on a raptor. Female musketeers (think 3 musketeers)

    Napoleans wars: Female pirates. 

  • @William Redford 

    These are all big and great ideas.  

    I will slightly disagree with the Napoleon's Wars - female pirates.  There is no shortage of 28mm female pirates minis in the world.  I'd prefer most anything else.  Like a nice mounted and dismounted female Hussar.  Any Napoleonic fighting woman will do well with the Silver Bayonet crowd.

    EDIT: I fully acknowledge 28mm female pirates are bad a*s.  And that you probably can't get enough.

  • @JTam There is always room for pirates. :) but yeah, I bought a bunch of the Black Scorpion female pirates (actually all of them) as I got a discount and free shipping through their last kickstarter. 

  • Female Goths at The Sacking of Rome... probably.

    More historic references ... probably.


  • @William Ings HA! 

  • @William Ings 

    Nice of them to colorize the top image.

  • Hmmm.

    Given that there are several female sets and parts in the December "civilian" release, it might be a bit early to have a whole monthly release devoted to ladies this early. 

    Mounts was a good idea. I wouldn't mind seeing "Officers and command units". Or alternate handed options. A lot of the kits only have a left or a right handed pistol arm, and you can always use more of those and unarmed arm poses. And alternate handed swords for later periods where shield walls aren't a thing (A Roman legionary would have to train to have shield in left arm but it's optional for a sword and pistol guy. Even right handed officers are going to have a weapon preference).

  • I'll second the nude blood oath lady berserkers. I'm not typically a resin giy at all, but I'd buy them if it supported getting a plastic release of them.


    I came here at first post the idea of an "omakase" option, that being the word for 'chef's choice' in Japanese, and it being to just let the scultpr make a couple of sets of anything that interested them.

  • @JTam to confirm:


    Y'all are advocating for female models, even for historical time periods where females did not regularly serve in military forces (late roman legions, for example?)

  • @Lord Marcus yes. Since it's unlikely that you will ever find a box of historic female Napoleonic stuff in hard plastic, the digital stuff is a perfect platform for stuff like that. 

  • @Lord Marcus  question. If I have a tribes membership. And you have a tribe's membership. Does that mean I could pay you to print things for me... since Iwe both own the files .. even though there is not a vendor license thing set up? 

  • @William Redford That would be a question directly for Wargames Atlantic. At this time I am not taking 3D printing requests as I am digging myself out of a very large backlog of orders.

  • @Lord Marcus aww nuts... thought I smelled a loop hole. :)

  • @Lord Marcus 

    100% yes.

    Late Roman Legion female Soldiers.  Female Panzer Lehr Infantrymen.  Etc.

  • To be fair, the theme only needs ONE example for each of the 11 very broad lines. World Ablaze could be sorted with Russian Snipers, Renaissance with alternate heads for the Conquistadores.

    "Female" doesn't require them to be soldiers, or common examples. Joan of Arc or Caterina Sforza would both count for their era. Bouddicca would count for hers.

    As I've said previously though, because there's a large overlap between "female" and "civilian" in desired figures, it might be an idea to space out those two theme categories by a few months.

  • Another fun idea: lovecraft through the ages. It could center on a set of hooded cultists universal for the theme, but then each range has it's own take on the high priesthood - some, like ancient and fantasy ranges could have very open & ornate looking priests and priestesses, progressing toward more hermit & witch style characters for dark age/medieval/renaisance, morphing into aliester crowely types for early modern and modern periods... and who know what for sci fi. Maybe back to lavish & ornate but with sci fi touches, lol.

  • "Priestly" might be better name for the theme. Although strictly speaking a cult is just the devotees of one god. So there's no real problem coming up with Cult of Mithras or Cult of Ishtar figures. You can go to town with the eldrich horror stuff for the non-historical lines as well as adding on items of fantasy for historical eras, but the customers that are only interested in the historical stuff deserve at least one historical item in each month's theme.

    Great War and World Ablaze could get military chaplains for their sets maybe? Afghans could have an Imam.

    I would think the Aztec guys would love some priests and victims... and no Conquistadore force should be seen without spiritual support!

    Death Fields... dunno. Maybe a faction based on Crusaders?

  • I would LOVE some Mesopotamian cult priests -Ishtar and Marduk would both be great to give a variety of male and female priests.

  • Well, mesopotamian mythology is a little ignored, it's not so mainstream such as Mediterranean or Norsca's ones, so it could be a different approach, also Aegyptian divinities are a little neglected (except for Crocodile games and Dark Fable minis)

  • I mean, I'm of the opinion that the ancient powers of Mesopotamia - Sumeria, Babylon or at least mighty Assyria need some plastic love to begin with :D

  • For me, I like the idea of "Support" options. A large cauldron and cooking stuff for Halflings to add to their scenery (or convert into a catapult), a Banner bearer for Riflemen, corpsmen for a Great War set. 

  • @William Ings Why does Centurii Chan pop up in my mind when looking at this?

  • @Charles Tottington 

    How did I go this far in my life without knowing about Centurii-Chan?

    Thank You.  My life is better now.


  • @Mark Dewis

    Reference the "Priestly" theme and Death Fields.

    No reason to think that they were sucked into space with a shaman, priest, or chaplain.  

    Even works for the Oorahs.

  • @Miyuso 

    The "Support" theme is a good one.  It could potentially be broken down even further.  

    "Healers" one month.

    "Logistics" another.  (This could even just be backpacks or satchels for kit.  Or up to a wagon with oxen.)

    "Paymasters"?  I feel bad for the S1 clerk if she (usually she)/he got sucked into space with the Oorahs.

  • Still fully behind the female theme.

    For the Oorahs, how about a female body with at least one head with bandanna.