Deathfields Crowdfunding

  • I know. Should wait untill we have more information on this, but I'm excited now.


    The the latest Fireside chat we got the following blurb about a upcoming Deathfields project:

    "Secret Project

    We’ve been hard at work on a secret project in partnership with a well-known tabletop gaming content brand. The goal of the project is to do something we’ve never done before and bring out an entire Death Fields army in one shot through a crowdfunding campaign. And by army we mean 6+ hard plastic sets in one shot! We’ll be making an announcement about this soon but we’re within a few weeks of launch so you’ll be hearing a LOT about it."


    I can't tell yall how excited I am for this, but whT do you all think? Any speculation on the army, the mysterious partner or the crowdfunding itself? Is there any info hiding somewhere that I'm missing?

  • @Red Bee That’s pretty easy, it’s all the teasers images we have thus far labeled as "more The Damned team sculpts" even though it looks a wee bit more uniform and has ogres, Cavalry and heavy weapons. I was kind of hoping against hope that those teased bits would proportionally fit in more with the classic fantasy/historical scale proportion minis as a “dual use” kit like the lizardmen and Spiders but it looks like it’s just going to be more “chunky” Death Fields line kits,  so I am less intrested but they may surprise me.  


    edit: I say this since it is  the only thing we have seen that could qualify as a "whole Death Fields army in one go!", they sort of have a WW1 meets HYW vibe.


  • I'm oretty sure your right on that. I wonder why they went with the damned? And why these damned look so different from the damnd we've seen before? Is this a recon, or are we going to see more freaks in the force?

    And who is the partner? They've worked with multiple companies before, but to produce their IP. I don't see WGA relying on another company for distribution. Maybe they are partnering on sculpting duties? Maybe the are partnering with a company that is more familiar with crowd funding? Could this be an army that usable in multiple IPs?I could see the Damned as written exist in the Grim Dark universe for example.

    Also if we're getting to the point of full armies release, does that mean the game proper is getting closer to release? If six sets are what they consider a full army Grognards are getting close.

  • I have some wrong-at-face value suggestions:

    Decipher Inc - Mumon Rift Wars crossover sets

    Games Workshop - Hudson took the entire company out for beers and talked them in to giving him Rogue Trader

    Paizo Publishing - Starfinder sets, giving Paizo an actually reliable partner for making models.

    Defiance Games - "Notorious" still qualifies as well known. Paid T---'s bail, got all the IP as thanks.

    Warlord Games - Pike & Shotte: Battle for Planet Waterloo

    Game Designer's Workshop - Space 1889 Martians. Easy tie-in to the Bulldogs. (Now I really want this to be a wargame. Between Bulldogs and Grognards, we've got a killer start to a sweet steampunk Victorian wargame. Just need some Prussians.)

    No clue what company, but I'm still going to suggest "Machinen Krieger".

    Palladium Books - Rifts! Hey, I said "notorious" still counts as "well-known".

    ... Okay, enough sillyness. Serious anwers:

    Dreamforge Games - Iron Core: Command, Heavy Weapons, Valkir heavy weapons, Valkir assault, and the two transports. That's 6 kits from a well-known company, with an established track record when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, and with whom WGA has a relationship. I see no reason that a conversation between DFG and WGA couldn't lead to Iron Core participating in Death Fields.

    Osprey Publishing - Some kind of tie-in to Stargrave.

  • Assuming the "traitor guard" sneakpeaks is for the crowdfunding campaign, I would think Osprey blue books or One Page Rules. I don't see how those could tie in with Stargrave as its a skirmish game and not meant for armies. 

    One page rules seems right, although they are more focussed on stl's but they have collaborated with others in the past.

    I do absolutely love that WGA is doing a complete army in one go. I told myself not to buy more mini's this year but I wrote in a different thread about my preference for more complete armies (or opposing forces) so I'll plan on supporting it. 

  • @Berggeit We can't automatically exclude a tie in with Stargrave, given that in sci-fi often skirmishes are more frequent than big armies' clashes, as often happens also in our world, think about so-called "asymmetrical" warfare or "police" actions in 3rd world's countries. Plus WGA's and Osprey's minis seems very compatible btw them, so a mix & match isn't so implausible, on the contrary very desiderable.

  • @Alessio De Carolis Well, I am not excluding it as I don't see how an army is going to fit that game; certainly not a box or boxes worth of miniatures. Xenos Rampant would be a more logical choice when it comes to Osprey games. 

    (I think battles between big armies (1000+ men on one side) have always been reletively rare. Most combat consisted of raids, skirmishes and sieges. But it depends on the place and period I guess. Not sure how you would draw the line between skirmishes and battles from 1900 and upwards considering the mobility of troops and range of weapons).

    I personally don't really think WGA and Northstar (I assume that's what you mean with Osprey) figures fit well together. I feel Northstar's sculpts are a bit more 'old school' while WGA's feels modern but I am biased on that one, I hate to mix figures of different manufacters.

  • @Alessio De Carolis @Berggeit first Ospery works with, keyword being "with",  both Northstar and Warlord Games not for either of them (i.e. Northstar merely borrows Osprey's IPs for the box art of those sets they sell, they are all separate companies). Ospery is only a book publisher and originally a subbranch of Brooke Bond (a tea company in the UK), but now appears to be its own publishing house.

    Also if we are talking Osprey, while I do see the "real world and most ruleset" argument, given Hudson inferred its 6+ sets for one army (i.e. 6+ sets all for one faction which is 5+ sets too many for a normal minature agnostic small action SciFi game faction like Stargrave), wouldn't it being for something more along the lines of Xenos Rampant make more sense game wise in that case, I mean if the teasers are related to this secert project than cavalry, support weapons and ogres sound more like a platoon level game thing than any SciFi Frostgrave style game seems to be.

    Frankly rule set wise the only things out there I know about currrently besides 40k and maybe Xenos Rampant  that could/does have those options are Malstroms Edge (I am sure there is a fan list), OnePage rules (which is fastplay knockoff hammer and does likely have those), Stargrunt II (a soild ruleset and there has been some talk about redoing art and tunning up the rules a bit), and I suppose Planet 28 might cover all that as well as well given they do have tank rules.

    Of these though Onepage rules seems the best bet if we are even talking rules. Its also possible that they are finally getting that rule set ready they promised back when the Raumjagers came out.  

    @Greaver Blade While I really wish it was Dreamforge Iron Core verse stuff (Shadowkesh ferals would be great to see instead of more "not-IG"), that also seems really unlikely given that Dreamforge is a one man opertion, Mark who is Dreamforge seems kinda of done with KS like projects,  WA have not made any moves to include Iron Core into the Death Feilds verse beyond I think Hudson commenting once that the Gravstug would look cool next the raumjager back when the Stug KS was going, the Ironcore sculpts are sculpted in WA's more reallistic historical scale proportions as opposed to Death Fields chunky heroic scale, and most importantly we have near somking gun teasers that don't look like Mark's sculpting.

    If it is not the "we think its more Damned Team sculpts" I already mentioned, the more likely alternative would be the Grogs.

    @Red Bee The teasers we have been seeing are probably for a completely different faction from the "The Damned" on the digital store though they may share the same back story since I doubt that colony the Damned come from was going to last (so they might be the guys the Damned where fighting back on the colony). Its also possible they are unrelated and are actually medieval or odd Nappy/19th century Europeans in space, who knows, they may even be Paraguayans from the War of the Triple Alliance or drug cartel troops given what we have seen of them.

    In anycase we will see if they are even related to "the Damned"  at all and if they are the "secert 6+ sets army in one go" in a couple of weeks (though given the FB group posts they do seem to be the latter at least at this point).



  • Never mind, for those that have not looked at the email they seem to be working with Miniwargaming.

     Also yes it was the teasers pictured earler.


  • Yeah its the earlier teasers and its eight boxes. It will be interesting to see what they are planning. Assuming its ogres, cavalry, heavy weapons and infantry, your still looking a four more. Maybe command as a separate box, female infantry, some types of specialists for the other two? Maybe some sort of powered infantry?


  • For those who don't have/hate Facebook:

  • I'm thinking it was command and female infantry I guessed correctly. Although command could be with the heavy weapons (like the Grognards).


  • My guess is that @Berggeit is correct and it's a partnership with One Page Rules.

    Grim Dark Future is so hot right now.

    And a release like this would really add fuel to the fire.


  • These are great models with a wide utility.

    They obviously are great to represent Traitor Guard.

    But also could represent an Imperial Guard Regiment like the Salvar Chem dogs or really any Guard Regiment conducting a long campaign on an environmentally hostile world.

  • @JTam big thanks for sharing the Facebook secrets. I'm not much of social media guy (outside of Reddit and Tumblr, but those don't count.)

    I can't wait to see the reval.on Monday 

  • @JTam True and if one has a lot of extra Frostgrave and old WFB Empire bits, you could kitbash them up as feudal guard or if those grenades are just glue on bits even just fantasy foot trooper types if you really want to. It is just in time for Doomed.

  • @John Wilson of your guesses the command, enigineers, and most specialists can be rolled up in the Heavy weapon set.

    The Female infantry might be the same deal if done at all.  Though that would work great as its own set if WA completely and utterly ignores the overly vocal minority opinion of those who are foolishly against "making women look pretty so they actually look like women in 28mm miniature form" . Why? Becuase such a set should be PG cheesecake as heck 80's-90's cartoon action heroin/villiness sculpting to the hilt, otherwise its a "why bother?" idea since you don't even need headswaps for this guys to be gals with those full facemasks they have (I mean seriously what do you want? ribbons on the gasmasks?🤣).

    Now power armor (entropy space marines?) does seem like a cool idea which would work out great and makes sense given Death Fields still has no rule set of its own. 

    As to your vehicle suggestion, given we are talking 8 sets with 4 anon, maybe it more than one (some sort of chicken walker or exo frame mech, an APC, and/or maybe a tank.  Could also throw into the ring a "not-toyota hilux" pickup gun truck or somesort of gunship/airsupport as possibles).

    Now there are some other options: 

    Given the "forces of entropy" vibes this guys have there might be a custom sprue or full box set for  mutant and/or zombie types planned to go with these guys line up.

    There could be a "big monster" or "big bot" sculpt thrown in, though that does seem doubtful.

    In the unlikely event these guys and "the Damned" are on the same side more or less we could see "the Damned" get used as an elite box for this force. 

    Also could be Harvester handlers.

    The "you are not likely going to guess what it is option" could be something lore related like the team's sponser but that does seem dependent on a few things  and therefore unlikely.

    If  Miniwargame, the 40k narrative campaign battle report blog which is the website the email post image link goes to  is not the "been part of the hobby for years" team-up mentioned in the chat (which tbh I really get the general feeling they are) but a rulebook group like the ones suggested in this thread, or WA actually has been working on rules, then maybe we will see some lore specific minis such as sponsors in this crowdfunding campaign.

    However that really does seem unlikely at this point for a couple of reasons biggest of which being there seems to be zero playtesting talk or rumors. 

  • Very excited indeed by this... if it is the figure designs mooted then I can think of numerous of my games I can crowbar them into 🤩 WGA had me at WW gasmasks and "not sci-fi AKs", so roll on Monday 🤣

  • @Bill Thomas 

    One of the first times I've ever sort of looked forward to Monday.

  • @JTam absolutely 🤣🤣🤣

  • It's Monday. Where is the update?

    (Just kidding! But seriously, it is Monday here in Perth WA. Where is my damned update?)

  • In case y'all were unaware:

  • @Greaver Blade 


  • Yup, Yup... Monday here in the UK too... my breath is somewhat baited 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Bill Thomas Now its Monday in California,  and everyone beyond that is Tuesday.

  • I have been obsessively refreshing the main page and checking my email every half hour or so since I got up 7 hours ago.

  • @Red Bee My guess is they will announce it around 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time or at the latest 11:59 Pacific Standard time just to be cheeky.  

  • Found this on YouTube.

  • Well lads, the article is up and it is glorious.

  • So they are the Damned! They look glorious. I can't wait to see the sculpts. The Hounds sound interesting in particular. 

  • Yep, and still no rule set coming out at this time either, I did ask on FB😆.

  • LOVE THESE 😍 Much mindless gibberish on the book of faces once again... where do these people come from 😜

  • @Brian Van De Walker the rules are in a later stage of development right now but the focus of this campaign is to test the idea of whether or not people like being able to have one full faction army done in one big shot. I think you are really going to like the rules when they start being revealed (no dates yet as I won't pressure the writers!)

  • Heres a new set of rules coming in August from Osprey Games that will really be made for these Damned

  • Those of you with good memories may remember about a year ago, I mentioned, that I loved "Hell Gate London, and the books plus comics made for it. The Damned will fit in well for games like this and as WW1 Weird War, proxies. There are a few new Warewolf Series books out now and my mind is on the fact we have been asking for these for some time. I`ll list the books later with a bit more info on the game.  

  • @Bill Thomas I`don`t know about you Bill but I would have brought these so way back it`s unbelievable. Dredd in all forms, Waste land scavengers, in Aftermath, original Warhammer 40,000. Laserburn oh the golden oldies with no figures, now long gone. Love the look of them even in the "comic" style figures.These will be the best  game semi intelligent, "Cannon Foder" when used with Cultists and Demons, as the better than a "Zombie" figure.  

  • So we can look forward to:


    I think the hounds are a flavorful and interesting choice.

    From the superb "The Guns of Tanith" by Dan Abnett:

    (Context - a small team of Guardsman have been inserted behind enemy (Chaos) lines and are in hiding/attempting to infiltrate to a new position).


  • My thoughts on the designs:

    Overall the miniatures look great.  

    I hope there are enough hood gas mask heads to outfit all the models on the sprue.  I really like those heads.  Not excited by the bare heads (they look oversized?) or the bowl helmets.

    Not excited by space revolvers.  (Acknowledge it lends flexibility to the set for those who just want to make near future post-apoc survivors).

    For the cavalry -

    The horses heads could be improved.  Not sure the little armor cap they wear works.  Maybe if the armor extended further down the face?

    Again, I really like the gas mask hood heads for the riders.  Not a fan of the bowl helmets with feathers/plumes.  They look like cracked out Bersaglieri.  

    Your Mileage May Vary.  Opinions are like buttholes.

  • @JTam I`d lose the plumes and spikes, more real look to the helmet then. I`m wondering if the Infantry could double up to make dismounted cavalry. Foot/ Horse as in the old D and D days of adventuring. It`s a thing I still like to see, dismounted cavalry ,"Ah the joys of Getesburgh", "Hold the rebs, it `s good ground" Love Geoff.

  • @Bill Thomas I was only gone a week and look what turned up well I like em and can use them. 


  • @Hudson Adams Bit of paint by a Talented painter, makes any figure look good. A great sculpt and well made figure becomes a master piece of modelling , you`ve a winner all the way to the line and beyond. Well done WGA this one you "Dam well Deserve". Look forward to more. Cheers Geoff. 

  • When I first read Hounds I assumed dogs (like many of us did) but then we get a line like

    "Well maybe not the Brutes" could be interpreted to include the Hounds, making them probable humanoids. Maybe Hounds is what they call their mutants or elite infantry. It could be oversight, I could be dumb, idk.

  • For reference the above quote is from here:

    @William Ings 

    That's an excellent point.

    Or maybe the hounds have handlers - and the handler's parts are compatible....

    Time will tell.


  • Great mix of weapons.  Meltaguns, plasmaguns, flamethrowers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, heavy stubbers, shotguns, auto rifles, and even a "drum feed autogun" like the new Cadian kit has for NCOs.  Just about everything you could need. 

    Given the autoguns have a vaguely AK feel I wish the "drum feed autoguns" were more pseudo PPSh-41ish but that's just personal taste.

  • @JTam jeez, those do look great don't they... the gas mask heads are by far the winner for me but I guess that's just personal taste in my games! Totally agree with your comments and those of @Geoff Maybury about the plumed lids though... very excited by all this and REALLY looking forward to the crowdfunder... I just hope my meager pocket money runs to it 🤣 

  • This all looks great. Interested to see the Brutes. The pantaloons-and-bare-feet of the Vain don't really fit my army schemes and I'm not crazy about Les Grognards Ogres on Atlantic Digital. So long as there are enough head options (something WGA has never failed to provide...) the Damned Brutes might fit the bill!

    Also really interested to see the tank!

  • @William Ings 

    I suppose the "Hounds" could be beastmen equivalents......

  • To be honest though everyone says these are intended to be Traitor Guard, I see the prevalence of Autoguns to mean the set as is is more intended for Chaos Cultists and Imperialis Militia, though of course given WA have made several sets with lasgun-type weapons in the past, it wouldn't be hard to pillage some of those from another box to convert Guard.

    I must say I'm impressed with the infantry set, particularly because it followed the aesthetics of the Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists, which are no longer in production sadly but are the ones I infinitely prefer, VS the current sculpts popularised by Blackstone Fortress, because the scraggy robes, gasmasks and absence of Chaos icons of the former (and these WA ones) are easier to kitbash into Necromunda Gangers. Not to mention that, with head swaps from different kits, these can represent Imperialis Militia from various different worlds and cultures.

    I'll certainly be picking up a box of these for my Chaos Space Marines when they arrive in shops, and perhaps another box to make Necromunda warbands out of.

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