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  • So, last night I was going through my Jagers as I worked on getting the box built, and noticed something rather obvious once it's seen (and maybe you have all noticed it alread) but there are missing legs. It's not a real deal breaker, as there are enough legs to finish the set, but there are two spare RIGHT legs in the sprue. I updated the review accordingly for future readers, and you can check that out if you'd like for more detail. But I'd really like WGA to remedy this. Maybe an stl package to give us the last two legs to finish them out.

    the stormtroopers don't have this issue, and the original Jagers don't either. All legs accounted for. Picture below to illustrate the point. Yellow are the butts that I used to count complete sets. Blue are right legs, and green are left legs.

  • I believe this is usual. Every review I've seen, some of them contemporary to the sets release, mention these legs, as well as being unsure what to do with them.

  • Isn't this them providing an extra leg(s) to allow an alternate pose(s)?  Am I missing something?

  • @JTam Thats what I've also though. An additional, optional leg rather than something being missing. Just requires some converting. Either way, its Mark's mold.

  • @Colin Brinkley I thought so at first as well, but neither leg fits the one left it could which is the kneeling leg. If you cut the nub on one, it fits really well (I'll post a pic of the conversion I did- it actually looks pretty sweet). That being said, i think it was just an oversite- they happen. Just sad that it went all the way through tooling and molding. May be it wasn't caught until after it went to the test shots, and they were like, "Well... That's a lot of cash to fix" and left it (which is a good call on their part).Molds can easily cross the $50k mark.

  • See the other thread. The two right legs in question can't be used on the two hips that need a left leg added, and the only hip set with a missing right leg is the kneeling pose, which has a matching left leg. 

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