Rebels and Revolutionaries

  • So, it seems Rebels and Revolutionaries won the poll for the January theme. Some suggestions:

    Great War - Irish Republican Army.

    World Ablaze (which I'm taking to include interwar) Spanish Civil War. Republicans, Nationalists, Anarchists, Communists. Almost all of which might find use in WW2 proper. MORE REALLY SMALL TANKS!!!

    Imperial Conquests - Italian War of Independance! Garibaldi

    Napoleon's Wars - Spanish Guerillas. Maybe wind the clock back a bit and cover the French Revolution too?

    Renaissance - take your pick of the Wars of Religion, but if this line is now taking in Medieval than you could do no better than Robin Hood. Thought that might be a good pick for Classic Fantasy, really...

    Death Fields - Cyberpunk renegades. You know you want to go there.

  • Decline and Fall: Really, with all their civil wars any standard Roman legionaires would fit. Last gasp Gauls under Vercingetorix might fit, and I don't know of many minis for that despite their relative popularity.
    Blood Oaths: "A French bastard landing with an armed banditti, and establishing himself king of England against the consent of the natives" would count for the theme, but also definately not lacking in minis.
    Renaissance (and possibly Napoleon's Wars): Pirates are obvious, but also relatively saturated in minis though. Napoleon himself can fall under revolutionary, but Napoleonic France is absolutely not lacking for minis.

  • Well, that was unexpected. I thought Females was going to win the poll all day long. I personally voted Religions and Cults.

    @Nanashi Anon I like your suggestions for Ancients and Dark Ages - Vercingetorix's Gauls and rebel Romans would be interesting (though I doubt they'd have any particular differentiating features from standard Gauls/Romans), and I can think of others like Judean revolutionaries for Ancients, Owain Glyndwr's Welsh for Medieval, El Cid-era Spanish resisting the Moorish invasions. This theme certainly has potential for older eras as well as more modern ones.


  • Imperial Conquest is probably the most exciting one this month to me.  Taiping?  Timock Rebellion? Eureka Stockade Riot? Mexican War of Independence? Red Turban? Sioux Uprising? The American Civil war? So many options with so much interesting history behind them, at so many scales! I'm positive there is something in this period that must catch the sculptors' imagination. 

  • It's not so much that I think Vercingetorix's Gauls would look much different, just that they'd be an easy fit in the theme and Gauls as a whole are under represented in non-metal minis.

    Yes, plenty of Imperial Conquest options.

  • How about some ACW Quantrils raiders to go with your horses?

  • @Graham Beattie Fine, but you'll need some saddles, WGA's horses don't have any, only a blanket. I think that some generic chinese rebels, either male and females could be made, either for Tai-Ping rebellion or also more modern uprisings.

  • @Alessio De Carolis Actually, variant weapon arms on the Boxers might work there. As it is, you can convert Boxers to Opium War and Taiping era with ACW arm swaps (removing any bayonets as needed). 

  • @Mark Dewis I was lucking forward to the Afgan arms, I hope it`s sorted out no use with arms bgger than the figure. By the way the Rubicon "Nam" work brilliant M16/ Ak 47`s  drop right on the Afgans.

  • Spanish civil war, yes please!!!!

  • It's a pity none of the ranges cover Republican Rome (Alexander died in 323BCE, the cutoff for First Empires and Decline And Fall is late Imperial era stated as "284AD-476AD"). Otherwise...




  • January brings us Rebels & Revolutionaries and don't miss a couple bits at the end of the article!

  • (Called it!)

    Hmm... it appears "Decline and Fall" may in fact count for earlier Roman stuff. I have no objection, but the labelling may need tweaking 😁

  • Will the French mob set contain a lamppost for our "À la lanterne" needs?

  • @Nanashi Anon it may do now... they listen!

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